OK, time to finish this short story once and for all! It's time to bring it all to an end, with hopefully a happy ending, or… if K'nuckles wants one, an "unhappy" ending. It's probably going to be a good ending, that's all I could say.

In this chapter, I'm going to take a swing as to where the mythical Candied Island is. Just read on to find out where it is.

Legal Stuff: I DO NOT own the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Flapjack is copyrighted by Mark "Thurop" van Orman. I do, however, own any original characters mention in this story.

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
The No Sugar Act & the Candy of Youth

Chapter Four: Race to Candied Island

"Yes, you heard us right. The Candy of Youth is heading back to Candied Island," said the young Nautilus.

Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles are flabbergasted by this statement, their mouths hanging wide open by the sudden surprise. There, what Nautilus and Captain Adventure just said, is that the small piece of candy known as the Candy of Youth is heading straight for the mythical Candied Island. Bubbie comes up and she reaches around the boys to pick their jaws up and snap them shut.

"If you had any idea about that candy, it's best that you just follow it and it'll lead you to Candied Island," Nautilus said.

"B-But what about the other stuff about the Candy of Youth?" asked Flapjack.

"Oh, the youthful part is true," Captain Adventure answered. "Why do you think it's called the Candy of Youth for?"

"So what you're saying is that the Candy of Youth is heading back to Candied Island and it makes anyone that eats it young again?" asked Bubbie.


"Oh, my head hurts," K'nuckles said, grabbing a hold of his head. "All of this is making me spin."

"It's probably the lack of sugar in your body," Nautilus said. "You need to get something in before lackasugaritis fully kicks in."

"Yeah, and once I'm back to normal, I'm going to kick both of your asses for getting rid of all the sugar in Stormalong!" the young captain snapped, reaching over for the dead candy shark.

The man of many parts tears a large piece of flesh from the candy shark and he chews through the skin in no time, grinding every bit of sugary flesh in his mouth before swallowing it. Then he could feel the sugary rush running through his blood veins and he begins devouring the whole shark, eating very part, including the organs and the bones, until there is nothing left. Soon, Captain K'nuckles is lying on the raft with a bulging body, full with the shark inside of him.

Captain Adventure got up from his wheelchair and he brought his cane down into K'nuckles' face, bruising him. "You fool! That was enough for my grandson and I to last us the trip to Candied Island," the elderly captain scolded.

"Don't worry about it, grandfather," Nautilus said. "The man needs it more than we do, and if his lackasugaritis got any worst, it could spell disaster for all of us."

"Yeah, maybe I shoulda thought of a simpler idea than having to turn a whole town into sugar craving zombies," the elder said, getting back into his chair.

"Uh, did you say zombies?" asked Bubbie.

"Yes. Why?"

"Because we got the whole town of Stormalong that hasn't eaten any sugar in three whole weeks," Flapjack stated.

The old adventurer and his grandson look at the boy and his adopted mother surprised and then they turn to each other, shocked by what the young boy said. If what he is saying is true, then the whole town of Stormalong is in trouble, thanks to Captain Adventure's clever trick to prevent anyone from eating the Candy of Youth.

"Well, if there is anyway we could save your town, it's with this," Nautilus said. "We need to follow the Candy of Youth to Candied Island and we need to bring back enough candy to feed about 100 people, all in an hour."

"Otherwise, once they hit the sugar zombie stage, they can't get out so easily with some simple piece of candy," Captain Adventure pitched in.

"Sugar zombie stage?" echoed K'nuckles, Flapjack and Bubbie.

At Stormalong, the wagon carrying Larry, Doctor Barber, Slippery Pete and Lolly Poopdeck is getting ever so close to the Stormalong Prison. The constables are busy keeping their attention on the path ahead, as Larry and Slippery Pete are busy getting through the bars with their shackles, but no matter how much rubbing they do, it is not eating through the bars.

"It's no use," Larry said, getting onto a bench. "That's the best we can do, and we don't have time to stop the lackasugaritis."

"There is hope," Lolly said. "We just need to get a key that could get us out of here."

"And fray, do you happen to have a key on you or in those buckets, hm?" asked Doctor Barber.

"It's funny you should ask. I always keep a spare set of keys hidden at the bottom of my buckets," the balding man said, bending down so he can get a bucket and reach to pull out a loop full of keys. He then gets all eyes on him after showcasing the keys. "What? I need to fill my buckets."

Slippery Pete takes the keys from the man and he got over to the door to reach his greased hands through the bars to work the lock. After fitting some of the keys into the lock, he picks the lock open, allowing for the man to remove the lock and to open the door. Slippery Pete opens the door wide and he and the others jump out, rolling across the ground as they watch the wagon head towards the prison.

"He made it!" stated Larry.

"I don't think so," replied the grainy voice of the Dock Hag.

The four men turn to see that the woman is standing right before them, with a team of constables right behind her with police batons in hands in case of a fight.

"You have got to be (long censored) me!" shouted Larry. (AN: Sorry, but there are some things that I can't say. I'm trying to keep it in the T rating)

"Mr. Larry, we need to get you into some treatment if we get out of this," Slippery Pete said in a low tone.

"That is, if you get out of this mess," the Dock Hag responded. "I can't allow you convicts to be running around town, giving everyone illegal contraband so that you can cure this 'lackasugaritis.'"

"But if you were just to shut the…"

"Madam Dock Hag, we are really trying to cure Stormalong of lackasugaritis," Doctor Barber said, preventing Larry from finishing his sentence. "We just need to give everyone some sugar before the hour pass."

"Why? Why do you need to do that before the hour is up?" asked the woman.

"It is because the citizens will turn into sugar zombies if they don't get any sugar," Lolly Poopdeck answered.

"Ha, that's a riot," the Dock Hag said, with some of the constables laughing.

"Oh, but you won't be laughing once they turn into sugar zombies," Larry said. "Once they do, they'll all go after you and take you down, since you were the one that put that damned act in play."

"Let's see them try," the woman said, with the constables getting into fighting stance. "I have constables all over Stormalong and there's not going to be a chance for these sugar zombies come after me."

"Well, it's her funeral," whispered Slippery Pete.

"Just because that we are doing this, doesn't mean that we are friends or anything," said Nautilus.

"Well, we didn't want to in the first place," replied K'nuckles, glaring down on the Flapjack clone.

"Once we find Candied Island, it's taking whatever we can carry and head to Stormalong before everyone turns into sugar zombies," Captain Adventure said. "Got that?"

Flapjack, K'nuckles and Bubbie gives the duo a firm nod. "Good, now all we have to do is…"

"Hold on," said Flapjack. "Why is the Candy of Youth attracted to Candied Island?"

Nautilus is about to pull onto a string, as Captain Adventure gives a heavy sigh. "Well, this goes back to when Poseidon made both the Candy and Candied Island," the elderly captain said. "It is believed that the Candy of Youth is from a special tree that only grows on Candied Island and it wants to be part of that very tree. But with the curse on it, it made sailors believe that the candy made be part of something else hidden on the island."

"Which this is something that I don't get," Bubbie said. "Why would anyone eat it when this can take them to Candied Island?"

"Because for two factors, woman," Adventure replied, holding out two wrinkly fingers. "One is that the Candy of Youth does grant the user temporary youth for a good eighty years, with the curse of never going to the bathroom again. And the second is that the Candy of Youth not only affects the body, but it affects our minds, allowing the candy to give us the directions to the island itself."

"But with how people constantly getting sick out at sea, the candy's effects wears off and they forget those directions to Candied Island," Nautilus said.

"But luckily…" Adventure said, letting out a hardy laugh, "I know just where Candied Island is located."

Again, Flapjack and K'nuckles are awestruck.

"That means that…"

"Yep, I have eaten the Candy of Youth twice and I got it through my systems both times for me to know the exact location of Candied Island," the elderly captain said, and then letting out a hard cough.

"You know where Candied Island is?!" K'nuckles snapped. "Where is it, old man? Tell me, and I won't have to kill you!"

The old adventurer grows a devious smile on his face before opening his mouth. "The island is hidden deep in the center of the Sea of Teeth," he wheezes.

K'nuckles backs away from the great adventurer, with a stunned look on his face, and then he slaps himself on the forehead. He should have known. They ALL should have known. Why else would a place that is told in fairy tales that happen to be a real island be in such a location like the Sea of Teeth? Thanks to the many sea monsters, sharp objects, and the infamous Eight-Armed Willy calling it home, it's no wonder that sailors are scared to venture into those waters to find Candied Island.

But then something went off inside of the younger captain's head. How could Captain Adventure, the greatest adventurer to ever live, be able to remember the location to Candied Island after eating the Candy of Youth twice? They said that the candy wipes the memory of the location once it left the body, and he said that the island is hidden deep in the Sea of Teeth.

There is no chance that Candied Island could be in such a dangerous place.

"You're bluffing," growls K'nuckles. "Candied Island isn't in the Sea of Teeth. And I should know! I have been there and it wasn't in the Sea of Teeth!"

"But we were too busy on the moon to pay attention to where we were heading," Flapjack piped in.

"You were on the moon?" questioned Nautilus, raising an eyebrow.

"It's a long story," Flapjack replied.

"Well, if you want to save your town..." the grandson of Captain Adventure grabs the rope that is on the raft and he gives it a firm tug, causing the rope to unravel and allowing a sail to drop down on the mast, "you better catch us first. Once we get moving, we are going after the Candy of Youth and then it's Candied Island ho."

The wind starts to blow and the raft begins to shift, and with a sudden gust, Flapjack and K'nuckles are knocked into the water as Nautilus and Captain Adventure sail on to chase down the Candy of Youth to Candied Island.

"Come on Bubbie, we need to get to them before they get to Candied Island," K'nuckles said, climbing onto the blue whale's side to get to the top.

"Hold onto you hats boys, this is going to be rough," said Bubbie, getting herself ready for a swimming sprint.

The whale then makes her start, swimming as fast as she could so that they could catch up to the duo and make their run through the Sea of Teeth and then to Candied Island.

The town is in an uproar over the lack of sugar in the sea town, with the minutes ticking away before the hour is up. Everyone is shouting angry complaints as the Dock Hag makes her way through the crowd to get to the front of town hall. With her escort constables, they got the crowd controlled as the Dock Hag got up on a podium made for her and she got the crowd silent for her latest speech.

Only five minutes. It's time to prove that those lying idiots are wrong and she is right.

"Citizens of Stormalong Harbor, I have brought you all to show off the world's worst criminals in a last line of humiliations before their public executions," boomed the woman.

The crowd winches in horror by the word "execution" and the four voices of Larry, Doctor Barber, Slippery Pete and Lolly shouting "WHAT?!" in unison.

"These four men have gone against the No Sugar Act and they even broke out of prison to repeat the same crime that they were sentenced for," the Dock Hag said. "They must pay for their consequences and that will be a public execution."

"You can't be serious Madam Dock Hag," a constable said. "We didn't have an execution in front of the public in a long time, and we need to get this through the mayor…"

"I don't care about what the mayor says," barked the Dock Hag. "These four have been a menace to this society once the No Sugar Act went into effect, and they must be punish."

"But a public execution, madam? Isn't that a tad extreme for a bartender, a barber, a masseur, and a comedian?" the constable asked.

Four minutes left.

"It doesn't even matter! Since I am holding this meeting, I get to call the shots around here, and I'm giving these four their punish..."

"Now hold on there, Madam Dock Hag," Lolly said, taking a step forward. "Shouldn't we get some final words before we die?"

The crowd begins to talk among each other by the idea, as Slippery Pete whispers some details into the balding man's ear. The Dock Hag gives a glance over to the two men, and Slippery Pete steps back over to the rest of the chained men. Soon, she bends over to a constable and she whispers something into his ear before pulling away from the man.

"All right, say your final words," the Dock Hag answered, waving her hand.

Lolly Poopdeck gives one good inhale and then exhales the breath before going on. He then glances over to the clock to give it another check. Three more minutes before the hour is up. They need to hurry.

"Hello everybody. Do any of you want to hear some jokes?"

The Dock Hag lets out a heavy moan. "This is going to take forever," she whines. "Onto the next person."

Lolly steps back as Larry decides to head up, but the Dock Hag stops him before he takes a step. The former bartender mumbles under his breath as the doctor barber Doctor Barber takes the stand. He reaches for his hat and he places it right in front of his heart, showing everyone that he is ready to give a tear-jerking speech.

"Good afternoon," the doctor said. "I would like to say that it has been a pleasure servicing you as your doctor and your barber, yes."

A small section of the crowd starts to boo off Doctor Barber, which is comprise of several of his patients that he performed his grotesque experiments on. He notices the people standing in the crowd and he shrugs them off, going back to his speech that he thought of that moment. And so far, this speech is going off without any more hiccups, as the seconds are passing by as he speaks.

Only two more minutes left.

"Are you quite finish?" asked the Dock Hag.

"Yes, hm," Doctor Barber replied, giving the woman a firm nod.

He backs towards where the others are and the woman got back up to the podium. "Now that these wanted criminals are done stalling for time, they'll be executed right now!"

Again, everyone is astonish by this statement, as the Dock Hag knows that the men are stalling their execution and that she is going right ahead with the action. The constables look at each other in sudden confusion, until the Dock Hag begins barking orders to get the ropes ready for hanging. Four constables push the criminals up onto the scaffolding, getting them right under the dangling rope as the four drip streams of sweat down their nervous bodies.

As the constables got the neckties around the four men's necks, the Dock Hag strolls onto the scaffolding, holding onto a piece of black cloth in her hands. Then she got to where a lever is and she places the cloth over head, covering up her face with two eyeholes to allow her to see. The men look in horror by the sudden transformation and they look back down to see their faiths right below them.

One minute left. All they need now is a miracle.

"Well, this isn't what I hope it's going to be," Larry said. "I was hoping that I'll spend my final moments with Candy Wife on Candied Island."

"And I was hoping that I would perform one successful operation in my lifetime, hm," Doctor Barber said.

"And I was hoping to tell the greatest joke in the world," Lolly Poopdeck said.

"This is it," the Dock Hag said, gripping onto the lever. "It's time to pay for your crimes."

Everyone quiets down so that they could listen in on the gears slowly cranking as the Dock Hag pushes on the lever to allow the trapdoors to open below the men. Slowly, the floor opens up and everyone waits patiently for the four to drop down. But what they didn't expect is for a sudden outburst to come from behind the Dock Hag, and she cranks back the lever to reset the floors.

"What now?" she asked.

There, standing on the scaffolding is a dog. And this is no ordinary dog. This dog is wearing a tuxedo, a top hat on his head, and he is standing on his two hind legs. He is a pug-looking dog, with his tongue panting and his dog eyes focusing upon the hooded Dock Hag.

This is the Colonel, the mayor of Stormalong Harbor.

"This is just what we needed," Slippery Pete mumbles, with the others getting the message.

The Colonel walks up to the Dock Hag and he gives the woman an innocent look, despite that going through his mind are some serious thoughts. "Ruff!"

"What do you mean that these men mean no harm? They cause enough trouble with the No Sugar Act..."


"Are you saying that the No Sugar Act is a fraud from the very beginning?"


"And now you're saying that the No Sugar Act was written by some elderly sailor trying to keep sailors away from finding the Candy of Youth so that he can use it to find Candied Island?"

The dog didn't reply to the Dock Hag's question. Instead, he gives the woman a warm panting and more innocent staring.

Right behind them, the bells that signal for the hour rings out, telling everyone that a new hour has begun. Time is up. The hour is up, and the four men have failed their mission and the Dock Hag won this battle. She pulls onto the level to drop the men, pushing very hard to snap the lever off, and a constable stabs a baton into a gear to prevent the trapdoors from opening any farther. The four jerk a bit, but not as much to where the force could have kill them, and they are suspending in the air with only a few inches off the ground.

"This aggression has gone on for so long now," the constable stated. "Madam Dock Hag, it wasn't these four that have been doing wrong. It was you that has been doing wrong all this time, ever since you found that piece of paper!"

"So what if I have?" the Dock Hag snapped. "I am doing this town a favor and I'm trying to prove my point that whatever those men are saying is untrue!"

"But lackasugaritis is a real disease!" shouted Doctor Barber.

"I don't care," the Dock Hag said. "There is no proof showing me that what you're saying is..."

Her sentence was cut off by some low growling. She turns around to look at the Colonel, and she notices that the dog is still panting and standing on his hind legs, showing no signs of being aggressive. Then the growling got louder and all that are standing on the stage turn to look down on the crowd to notice a very disturbing factor.

The people all around are changing into something horrific, with their skins turning dusty grey, their muscles decaying off of their bones, their bodies collapsing, hair and teeth falling out, and clothes being torn from left to right. The transformation from normal people into sugar craving zombies is a fast one, as people begin to bend over from the lack of sugar running through their veins, and they all stop once their transformation came to a stop. Up on the stage, the men and the Dock Hag look in horror by the sight of tens of zombies right at their feet, all looking up at the scaffolding with one target in mind.

"Well, I guess this is the end after all," Slippery Pete said.

"And to think that we were right all this time, yes?" Doctor Barber said

"May I make a suggestion that you should get the hell out of here?" asked Larry, talking to the Dock Hag. "They're all looking at you, and they all want to eat you."

The Dock Hag takes a few steps back, with the crowd moving closer to her, and she bumps into some constables as the zombies begin to climb up onto the scaffolding. They all have the same expression on their faces and they all are mumbling the same line over and over in a creepy monotone:

"Feed us, Dock Hag. Feed us, Dock Hag. Feed us, Dock Hag..."

"I...I can't! I got rid of all of the candy!" she shouted in terror.

"You haven't!" stated Larry. "I still got a hidden stash back at Doctor Barber's place."

With a sudden thought, the Dock Hag grabs onto a baton and she begins to sprint away from the crowd, with a few constables behind her to back her up. The crowd moves their heads, watching the escaping Dock Hag, and they begin to move to catch up with the woman. Soon, the crowd of people slowly dwindle down, all of them following the Dock Hag, as they left Larry, Doctor Barber, Slippery Pete and Lolly hanging at the scaffolding.

"Is someone going to come back," Lolly asked, "because this rope is making my neck itch?"

Out in the waters, Bubbie is sprinting as fast she could across the water, hoping that she could catch up with the speeding Nautilus and Captain Adventure. Flapjack and K'nuckles are hanging on for their dear lives as the whale below them are speeding forward, with both gripping onto their hats to prevent them from being blown away. Nautilus is taking control of the raft, using the wind to their full advantage as they got farther away from the others.

"It won't be long now boy," Adventure said. "We are just moments away before we finally get to Candied Island!"

"Yes grandfather," Nautilus said, tugging on the rope. He looks back at Bubbie and the others. "But once we get to Candied Island, what are we going to do about them?"

"They won't even get pass Eight-Armed Willy once we get into the Sea of Teeth," the elderly adventurer wheezes. "I have mapped out a sure-fire way to get pass all of the monsters and if they dare try following us, they'll surely be eaten by the sea monsters."

"Yes grandfather," echoed Nautilus.

A good snap of the wrist got the raft farther away, giving the two a better advantage at speed than Bubbie. Soon, the blue whale begins to pant, slowing herself down so that she could catch her breath, and they watch as Nautilus and Captain Adventure speed off to... Stormalong Harbor?

"Wait, we're heading back to Stormalong?" asked K'nuckles. "What are we back at Stormalong?"

"Isn't the Sea of Teeth to the north of Stormalong?" asked Flapjack.

"Yeah, but still, we're outcasts to Stormalong now," Bubbie said. "We can't go back unless they lift the No Sugar Act."

"Yeah, but we got get to those bastards ahead of us before they can get to Candied Island!" snapped K'nuckles.

"Well, hold your horses there mister. Bubbie needs to rest up before she can swim again."

"There's no time!" K'nuckles shouted, jumping down Bubbie's blowhole. "We need to keep moving before they get to Candied Island!"

The captain heads over to the tongue and he sits down on the whale's tongue, getting down so that he can grab the tongue with his hands. Flapjack sticks his head through the blowhole to see what his captain is doing, and he could see him forging a ship's wheel from the taste buds.


"Not now boy," K'nuckles said, finishing work on the wheel. "Can't you see that I am taking over this whale?"

"Now what in Poseidon's name do you think you are doing with my..."

Bubbie could have finished her sentence, but K'nuckles got the whale to move again, thanks to some quick thinking from the sugar that is running through his body. Flapjack pops out from the blowhole and he rolls back from the sudden acceleration, and he is swung back onto his adoptive mother from her tail swinging back and forth. Soon, Bubbie is going faster than the raft is going now, and they are gaining up to the two adventurers.

Nautilus looks behind him to notice that the trio is closing in on them and he checks the air around him for anything that could get them to go faster. But, there isn't anything that could help them, so Bubbie got closer to the two. Soon, they are very close together, and K'nuckles steps away from the wheel so that he can get to the mouth and face Captain Adventure and Nautilus once again.

"All right, you two," the younger captain said, after he opens Bubbie's mouth, "it's about time that I kick both of your asses for tricking every last one of us for your damn scheme."

"I like to see you try," Nautilus said, cracking his knuckles.

That brief second turn disaster as both the raft and Bubbie crash into the edge of Stormalong and all four men fell into the water. They remerge from the ocean water, drenched from the sudden soak, and they climb up onto the edge of town so that they can clean themselves off of the saltwater. After drying off, K'nuckles focuses in on Nautilus and both went into a staring contest, with Captain Adventure tugging on Nautilus and Flapjack doing the same with K'nuckles.

"Captain, please! No more fighting!" Flapjack cried.

"The boy's right," said Adventure. "We shouldn't be fighting at this time. We got bigger things to worry about."

He takes his cane and points it over to the north side of town. The group looks to see a large crowd heading right towards them, with the Dock Hag taking the lead, along with some constables right behind, and a large crowd of angry grey people chasing them. It didn't take long for Flapjack and K'nuckles to realize that these people are now hit the sugar zombie phase, and the Dock Hag is leading a whole crowd right towards them.

"Well, it appears to be too late for us," Adventure said. "Even if we made it to Candied Island, these poor souls are now stuck in this state for the rest of their lives."

"But isn't there something that we can do?" asked Flapjack.

"There is one," Nautilus said, looking down at the water. "You whale! Grab the Candy of Youth and toss it up!"

There floating right next to Bubbie is the Candy of Youth, and she did what the boy told her to do and she chucks the candy up to where the group is. Nautilus catches the candy in his hands and he turns to face the crowd before them, clenching onto the Candy of Youth.

"Just one lick of the Candy of Youth is enough to cure these souls from lackasugaritis, and they should be back to normal in seconds," the boy said, focusing in on the crowd of sugar zombies.

The Dock Hag looks back at the crowd of sugar zombies chasing her and then she turns to notice the four right in front of her. She plants her heels down into the wood floor and she skids to a stop, with some of the constable now turning around with batons in hand to prevent the citizens from attacking the Dock Hag. The woman gives a good lookdown at K'nuckles and Flapjack before switching her perspective over to Nautilus and Captain Adventure.

"What are you two doing back in Stormalong," the Dock Hag asked, questioning Flapjack and K'nuckles, "and who the hell are you two?"

"There's no time to explain," Nautilus said. "We need to give everyone a lick of the Candy of Youth so that they'll get out of their sugar zombie forms."

"And why should I trust you?"

"Because he's the grandson to the great Captain Adventures," the man of the said name stated, using his cane to bang the ground.

The Dock Hag stares a bit at the elderly man and then she walks up to the grandson. He hands over the Candy of Youth to the woman and she gives it a check to see what it looks like.

"Just have them take a lick of it," Nautilus said. "That way, the candy will still be intact and the lick will be enough to get them out."

The Dock Hag grunts some words and she walks over to the constables. She pushes them out of the way, getting herself through the men before getting up to the first sugar zombie. The Dock Hag presents the Candy of Youth to the zombie and the former human snatches the candy from the woman only to give it the single lick. Suddenly, the zombie begins to shake all over and the sudden rush of sugar flowing through the veins is making this zombie turn back to normal.

Then, the Dock Hag takes the Candy of Youth from the now revitalized human and she presents to the next sugar zombie, only to get the same result. Soon, this step is repeated over and over to change every last resident of Stormalong from sugar zombies back into humans again. Then, everyone is back to normal, with blood streams full of youthful sugar running through them. Everyone begins to celebrate over the sudden transformation and they all headed back to their homes, leaving only the constables, the Dock Hag, Captains Adventure and K'nuckles, and Cabin Boys Flapjack and Nautilus alone.

"Well, that's another attempt at the Candy of Youth an utter failure," Adventure said, getting into his wheelchair.

"Not really grandfather," Nautilus said, taking the Candy of Youth from the Dock Hag. "This time, you finally get to be normal once again."

The old adventurer wheezes out a laugh as he holds out his hands to catch the piece of candy. Then he takes the piece and shoves it down his throat, allowing the bitterness of the candy to bypass his taste bud and go down into his stomach so that he can experience being young once again. At that moment, the sudden change from the old, wrinkly into a much younger Captain Adventure happens in a blink of an eye, as now the new Adventure is looking much less like K'nuckles but more buffer and taller.

"Ah, it's great to have these old guns once again," Adventure said, flexing his muscles under his new/old leather vest.

"Wait... that's what the Candy of Youth does?" asked Flapjack.

"Of course! It always bring you back to your more handsome state once you hit the age of being old," Adventure said, still flexing off his muscles. "Now, if you excuse me, I am going off to find Candied Island!"

The revitalized captain jumps off from the harbor and down into the water, only to land on top of the raft and resurfacing from the jump. He got the raft to move, sailing away from Stormalong Harbor to continue on with his journey to find the mythical Candied Island. The others, except Nautilus, look in amazement and astonishment by how Captain Adventure looks and how he is getting away with a piece of candy that is making him looks young.

Then Flapjack looks over to Nautilus, who is watching his grandfather head off into the horizon. "Hey, aren't you upset that your grandfather not taking you?" he asked.

"Nah, I don't give shit about what my grandfather does," Nautilus replied. "In fact, I figure that he's going to get eaten by a sea monster once he sails into the Sea of Teeth. I'm glad that I'm not on that raft right now."

"But what does this mean for you?"

"I figure that I should find your barber."

"Why do you need to see Doctor Barber?" asked Flapjack.

"Another reason that I'm not on that raft is that I'm allergic to candy," Nautilus replied.

"What?!" came from K'nuckles. "How can anyone be allergic to candy?"

"Well, I can't actually touch the candy, or otherwise this happens..."

Nautilus gives everyone his example as to why he is allergic to candy. A bump appears in the hand that he used to catch the Candy of Youth, and then it follows by another bump. Soon, the boy is ladled with thousands of bumps ranging from red to black to yellow, and his outer layer starts to blow up like a balloon. Everyone looks in horror by the sudden transformation, which is making them want to remember when Captain Adventure transformed into his younger version. Soon the growing stop, and there stands a grotesque version of Nautilus, who is diseased and very sick-looking.

"Yeah, I can't really explain it, but it's only when I touch candy that makes me blow up like this," the boy said. "And apparently the Candy of Youth is not that generous to me."

And so, a constable with a strong stomach got the nerve to walk up to the bump-covered Nautilus and carrying him off, along with the other constables arresting the Dock Hag for the crimes she committed for Stormalong and drag her off, leaving Flapjack and K'nuckles in total horror. They didn't even budge from that spot, with a horrified look painted all over their faces, as the day turns into night and Bubbie waits for them to unfreeze from that position.

"You know, it seems that we are forgetting something," the whale said.

"Hello? Can anyone come get us!" shouted Larry, who somehow got his hands onto a half of his Candy Wife. "We want these god-damn ropes cut now!"

"Oh will you give it a rest all ready, will you?" shouted Slippery Pete.

"Yes Larry, I am tired of hearing you," Doctor Barber added. "Once I am free, I'm going to do some surgery to fix you up, yes."

"Hey, you want me to tell some jokes to pass the time?" asked Lolly.


Well, that's the end of this story. It's about time that wrapped this sucker up, and I think I did the best way possible... by ending it with some good, old-fashioned Nightmare Fuel. Ah Nightmare Fuel, you have yet to tantalize me with your daunting horror images and ear-splitting screams.

Yeah, it technically can't be Flapjack without some Nightmare Fuel, and I figure that not only Nautilus blowing up like a blimp but with the sugar zombie transformation makes me wonder why in the world do I want this to be a episode? Meh, I wouldn't mind seeing Nautilus blowing up... it's the sugar zombies that'll get me. That'll be up to where that creepy 38 yo. man from "Oh Brother" is for me. THAT MAN WAS TERRIFYING!

...Let aside my Nightmare Fuel issue, I would like to say that I simply adore the Colonel ever since "Rye Ruv Roo." He is the cutest dog that I ever seen in my life, real and non-real, and I personally give my respects to the creator of that dog and the animator that brought that dog to life (I hope that Thurop made him). I just figure that, since he was elected mayor of Stormalong at the end of the episode, I could bring him back for this story and have him persuade the Dock Hag from killing off some of the better men from the show. The Colonel is truly a one-word wonder.

...Then again, what would happen if I killed off Doctor Barber? I would be doing the world a favor by getting rid of the only Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant and giving the world a chance to recover, but then I'll make fans very upset if I do that. Plus, people tend to like his crazy, grotesque experiments and that creepy monotone of his... hmm, yes.

...That's Nightmare Fuel for ya. Thanks a lot for the guy that started that trend. But I give credit to Thurop for making Nightmare Fuel a popular thing in Flapjack, even if I don't recognize it most of the time.

So, I would like to say that I fixed everything at the very end there, with Peppermint Larry now back at his home and with Candy Wife back in his arms (sort of), everyone is back to their former selves, and I got K'nuckles back on his normal binges and candy-consuming diet. You just got to love this show, right? Oh, and I may add that when I mentioned Candied Island being in the Sea of Teeth, I figure that such a place like Candied Island should be in such a location like the Sea of Teeth. Now, this isn't canon yet, as we may never know where Candied really made be, but who knows. In fact, they might show Candied Island elsewhere. It's all up to the show to decide.

I like to thank you all for getting through this crazy story of mine, especially to those who got the chance to review. I appreciate you for leaving a comment about this story here, and I am grateful that more of my work is getting notice. Oh, and I like to thank my friend for introducing me to tropes, which explains why I am talking about the Nightmare Fuel back there. And last, but not least (not by a long shot), I like to thank Mr. Thurop for coming up with such a genius piece of animation that I enjoy so very much.

Really, thank you very much Mr. Thurop for your amazing, incredible cartoon. It was you that inspire me to write this story, and it was your team that help got this idea flowing, and I will continue to watch Flapjack's misadventures up to the very last episode.

For the final time for this story, I like for you all to review. Thank you, good night!