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Kagome and the group were finishing their meals the day before their scheduled Christmas. They all sat around after having their fill of Kagome's food and her rich tasting drink she called eggnog.

"Kagome when are going to open are presents?" Shippo said after he lifted his head up from lying down.

"Well I think we'll open them tomorrow afternoon after lunch."

"Sounds like a plan. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings us." Miroku replied.

The next day Kagome was the first to wake up, but she didn't get up until Shippo had woken.

"Merry Christmas Shippo."

"Merry Christmas Kagome. Is anyone else up?" Kagome could tell from his voice that he was excited to open the presents.

"I don't know Shippo."

Before she could even move the all started to stir from their slumber and soon all eyes were open.

"Well since everyone is up, I guess I'll make is all breakfast." Kagome said as she started to make her way to her bag. She spent a while searching before sighing in disappointment.

"Man, I'm out of seasoning. Oh well I guess I'll just go out and gets some herbs."

"Can I come Kagome?" Shippo stated with a hint of enthusiasm in his voice. He wanted to keep himself occupied so time would fly by.

She agreed due to the fact that she liked having Shippo's help.

They took one step outside before meeting a chill on their face and soon followed by a beautiful sight that made both faces light up, but Kagome's was brightest of all metaphorically speaking.

Inuyasha had heard them stop walking and got up to see what was wrong.

"Kagome what…" His words were at a halt when he saw Kagome's face light up.

"It's beautiful. Now this is a white Christmas." Kagome said while her eyes twinkled.

"It's snowing what's the big deal?" Inuyasha said with bewilderment.

"It's never come down this thick in my time. It' makes me happy." She looked she had no care in world while she put her hands out and let the snow fall on her.

She soon took a couple of steps out and started twirling herself in the snow. Completely unaware of Inuyasha staring at her.

He thought her expression made her look like an innocent child that was so happy. He loved to see that along with her smile, because it meant that she was happy and when she was happy, he was happy.

She soon stopped her twirling and a thought soon came to her.

"Wait, if this is…" she said to herself "then that must mean the…"

"The what Kagome." Sango said to her after joining them outside.

Kagome had not even heard her when she pushed past the bewildered Inuyasha in the doorway and coming out with Miroku in toe and a few pairs of shoes with blades on their bottom. She was later trudging through the snow and trees with her friends following her still wondering what was going on.

She soon stopped at a frozen lake. With more excitement in her face, if that was even possible.

"Perfect this is just what I need." She said to herself as se set down the many boots in her hands and started to put on a pair.

"What are you talking about Kagome and what are those things on your feet." Sango said as she watched her friend slip on the strange shoes.

"Trust me this going to fun now put on a pair of these." Kagome said as she handed her friends each a pair. Inuyasha had a strange feeling and decided not to put them on.

They soon finished putting on their shoes and tried to stand on the single blade in the middle of the shoe without falling down.

"Come on you have to try this." Kagome said as she beamed to her companions as she stepped on the iced lake and began to glide around.

Shippo had been the first to jump o the lake to join Kagome after seeing how much fun it looked. Soon followed by Sango, Miroku and, reluctantly, Inuyasha.

"This is called ice skating and all you have to do is keep your balance and skate across the ice." Kagome said as she joined them. "It's fun, trust me."

They were soon getting the hang of it though Kagome was so good that she was now jumping in the air and twirling while the others were lucky to just be able to stand up.

Kagome stopped to look at how her friends and noticed their trouble and soon started to giggle.

Inuyasha had tried to keep his balance but even though he didn't have the skates he still managed to fall over. One nasty fall had him lose his balance and the ground slipping from under him. He soon found his rump to ground and heard a laughing in the distance. He turned to see it was Kagome was laughing at him. He found a tint of pink on his cheeks and it wasn't from the cold.

They skated for a while and soon Miroku, Sango, and Shippo had gone back to village, but Kagome had decided to stay awhile longer with Inuyasha to watch her.

He had stayed near the edge of the lake because the tree branches that hung over the lake made great handles. He finally slipped and had grabbed a tree branch in time and decided to stand there for a while.

Kagome had noticed he had stopped skating and went over to see if he was ok. He looked tired and out of breath. "Are you ok Inuyasha?"

"Yeah I'm fine why do you ask?" He said as he tried to catch his breath.

"What do you say we skate a couple of more minutes then we go back."

She had taken only one step before she accidently slipped and found herself caught by Inuyasha's arms instead of hitting the ground. "Sorry about that."

Secretly Inuyasha loved have Kagome in his arms. Now would be the perfect time to give her her present.

"Uhh… don't be it was an accident." His words were fumbling on his tongue with having his love in his arms.

"Well you mind letting me up." Kagome said noticing she had been in his arms a little too long.

"Wait I want to give you something first." He said and he could hear the nervousness in his voice. He started fishing in his robe before finding his object that he searched for.

Kagome thought it was odd how he wanted to give her something. Her thoughts were snapped out when she saw in Inuyasha's hands was a diamond necklace in his hands. Now it was her turn to go weak in the knees, but Inuyasha had his hold on her and he didn't let her fall.

"Inuyasha I… it's beautiful."

"Really because I hoped you would love it."

"I do. But you know what else I love."

"What's that?" In his mind he was hoping she would say his name.

"You", she said shortly but clearly.

Before he could say a word he found himself pulling Kagome closer until their foreheads were close.

"I love you too." Was all he could say before the space between them closed and their lips were together. At that moment nothing else existed and Kagome had wrapped her arms around his neck to hold him. She didn't want the moment to end and neither did he.

They soon regretfully broke apart.

"Merry Christmas Kagome." He said through his breaths as he tried to catch them.

"Merry Christmas Inuyasha." The space was soon closed again and in their minds they were both thinking the same thing. This was the best Christmas ever.

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