okay hey guys, good news!

Edwardaddict17 (Annie) and myself are hosting a writing competition.

any genre, any setting, any book\movie, and rating (although i would like to see some Chuck & Blair in there) just let Annie or me know when its finished and where to find it.

it's a one-shot competition but you can of course continue it after the competition is over.

there will be a prize for the winner and its a banner that will be made for a story written by the winner and of their chosing. we're not sure of when the closing date is but if you tell us that your entering we'll try and sort something out okay? for those of you without accounts on fanfiction i'd totally reccomend getting one its a really cool site and what better way to join the site than to be challenging yourself with a competition. best luck to all competetors!

remember its just a bit of fun and please enter!