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Summary: Through a twist of fate, Spider-Man becomes an Immortal.

AN: This story takes place before Spider-Man joins the New Avengers

Sometimes You Can Live Forever

"I am Uatu, the Watcher. For years I have watched the fascinating emergence of Earth's heroes. Unfortunately, villains of equal and sometimes greater power to those heroes were also introduced to the world. The battle between good and evil between those two forces has never been easy on some who fight for good.

"One hero in particular has had his fair share of ups and downs. His name is Peter Parker but heroes and villains alike know him most as Spider-Man. This arachnid-powered man is about to have his life changed once again…"

Webslinging always makes me feel refreshed, mused Peter in his Spider-Man garb as he soared over the city streets. After the kind of day he had at Midtown High, he really needed to clear his head. Unfortunately, his peaceful swing time was about to come to an end as a couple of news helicopters flew by. Better see what all the hub-bub is about.

Spider-Man quickly turned in the direction the helicopters were going. When he got close enough, he snagged one of the landing skids with a webline and climbed his way up to let the 'copter take him to where it was going. Now on the skid, he overheard what reporter was saying.

"This is Trish Tilby reporting for NCBC News. Several minutes ago, this station learned of a possible bomb threat in downtown Manhattan. A group calling themselves Black Monday have threatened to blow up several key buildings in the downtown area. To prove their point, the transmitter to WAXQ FM 104.3 was blown up and Black Monday has taken responsibility for the bombing," Trish informed the public.

Not the way I would have wanted to end my day but what can you do, pondered the webhead after he overheard Trish's report.

Spider-Man then heard Trish continue with her report. "The NYPD and FBI are working in conjunction to put an end to Black Monday's plans. Also, the Avengers and Fantastic Four have offered their assistance in locating the bombs at the targeted sites and for crowd control. We will stay on top of this situation until its conclusion. This is Trish Tilby, NCBC News."

Once Trish signed off, the rest of the ride was done in silence.

"Time for me to lend my web-covered hand to this situation," stated Spider-Man as he got off the helicopter and let his spider-sense guide him to where the trouble was.

Forest Hills, Queens

Mary Jane Watson-Parker arrived home from another play audition. It went very well since the producers told her that they enjoyed her performance and she would be called back. She could not wait to share the news with Peter and Aunt May.

MJ walked into the living room and noticed that May was fixated to the television.

"What are you watching?" asked Mary Jane as she detected a concerned look on May's face.

"Some terrorist group has rigged explosives throughout Manhattan. To show that they are serious, they already blew up radio station's transmitter," May solemnly answered.

As coverage continued, the pair of women noticed an all too familiar figure as he swung into few. It was at that time that both ladies had a similar thought, Be careful, Peter.

Manhattan, Downtown

As Spider-Man swung his way through the city, he noticed that the threat was taken seriously. Various members of the FBI and police were out in full force assisting in clearing areas where they suspected could be targets. He also saw some members of the Avengers like Captain America and Iron Man offering their aid. Seeing that they had enough help there, Spidey continued his webswinging to offer his kind of assistance elsewhere.

Several minutes later, the wallcrawler spotted an area with little to no police or FBI presence. The law enforcement guys haven't gotten here yet, so I might as well check this place out, he thought as we swung down to street level and clung to a nearby building.

It was then that his spider-sense began to tingle at a steady rate and that truly concerned him. Spider-Man got off his perch and swung over to a neighboring apartment building that intensified his spider-sense. That was enough of a sign to him that he had found one of the targeted locations.

"Now, all I need is…" Spider-Man mused before he saw exactly what he was looking for, a police car coming down the street.

He quickly got the officers attention in his own special way, landing on the car's roof and tapping on the driver's side window and motioned for them to pull over.

"What's the matter, webhead? Don't you know what's going on right now?" one of the officers asked, not too thrilled about being interrupted in his duty.

If didn't have a mask, that police officer certainly would have seen Spider-Man's eyes roll as he responded, "Yes, I know and that's why I need you guys to start evacuating people out of this neighborhood as that building over there is one of the targets." Once the wallcrawler finished explaining, he pointed out the place that he suspected had the bomb or bombs in.

"What makes you so sure?"

"Let's just say that I got a pretty good feeling about it."

The officer was about to make some kind of remark but his partner stopped him by saying, "All right, Spider-Man, I believe you."

"Thanks… Lieutenant," Spider-Man replied once he saw the bars on the officer's uniform. "I'll start to clear out the building and try to find the bomb or bombs while you get some more help." Firing a webline, he went over to the building his spider-sense warned him of.

After the wallcrawler left, the officer asked, "Why did you do that, Lieutenant?"

"The man has done a lot of good around here over the years no matter how much negative press he gets, especially from the Daily Bugle. Now lets stop jabbering and get some assistance to clear out the area," answered the young officer's partner.

Spider-Man did not know how much time he had before the bombs went off so he had to work fast. The first order of business was to get anyone inside out and he decided to start from the topmost floor of the place and work his way down. He quickly located a doorway on the roof and went inside.

The arachnid-like hero began knocking on doors to make sure if anyone was inside. He also paid close attention to his spider-sense in order to locate any explosive device that would bring the place down. So far, it appeared that there was no one on the top floor. Before going to the next one, Spider-Man one last sweep of the area and not receiving any kind of answer, he continued on.

The next floor produced the same results as the first, no one was there. Also, his spider-sense intensified slightly which meant that the bomb(s) were on a lower floor.

The third floor that was looked into did have some people on it. Spider-Man informed them of the situation and helped him make sure that everyone on the floor got out all right. A couple of guys asked if they could help. Even though it was dangerous, he decided to let the gentlemen lend him a hand. The webhead instructed the pair on what to do and that if they found a bomb, to get themselves and anyone with them out immediately. They also decided on a system to let the others know that a particular floor had been checked and cleared. On each floor, the door to the stairway would be left open signaling that floor was looked over.

As time ticked away, the remaining floors had been given a thorough once over and all the people evacuated. With no one left, Spider-Man remained to continue his search for the explosives.

Luckily he had figured out the best place to look, the basement. The reasoning behind this was not only was it the most logical place to set up a bomb to bring the building down but as he searched the building to clear people out, his spider-sense continued to intensify as he went to the lower floors.

It wasn't long before he located the bombs. A glance around let him know that he was dealing with four and they appeared to be all of the same design. They each had what looked like a digital counter on them which meant that the bombs were not counting down, at least not yet.

"It looks like I may have sometime to…" Spider-Man started to say when the digital display lit up and a countdown began from fifteen seconds.

With no time to lose, he made a hasty retreat out of there. Just as he reached the doorway out, the bombs exploded. The force of the explosion blew the webswinging hero out but the building came down to trap him in the crumbling remains.