Morning in Paris, the city awakes
To the bells of Notre Dame
The fisherman fishes, the baker man bakes
To the bells of Notre Dame
To the big bells as loud as the thunder
To the little bells soft as a psalm
And some say the soul of the city's
The toll of the bells
The bells of Notre Dame

A man in colorful clothes stands in a puppet booth. He ushers children around him. When they are all settled. The man begins his tale.

"Listen do you hear the bells" he said

The children nodded

"Do you know who rings the bells?" He asked

"The bells don't ring themselves?" one child asked

"No, of course they don't" The man said

"Then who rings them" Anther child asked

"Be patient all will be told in time. I am Clopin," he said

"Who do you know so much" Anther child asked

"Because I had the honor of meeting the heroes, first listen to the bells," he said

The children complied. They sat still for a few moments as they listened to the bells.

"Notice how everyone has their own sound. Some as loud as thunder and some meek. For one person those bells were his friends and helped him find adventure" He says

"When will we get into the tale" one inpatient child asked

"Right now" He said