Cryptic Obscurity.

First chapter.



Isabella Swan struggles to overcome the feeling that there are beings other than that of the human, after being in an accident where herself and her two best fiends, Alice and Rosalie

are rammed into the railway tracks by another vehicle by an accident.

Bella gets stuck and is unable to escape, her two best friends put aside their own lives and try to help, but are roughly pushed out of the way as she is rescued by what she recalls to be an "angel".

But is this death or something much worse?

And then a new semester at forks high school begins and the girls are forced to return to the place they hate most; high school,

but is this year going to be as uneventful as the last or will there be some changes in their delicate schedule that the girls put together, with some help from the three mysterious Cullen brothers it seem so;

one thing Bella will learn thought, not everything is clear, especially in the darkness.


I urged my legs to run faster;

it would do me no good if I were to stop now,

and yet I knew it was pointless to run;

it just made it all the more enjoyable for them,

the hunter and the hunted, that's what we were.

It was absurd that I had thought him to be above that;

it was his nature, as was it my nature to be frightened by his touch,

but I did not always think like that.

I was always a convoluted child, it only made sense now that as I grew older I would be a complicated woman.

Or rather not,

for as was mentioned so often, I was not yet a woman, I was still a child;

a child with the freedom to grow older, and yeti wasted my time on trying to beg him to change me into the hunter;

one of what was now after me.

It was in a way ironic as I rounded the corner, my lungs aching from the constant runnning, I had once believed him to be my protector, and after all I had faced, all we had faced,

we just found ourselves back to step one.

The lights flickered as I stumbled my way down the street, until at least they ceased to exist and I was plunged into darkness.

My head swiveled around, looking for some cover, shelter; protection

and upon finding none I continued to run faster, my breathe coming out in ragged breaths.

I had no time to stop and take a breath,

for every time I did so, I would slow and that did not bode well from what was after me.

I tried to escape to the right, but as my eyes focused and finally became accustomed to the dim-lighted street, I was able to see the wall at the very end; a dead end.

I turned slowly to face the predator that was now growling and shifting his stance.

My breath hitched as I took in his appearance for what I suspected to be the last time...

the one person that could ever hold a piece of my heart,and yet whilst still profoundly disagreeing about the case in which he has a heart at all;

the one person that I had ever felt any emotion towards, the one and only person worth living for now.

Had he slipped up or had he been more than willing to join them?

I could see no regret in his eyes as he approached and it was only as his icy-breath blew across my face, blowing strands of hair into my eyes, was it that I saw a hint of anguish in his eyes...

but then everything was lost as he bit into the soft flesh of my neck and I floated helplessly into a realm of darkness...

nothing of this standard could have lived for long,

especially when the hunter is loved by the hunted...

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