Once upon a time Dean has woken up from hell lying in the gutter. He was still dizzy and confused from the long sleep. Then suddenly an angel named Castiel appeared. He was no normal angel his wings were covered in white glitter and sequins. His rustic voice you would normally hear was more mellow and feminine.

"Dean why so glum?"

He was confused and Castiel's sexy maiden costume put him off. Then Jacob Black appears and sees how pretty Castiel looks so he imprints. Deans surprised screams, and then superman comes, "I'll save you from this," Superman yelled.

Dean was yanked from the ground but couldn't move, gum was stuck to his pants and they flew off. Castiel gets jealous and fights with superman. The Good News Week cast laugh hysterically and all say "I'll be watching you," over and over.

Dean still on the ground missing his pants joins in with the laughing Good News Week cast.

Then the world dies from Demi Lovato's super fart. The world turns green, and stinky, and Demi dies from the aftertaste of her fart.