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Background: The flock are staying with the Cullens who know about their wings and their past.


Fang's POV

I sat in a comfortable chair in the Cullen's living room. Man for being pretty much dead for so long they have pretty good taste in home decorating. Not that I know much about homes or decorating myself as I've never had a home and I don't like decorating. I leave that sort of thing to Nudge and Angel who actually like all that frilly stuff.

I looked across the room at Edward who sat on the couch, at ease yet tense around the edges of course that's normal. It seems he's never off guard. No you're not are you Edward? I thought.

"No" he said aloud. Jasper, who was perched on the arm of the couch, looked confused for a moment then shrugged it off. He's probably used to Edward's mind reading like the flock is to Angel's. Tension radiated off of Jasper. His face showed pain but who really knows what he's thinking. Oh yeah I guess Edward does. The tension from Jasper filled the room making it uncomfortable and slightly awkward.

The rest of the Cullens left earlier to go hunting and the flock was upstairs asleep. Previous battles with the erasers and questions about what the future would hold for us filled my head making it difficult to fall asleep until I finally gave up and came downstairs.

I heard a rustle and footsteps and turned to see Max enter the living room. Her eyes were tired and her hair a mess but she looked beautiful as always. I pushed aside my thoughts and focused on what was going on.

"Can't sleep" Max grumbled answering the unasked question.

"Come here" I said and Max straddled me with her arms around my neck resting her head on my shoulder. Edward and Jasper looked at me with amusement and confusion on their faces but I just rolled my eyes in response.

It's a kind of tradition between Max and me when the other has a real trouble sleeping we give the other a massage to help them fall asleep. I thought and Edward nodded in understanding.

I reached up and started rubbing circles into Max's back and was met with lots of tension. I wonder if jasper had felt Max's tension all the way down here and that's why he'd been acting the way he had. Edward shrugged like it was possible.

I continued massaging Max's back, her hot breath on my neck giving me goose bumps. Every time I came to a knot in her back, she would arch into my chest and groan and soon I was having a hard time concentrating. My cheeks grew red for a moment before I put on my blank mask, but it was long enough for the vampires to notice and silently laugh at my predicament. I ignored them and soon came to the base of Max's wings.

"Wings" I whispered in her ear and she slowly extended them their full 13 ft. She stretched them then let them drape her sides. I started slowly rubbing the rows of feathers individually. Max shivered in contentment and pressed further into me tucking her head in the crook of my neck.

Our wings are very special to us and we only let certain people touch them, but it feels amazing. I thought to Edward and was once again met with a nod. The tenseness in the room slowly melted away and was replaced with happiness and comfort. After a while Max's breathing evened out and I knew she was asleep. She hadn't gotten very much sleep lately worrying about the flock and I wanted her to get as much sleep as she could so I continued massaging her wings.

A few minutes later Edward turned towards the door and I knew the others were finally home. They knew the flock would be sleeping so they were quiet, so quiet I almost didn't know they were there. Bella entered the living room and greeted Edward and Jasper then noticed me sitting in the chair. Or at least I thought that was what she had noticed but it turned out she had seen Max's wings.

We hadn't shown them our wings up close yet and the desire to understand and touch them was apparent in Bella's topaz eyes. EDWARD DON'T LET HER TOUCH MAX'S WINGS! I yelled mentally but it was too late.

Bella's hands ran through Max's feathers and Max immediately sat up, whipped around and started to lash out at Bella. Luckily I had realized what was going to happen in time to hold Max around the waist before she could do any great damage. At the same time Edward jumped from his seat and pulled Bella back. Bella might be a vampire, but Max was stronger than a normal human and she could inflict harm on a vampire with just a little more effort than it takes to destroy and eraser.

"Max! Max! It's just Bella. It's only Bella" I said soothingly to her. She must have heard me for she looked at Bella then turned around to look at me. Her eyes were slightly cloudy with sleep, yet narrowed, questioning my words.

"It's okay Max. Everything's okay. I'm here. I won't let anyone hurt you" I soothed one hand holding her around her waist, rubbing circles on her lower back, the other cupping her face, thumb rubbing her cheek. Max looked at me a moment longer then tucked her head back into my neck and went back to sleep.

She was never completely awake to start with. It was just her survival instinct that led her to her actions. I thought to Edward. I unintentionally remembered all the white coat's experiments on us, pulling out our feathers, breaking the bones in our wings to see how long it would take for them to heal. Edward visibly cringed and looked at me with pain in his eyes then nodded his understanding.

Bella and the other Cullens looked startled and stood staring at the girl in my arms. I shrugged and turned my attention back to Max. Then they disappeared into the kitchen and I fell into the depths of sleep.

I'll probably write one in Edward's point of view.

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