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B pov;

I was laughing one moment and then screaming the next;

we all were.

Alice, Rosalie and I. There was a crash and then we were pushed thorough the barrier and it splintered on the screen.

The glass shattered and we screamed, we covered our faces with our hands and brushed off the stray glass from our hair and held our breathes as the silence descended. And then the screaming started again.

"The Train!" one person shouted and that as when I knew it; I would die right here and now but by some miracle I hoped that Alice and Rose would escape.

The blackness lengthened, in a strange way as if knowing that doom was fast approaching and then the light broke threw. It blinded me and I couldn't see. I couldn't do anything.

What had happened to having a girls night in?

Ice-Cream, chick-flicks, gossip, make-up. It all seemed like years ago now.

"Bella quick!" I heard Rose scream and watched as they scrambled out of the car. I unplugged my seat belt slowly as if knowing that it was impossible to actually escape.

I had a feeling of ill-boding that I had only felt once before. Before the fire started... and then it happened as I scrambled over the seat, the lights growing brighter and the screech of the train brakes reaching my ears.

I felt a tugging on my waist and I was pulled back, the breathe was knocked out of me as I fell and banged my head on the glass. I immediately smelt blood and my focus swam. I heard a scream that in some part off my brain registered to be Alice's cry.

I heard the glass shattering in the front and Alice and Rose's voices calling to me. "Bella quickly, its almost here!" "Bella come on stop joking around, we're not going to leave you!" "Bella we can't lift you!" and that's when they saw the blood and realized at once what was happening.

"oh no, someone help us!" Rose screamed and that's when something strange happened. I opened my eye-lids by a fraction to tell them to run, and before I knew it they were flying away from me. I could see as if someone had flung them backwards.

And then I melted as a pair of golden eyes stared into my own.

They were the only thing I saw as they grew darker, staring at me more intensely than before. I struggled for something to say but just ended up coughing. I was losing consciousness quickly and not knowing how deep the cut was, was also dangerous.

My vision swam and the last thing I saw was the agony in the pair of now pitch black orbs in the pair of eyes.

I sunk into final unconsciousness grateful for the blackness that rushed up to greet me as I felt a pair of strong arms life me up and indeed it felt like I was flying for a second. Wherever I would wake up I would know that I would be happy because how could I not when the pain ended and happiness surrounded you, that was how it was supposed to be...

and it was. Until they came.

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