Author's Note: Tanz der Vampire belongs to Roman Polanski, Jim Steinman, and the incomparable Michael Kunze. However, the anonymous narrator of one or two of these drabbles (and double drabbles, and possibly one triple, if there is such a thing - I got a little carried away) is mine, all mine … with a little help from a beautiful, brilliant and utterly barmy vampire who emerged from a tomb in shabby finery one winter evening and messed up my life in the best possible way!

For my beloved Muse, because whenever I start to question, the answer is you.


1: Night Music

In a movement so sudden I almost miss it, someone – something – emerges from the shadows. A piece of the night itself, come impossibly to life.

I see the creature's face, then: white, like a statue, like marble. Like a corpse. Midnight blue eyes are fixed on mine. His long cloak pools around him like liquid darkness.

"Don't be afraid."

The voice is like nothing I've ever heard before; very deep and soft; but there is a hardness to it, a core like iron sheathed in velvet. Every word echoes in my mind like a summons.

I cannot help but answer.

: : : : :