Well, here at last, the second chapter to my short Flapjack story. Yes it took me long enough to get this done, mainly because I have been busy with my other works, but I managed to get this done. Finally!

Anyway, expect a little bit of some violence in this. Bring on the action!

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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
The No Sugar Act & the Candy of Youth

Chapter Two: The Act Rebellion Group

Along the docks, the young Flapjack gently swayed his feet along the top of the water. Beside to him, his adoptive mother Bubbie looks at her child with displeasure, feeling Flapjack's hurt over what had previously been said at the town hall. Since Bubbie couldn't be able to leave the water, she swam to the meeting and saw the events unfolded before her peeping eye.

"Now Flapjack baby, I don't want you to go and be sad about not having any candy," the whale said.

"But what about Captain K'nuckles?" Flapjack asked.

"That man really needs to drop his addiction," Bubbie replied. "It's a good thing that the Dock Hag banned sugar in this town. Besides, where is the old man anyway?"

Flapjack gave a shrug as he heard some growling behind him. He turned around to see two constables walking up, holding onto a large cage in their hands, and they stopped in front of Bubbie to drop off the cage.

"Good morning, madam," one of the constables said, lifting his hat up. "We are here to drop off this thing."

"Thing? What thing?" Bubbie asked.

The cage begins to shake, shooting off angry curses and loud words from within the cell. Bubbie grabbed Flapjack and pulled him near her, protecting the child from whomever or whatever is inside of the cage.

"What in the world is in there?" the whale asked.

"We found him roaming the streets, trying to get his hands on some pieces of candy," the second constable said, placing both of his hands on the cage.

"Him?" echoed Flapjack. "You don't mean...?"

The first constable worked his way to the door's lock before backing away from a sudden outburst from the cage. Then, working fast, the constable unlocked the cage and something blew out from its cell. The thing landed on all four and it glued its eye upon the constables. The thing then charged right at the men, wooden claws ready to slice away at the men. The second constable took a beating stick and he slammed the piece of wood into the thing, knocking the wind out and the thing fell onto its knees.

"I kill you all, you stupid sons of bitches!" the thing shouted.

"Captain K'nuckles!" shouted Flapjack.

"That's K'nuckles?" asked Bubbie.

The first constable took his beating stick and placed it on top of K'nuckles' head, pinning him so he won't strike again. "We're dreadfully sorry about that," the constable said. "We knew that he's going to behave like this, since the Dock Hag did ban every drop of sugar in Stormalong."

"I'm gonna murder that bitch!" K'nuckles grunted. "You hear me? Murder her!"

"That's enough!" the first constable said, pushing down harder on the deranged captain.

"Why would you bring a psychopath here in the first place?" Bubbie asked.

"He belongs to you, and that's it," the second constable said.

The first constable got up from K'nuckles and the captain got up to brush himself off. The man shot a glare back at the constable, and the two men left to go get other men that are breaking the new law. After the constable left, K'nuckles turn to head into Bubbie's mouth, but the whale swam back a few yards.

"Flapjack, you might want to cover your ears for this," the whale said and Flapjack did what he was told. "K'nuckles, what the hell do you think you're doing?! Are you out of your mind striking the constables like that?"

"Those bastards rip me of my candy rights!" the captain replied sharply. "It's the damned Dock Hag's fault that she got those asses to do her dirty work for her. Getting rid of all of the candy and maple syrup in Stormalong, how could they?!"

"Have it ever occurred to you that you're an addict to those things and that you should quit before you go hurt someone?" Bubbie stated.

"The only person I'm going to hurt is that bitch called the Dock Hag!"

"Go ahead and try!" barked Bubbie. "You're going to rot before you even dare."

"Fine, maybe I will," replied K'nuckles, turning around so he can head back into town.

Bubbie swam back up to the dock and placed Flapjack on the dock. He unplugged his ears and he watched his captain walk off to go do harm to the Dock Hag.

"Now Flapjack, I don't want you to become just like K'nuckles," Bubbie said. "That man's a very bad influence and what he's doing is wrong."

"But this is because he doesn't have any sugar in him," Flapjack protested. "If he doesn't get anything in him, he's going to go nuts."

"I'm not sure where you heard that from, but K'nuckles will probably be back to normal in no time," the whale said, wrapping an arm around Flapjack.

Three weeks later, Stormalong is in a blaze of flames. Tens of people are running about in the craziness that is of the lack of sugar in the town, with several men doing all sorts of criminal acts in hopes of getting sugar in their systems. The constables are busy dealing with the law-breakers, arresting everyone that they see that are breaking the law of the No Sugar Act, and putting them away in the prison until they proved to be good enough to be out.

All while during the acts of violence, a secret group of people are hiding among the shadows, traveling about to deliver sugar products to the residents of Stormalong. These people are just common people, disguising themselves among the crowd so that they can carry all the candy and maple syrup they could carry. With these people hiding about, they could reach people that are in need of the sugary rush.

One day, Flapjack and Bubbie are strolling along the edge of the city, with Bubbie down below in the water and Flapjack high above her. The boy looks to see a constable taking out a man from his home, seeing that the man is holding onto a bag of sugar and the constable rips the bag from the man's hand. Then the constable takes the man and puts him inside of a wagon, which is taking them to the prison in Stormalong.

"I wonder if this is all going to end," Flapjack said, sulking.

"Now cheer up Flapjack," Bubbie said, trying to cheer up her adoptive child. "I'm sure that the Dock Hag is going to lift the band and we'll be back to normal in no time."

"And K'nuckles will be back?"

"I'm not sure about him," the whale said. "He's been too much of a stubborn fool to realize that he's an addict."

"You keep saying that K'nuckles is an addict," Flapjack said.

"Oh, he's someone that becomes addicted to something," Bubbie said. "If you like something so much and you can't get enough of it, then that person becomes an addict."

"That does sound like Captain K'nuckles," Flapjack said.

"Believe me baby, there are all kinds of addictions out there and several of them are bad," said Bubbie. "Now I don't want you to fall for any one of those addictions, especially what K'nuckles haves right now. But, the only addiction you should have is your love now."

"Aw, thanks Bubbie," the boy replied. "I'm going to look for K'nuckles now."

"Tell you what, if I could find something, I'll give you a piece of candy, is that all right?"

"Yes," the boy replied, waving his mother goodbye as he heads off.

The young Flapjack begins to run along the edge of the town, keeping his footing from the edge so that he won't slip and fall into the water. As he got farther away, Bubbie begins to swim back to her usual spot and she notices something floating in the water ahead of her. She swims up to it and she recognizes the shape to be a piece of candy. With her eyes moving about to see that no one is watching, the whale takes the piece of candy and shoves it into her mouth, placing it underneath her tongue.

"I hope Flapjack is going to like this and not give it to K'nuckles," the whale said to herself.

Meanwhile, Flapjack is coming to a walk as he begins to watch more people getting arrested for illegally possessing sugar products on them and within their homes. As soon as he passes one couple talking to some constables, he comes up to Doctor Barber's shop and he could see the man brushing right in front of the building's door. Then two constables, the same that brought K'nuckles, walk up to Doctor Barber and the three of them begin to talk about something. Flapjack slowly walks up so he could listen in, but the group heads inside of the shop, leaving the boy out in the dark about what's going on. He then decides to move over to the window, and he could see the two constables searching all over the doctor's thing for any signs of sugar.

"As you can see, I have nothing to hide, hm," Doctor Barber said.

"Well, you got the place nice and spiffy for us," the first constable said. "It appears that speculations about you are false."

"Well, why would I be suspected for anything?"

"Uh, didn't you fix up a brother of a friend of mine a few weeks ago?" the second constable asked.

The doctor places a hand up to his chin and he begins to think about what the constable said. "Why, there was this one man that wanted some surgery," the barber finally replied.

"Wanted? He regretting visiting you after you replaced his left arm with a cat's tail and his legs with stakes," the second constable protested.

"Well, there doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary," the first constable said, motioning for the second to head for the door. "Sorry for the intrusion."

"Don't mention it," Doctor Barber responded, waving goodbye to the men as they made their way out. "And don't forget to come back for one of my surgeries or haircuts."

The constables left the shop and the doctor shuts the door so he can walk over to a picture on the back wall and takes it down. Flapjack continues to watch as Doctor Barber begins to push away a drawer and peeling away part of the wallpaper. After watching, Flapjack realizes that there is a hidden door behind the wall and Doctor Barber is unlocking the door so he can go inside of the hidden room. Then Flapjack decides to enter the shop, but when he opens the door, a bell rings and Doctor Barber spontaneously pops out from the hidden room.

"Oh, Flapjack," Doctor Barber said. "What brings you here?"

"I saw you peeling away your wall, and..."

"Say no more, hm," the doctor said, motioning the boy to the hidden door.

The boy follows the doctor towards the door and the two of them enter the secret room. Once inside, Doctor Barber locks the door with a key and he tosses it into the shadows, where noises erupt from the black and the sound of scratching is made from scrapping claws against the floor. Flapjack's eyes begin to adjust to the limited lighting in the room, beginning to see people within the secret room.

The people standing in the room are all familiar to the young boy. One of them is a balding man with his long hair hanging on the side of his head, wearing no shirt and shoes but pants, and he haves two buckets by his side; another man with a wool cap and a bushy beard to cover most of his face, with a torn shirt and pants being hold up by some rope, and his arms and legs are all greased up; there are also two fancy-dressed people in the room, as one is a man in a military uniform and the other is a woman in a luxurious dress; and the final person strikes Flapjack with a disturbed look.

"Peppermint Larry?" the boy asked.

The man in the glasses looks up from a table in the middle of the room to look upon the young child, taking his eyes away from the project on the table. "Why, hello there young Flapjack," Larry said. "Why exactly are you doing in our meeting room?"

"Meeting room?"

"You see Flapjack, we're the ones that have been delivering candy and maple syrup all over town," Doctor Barber said. "We are only doing this so that the townsfolk can be happy again and not be miserable from the Dock Hag's actions, yes?"

"We call ourselves the Act Rebellion Group and we got the best here to beat the Dock Hag's act," the balding man with the buckets said. "Me and Slippery Pete here do the rounds at night, smuggling all of the sugar products when the constables aren't looking, while we take them back to Larry here, who will then sort them and will then give them to the Nicklebottoms."

"It's thanks to their status as being rich prevents them from being arrested," the greased man, Slippery Pete said. "If they aren't, then me and Lolly here have to go through the trouble of doing what they're doing."

"Of course, Doctor Barber runs the whole operation here, and without him," the balding Lolly said, "we'll be rounded up and thrown in jail."

"Yes, but without your work, all of Stormalong will suffer the same faith as K'nuckles," the doctor said.

Flapjack shoots a disturbed look. "What happened to Captain K'nuckles?"

A moment of silence. For those minutes, the air felt heavy and their breathing got slower. The room is filling up with a cold draft, and they could hear the sound of chains and claws scrapping along the wooden floors. And then, there is silence.

A body throws itself from the shadows and it lunges toward Flapjack, scaring the boy as he steps back from the figure. The men got around and restrain the figure down before Larry comes up with some small pieces of candy and shovels the pieces down the figure's throat. After a minute, the figure relaxes and it returns back into the shadows, letting out a snarl in return.

"W-What happened to K'nuckles?" asked a shaken Flapjack.

"He is currently suffering from lackasugaritis," Doctor Barber replied calmly.

"Lack-of-sugar-it is?"

"It's when the body begins to withdraw from the lack of sugar," the doctor explained. "Over time, the person will become violent and will get more violent if they don't get enough sugar in their bodies."

"But then why don't we give K'nuckles some candy?"

Peppermint Larry lets out a series of "no's," wildly waving his hands as he continues to speak. "There is absolutely no way that K'nuckles is getting the good quality candy, nor is he going to get the candy that we're distributing to the public."

"But why not?"

"Hmm, well for one, we need to keep the public from getting lackasugaritis, or otherwise it is not going be easy to cure everyone," said Doctor Barber.

"And two, I need the good quality candy to rebuild my Candy Wife," Larry said, continuing on. "Those arrogant bastards are going to pay for what they did to Candy Wife, and once I am finished rebuilding her, I'm going to show the Dock Hag that she doesn't have the power to run this town!"

The former bartender lets out a mechanical laugh, filling up the whole room with his laugh before everyone, except Flapjack, gives Larry a "keep your voice down" look. He quickly turns his laugh down to an inaudible chuckle, sweating nervously as he quickly remembers about their situation that they are in.

Doctor Barber lets out a cough to get things back to order. "Now that there's no other disturbances that could get us caught," he said, eyeing out Larry, "there is still the matter of getting rid of the constables and getting Stormalong back to normal."

"Getting rid of...? But isn't that illegal?" asked Flapjack.

"Oh, we're not going to literally get rid of them," Lolly replied, "we're trying to get them off our backs so that we can continue our operation."

Then, a knocking came down from below and Larry walks up to a hatch in the floor to open it up. Under the city, the blue whale Bubbie is waving up to the face of Larry while holding out a circular object in her fin.

"Hello Mr. Larry, I got a piece of candy that I want to give to Flapjack," Bubbie said.

"Did someone say candy?" came from a rasp K'nuckles, moving from his spot in the shadows.

Slippery Pete and Lolly got over to K'nuckles in time before the deranged captain charges at them over the piece of candy that Bubbie haves. After a few moments, the two men settle K'nuckles down and they got back over to where Bubbie is.

"We're sorry about that," Larry said. "It's just that with what's going on, K'nuckles hasn't been himself these past few weeks."

"That's all right. I don't really care what happens to that man," Bubbie replied. "All I care is about Flapjack and that he doesn't get involve in this whole ordeal."

The men got out a ladder and Larry climbs down enough to where he and Bubbie can touch. She gives them the candy and the whale swims off to go back to her usual spot, while Larry climbs back up to the room and places the candy on the table. Everyone, except K'nuckles, gathers around the piece to look at its unique characteristics.

"Why, I have never seen such a piece in my life," the rich lady said.

"Neither have we," Larry said. "Something like this had to come from Candied Island, but the odds of that happen are through the roof."

"Would you mind allowing me to examine it, mm?" Doctor Barber offered. "I am a bit of a candiologist, so this is my sort of thing."

The group step away from the table as the doctor begins to feel around the piece. He picks it up and puts it under his nostrils, giving the candy a few sniffs before taking it from his nose. He then puts it up to the light and looks at it from different angles, all before he pulls it back in front of him. At that moment, a sudden thought ran through his head and he loosens his grip over the gruesome thought that is playing in his head.

"Gentlemen and lady, I do believe that this is no ordinary candy, hm," the barber said.

"What is it?" Slippery Pete asked.

"Is it fancy candy?" the lady asked.

"No, it's much worst," Doctor Barber said, putting his hands on the table. "It is not like all of the candies in the world, and it is one that we should never get our hands on."

The whole room gasps.

"That's right. What I am talking about is... the Forbidden Piece."

"The Forbidden Piece!" stated the lady.

"The Forbidden Piece!" shouted Lolly.

"The Forbidden Piece!" yelled Larry.

"The Forbidden Piece?" asked Flapjack.

"You don't know about the Forbidden Piece? How could anyone not know about the Forbidden Piece," Slippery Pete said. "That piece of candy is said to be cursed by Poseidon himself and if that anyone were to swallow it were to suffer from not to be able to go to the bathroom again!"

Again, the whole room gasps and then falls into a shudder.

"A luxurious treat that has been floating around the world, going from place to place, giving grief to all the sailors, pirates and adventurers who dare eat the Forbidden Piece," Pete said, continuing on with the legend. "But, there is legend that there is someone that can eat the piece and still be able to go to the bathroom without pain, but who knows who it can be and when will that person will come."

"So, you won't be able to go to the bathroom again?" Flapjack asked a bit curious but disturbed by the idea.

"Yep. No one knows why, but all is known is that Poseidon doesn't want people to have it."

"But how did it get here?" Larry said, going over to the table. "I'm sure that it didn't just appear with that whale all of a sudden and she decided to show up here with it."

"That's the whole point in the Forbidden Piece," Lolly said. "No one knows when that piece is going to appear and who it will visit. It's just when you see it, don't put it in your mouth."

Suddenly, a loud banging begins to fill up the room, getting everyone to jump from the sudden noise and this is making them all work up.

"Shit, it's the constables," came out of Peppermint Larry's mouth.

"What do we do now?" asked the lady.

Doctor Barber assumes his act of playing dead by stiffening up and collapsing on his side, with his eyes shut to make the act real. As the door begins to crack away from the wall, the others begin to panic, and Flapjack looks over to K'nuckles to see that the captain is scratching his way at the door, readying himself to tackle the constables that get through. The boy runs up where the chain is hooked to the wall and he loosens it so that K'nuckles could be free from his prison.

"No! If you set him free, you're going to kill us all!" shouted Larry.

"I don't care about you, Peppermint Larry," growled K'nuckles. "I'm going to teach these bastards a lesson they won't forget."

The door busts open and Flapjack got the chain from the wall, making his captain to go forward towards the constables. Flapjack is still holding onto the chain, as the chain tugs on him and pulls him along for the ride as K'nuckles charges the men in uniform and barging right though the group. The constables didn't stand a chance as the crazed captain tears right through them and heads out of Doctor Barber's shop and out into the open. On the outside, K'nuckles stops in his tracks to notice that several constables surrounding the store and standing in front of him is none other than the Dock Hag herself.

"Well, well K'nuckles, it appears that your luck ran out," the Dock Hag said.

"'fraid not it isn't, bitch," the captain replied.

"What did you call me?!"

"I'm going to bring you down to Davy Jones' locker and all the way to hell if I have to get some sugar back into my blood," K'nuckles threatens, seeing that the constables are getting closer.

"Not as long as I have the No Sugar Act in play, there is no way that you're getting a drop of sugar," the Dock Hag stated.

K'nuckles gives the woman an evil sneer and he got on all fours. "Watch me."

The captain punches forward at the Dock Hag, using his captain's hat as horns to hit the woman in the chest and scooting her to the edge of the docks before slipping and falling down, all before being grabbed by a constable. The deranged captain continues his rampage, knocking his way through the constables with Flapjack still holding onto the chain for his dear life, as K'nuckles continues his destructive rampage. The man takes a turn from beating the constables to make a break from them, heading away from the barber's shop as the men in uniform gather themselves for a planned attack.

"Make sure that man is behind bars!" ordered the Dock Hag.

Captain K'nuckles is running at full speed on all fours, passing by innocent people and several constables as Flapjack is climbing on the dangling chain to get to his captain. Alongside the edge of the town, Bubbie swims as fast as the angry man is running, looking in horror that her child is waving in the air while holding onto a chain.

"K'nuckles! Why is my baby boy hanging from a chain on your neck?!" shouted the whale.

"Would you mind that I jump on your back and tell you later?" K'nuckles offered. "I'm getting away from these bastards and you're my only ticket off this hellhole."

"Nuh-uh, not in this lifetime," Bubbie replied sharply. "You have gotten into a lot of trouble, and I don't want my child be thrown into prison thanks to your idiotic decisions!"

But K'nuckles didn't listen as he makes the jump for Bubbie's back and lands perfectly, with Flapjack entering his mother's blowhole and landing on the soft tongue. The whale continues to swim away as the constables and the Dock Hag watch as K'nuckles mocks them for failing to capture him. He made all sorts of rude gestures, including shooting the Dock Hag the bird, as Bubbie got farther away from Stormalong Harbor.

"Well, they got away," one of the constables said.

"Well good riddance to them," the Dock Hag said. "We don't need those troublemakers in this town for any longer. But if they decide to come back, make them wanted criminals and throw them into jail if they step one foot on this dock."

"Yes ma'am!" chorused all of the constables.

"And if you do come back K'nuckles, I'm going to give you hell," the Dock Hag said, cracking her knuckles.

"Are you sure that this is the right way, grandfather?"

"I'm quite sure, sonny," the grandfather replied. "My sense of direction has never been wrong in my life!"

"Well, according to this, we're right back where we started."

"What? Are you sure that you're reading that map correctly?"

"See for yourself," the boy said, handing his grandfather a worn paper.

The old man took the paper and he began to read it over, squinting as hard as he can to read over every bit. "Well... I got nothing."

"You see? We are at the same island and we just went in a complete circle."

"Don't you be yelling at me, mister! I once used to be a famous adventurer and you yelling at me is not helping my status whatsoever."

The boy let out a sigh. "Grandfather, how exactly are we going to find the Candy of Youth if we don't get moving?"

"Well, if you learn how to read a map, then maybe we'll be heading for Candied Island," the grandfather said. "That's where the candy should be heading, and we'll never get there if you're too inadequate with a map."

The boy let out another sigh.

OK, if this were to be an episode, then this will end the first part. (Really, I think that an episode should be two things in thirty minutes, not a new segment for the first half and throw in an old part to fill up the gap. Another reason that I hate how Cartoon Network operates.)

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