Athena's Solo Mission

By General GM

This is an introduction of my OC into my AU Gundam UC timeline. A beginning of her saga that is her first independent battle after the Battle of Loum and in her participation in Operation British and not the full story of her life as one of the known Earth Federation Mobile Suit aces . She's my little wrench into the 1st Mobile Suit Gundam TV series that started the whole franchise. If any of the readers who chance to read some of my reviews in the UC Gundam section, you've seen the hints of my OC. Before we read the fan fiction, here are some details about her. She's in her early teens, very tall body height, mischievous to a fault, sexual aggressive towards both genders, a New Type with greater abilities than Amuro and other heroes of UC Gundam universe put together, and she's a bastard child borne of sad circumstances between Zabi family member and another OC Zeon character. Well, here she is and enjoy.

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