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The next day the group went about a regular day. Though their minds continued to run wild about what they would like to receive but also what they would love to give. Sango had gone to a well know clearing that housed many types of fruit trees. While Kagome had decided to take a walk and sit by the lake under the shaded area of a large tree. Where the boys where, they did not know but little did the girls know a divine intervention was being plotted.

Dang this holiday is impossible to figure out. Thought Inuyasha as he paced around the hut with Miroku watching him with bewilderment. What on Kami's green earth am I going to give Kagome?

Miroku speaking suddenly shot Inuyasha out of his thoughts. "Inuyasha if you are wondering what to give Kagome ask her yourself." He tried his best to hide the smug that threatened to arouse on him.

"Feh", was all he could say. He would never ask Kagome that, because that would mean he actually cared about what he gave her and his stupid pride had convinced him that that would be stupid. In reality he wanted so bad to ask her what she wanted. He suddenly got an idea that seemed genius to him.

"Inuyasha?" Miroku asked but still continued to remain where he was. "And you're not listening to me anymore are you?"

Before he could say another word Inuyasha had already gone out of the hut and was heading for a certain area. After walking for a few minutes he came upon Sango who still hadn't noticed him and continued to pick apples off one of the trees. He approached her. But still making sure she noticed him as not to startle her and suffer her wrath.

"Sango you're a girl right?" He said as she continued to walk and pick the fruits though she had heard him.

"Gee, thanks for noticing. Anyway what do want Inuyasha?"

"I want to know what to give Kagome. And since you're a girl I thought you would know."

He mumbled it so low that Sango could barely make out what he said.

"Well it seems you actually do care. I could tell you, but I think you should ask Kagome what she wants she would know best."

"I'd rather not."


"Well… see… umm...-"

"Fine don't tell me. If you want, ask her than ask her family. They know her better."

That was one of the last things he wanted to resort to. Asking her family gave him a feeling that they would laugh at him.

"Please Sango; you have to help me out here."

"Sorry you'll have to ask her and her family." Was the last thing she said before she said no more and continued to pick her fruits.

~*~*~*~ Meanwhile…

Kagome continued to watch the water but she wasn't really paying attention as her mind ran wild.

This is our first Christmas together I want to make it special, but how…

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a twig snap behind the tree behind her.

"Wh…who's there?" She readied a bow to fire. (She never left without it)

"Calm down Kagome it's only me"

"Miroku?" she said softly recognizing the voice that had spoken to her.

"Yeah it's me and I need your help. But first I need this tree to release me." As he came out, the tree had managed to catch his robe on a low branch. Now he was yelling at the tree itself.

"Release me you glorified twig!" He managed to release his rob but lost his balance and ended up falling on his bum with a thud. Kagome just watched a tried to suppress her giggles be hiding her mouth behind her hand.

After the tree had decided to relinquish him he walked over and leaned against a nearby rock.

He finally decided to break the silence that had them.

"I wish to know what I can get dear Sango."Kagome raised an eyebrow which showed her interest in what he had to say. Though she didn't speak for a few moments.

"Well," she finally said "I have one idea but it's gonna take some time and patience."

"I'm open to suggestion now tell me what you had in mind."

"Well you could….

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