A feudal Christmas Carol

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As Kagome climbed out of the well with the help of the well known hanyou, Inuyasha she squinted a little at the sudden rush of the sun on her eyes, but easily adjusted before spotting Sango.

"Kagome," greeted Sango, "Inuyasha went to get you yesterday, what took you so long?"

"Well, Sango, to tell you the truth, I was preparing for Christmas back home." Kagome said as she hauled up the ungodly, heavy, yellow bag.

Suddenly a familiar face popped out from around a tree. It was the, lecherous, monk Miroku.

"What on earth is that?" pondered Miroku.

"I'll explain in a minute first I have to make lunch for us all."

"Sounds like a plan as long as we have ramen." Inuyasha interjected. But she didn't hear him.

"I'd Rather hear much more of this missmass of yours, it sounds like a disease Kagome", said Miroku.

"Please, if it was Gramps would have used it as an excuse for my school by now."

It took a while to set up the lunch due to Inuyasha wanting Ramen instead of Kagome's special lunch. Which of course resulted in a heated argument, a very intense sit and an interesting shaped whole in the ground there after.

"Now Kagome tell me about this missmas of yours", Sango asked after she couldn't take the anticipation any longer. They loved to hear about Kagome's world and the many wonders she always brought back from it.

"Well it is a certain time of the year where people get together normally around a decorated tree and exchange gifts to each other." She started

"Is that what that was by your house" said Inuyasha, "I thought your plants were out of control or something."

"So it was you who put the tree out front for the trash truck to take!" She said sternly.

Oh boy I'm in trouble he thought why did I open my big mouth. He was ready to brace for a big sit impact but it never came. That's weird, why haven't I met the ground yet?

"You know what I'm in good mood right now so I'll spare you. For now." she said, but the last two words were said as she squinted at Inuyasha and said with a blank voice.

Where did that come from and why wasn't that attitude here a few minutes ago. He thought. This holiday is strange.

Kagome went on and on about the traditions and the joy that filled many hearts around this time of year. She thought about mentioning the famous Santa but realized it would bring more confusion than joy.

"And finally on Christmas everyone opens there presents on Christmas Day."She said feeling pride in telling the story.

"Wow, Kagome that seems like fun."Shippo said with twinkling eyes. Just the thought of it brought joy to him. "Can we celebrate it?"

"I don't see why not. It sounds like fun. What do you think Sango?"

"It would be a joy" she claimed with a smile. "What do think of it Miroku?"

"It wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. How much time do we have? First though you must tell us more about these presents you give to others", He said with a bewildered expression of interest.

"Hang on let me ask Inuyasha. Inuyasha?" she waited for an answer, but there was none "Inuyasha? Inuyasha are you there?"

"Yeah, and to be frank I don't really know enough to care. So…"

"Common Inuyasha lighten up, you could at least try it" Shippo pouted at him.

"Common Inuyasha try it. It'll be fun", Kagome said in slight pleading voice.

Inuyasha couldn't say no when Kagome pleaded. It wasn't very hard to convince him due to the fact that he couldn't resist those beautiful eyes whenever he saw them in a pleading, twinkling manner.

GGAHH! Why did she have to be so adorable? Then again she gets kinda cute when she pleads at me.

In order to preserve some speck of dignity he pretended to protest. But submitted to their pleads at last.

"Now tell me again the name of this holiday?" he pondered in a dumbfounded tone.

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