Athena "Zaku Tanks are very cheap imitation of a Guntank. Now I made them cheaper with your worthless lives. The mining complex is next to being gone."

Athena gives one more look over and activates her thrusters in the direction to her final mission destination.

At same time, Johnny Ridden has formed up the remaining garrison units to create a trap for the incoming RPGX-79 by having the mobile suit teams hiding in the buildings with impromptu false walls to surprise and cut-off the incoming invading suit from any avenue of escape. Also, camouflaged heavy artillery guns are placed on the rooftops of the buildings to add to garrison's firepower for the trap and buried underneath the complex grounds are special anti-mobile suit mines designed to respond to the weight of the mobile suit's foot laid on top of the mine or via special motion sensors or remote manual detonation. Five Gallop land battleships are added to act as heavy interceptors for the trap just in case the raider escapes the trap's crossfire. As for the mobile suits used for the trap consisted of 20 Zaku II & 15 MS-06G Zaku II Improved Ground Combat Type suits & MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type suits, 10 Zaku I suits in the Gallops, 14 MS-07A & MS-07F Hunter model & MS-07B Goufs, 15 MS-07C-3 Gouf Heavy Arms Type suits with the 10 of the 15 suits in the Gallops, 9 MS-09F Desert Dowas, 18 MS-06K Zaku Cannon suits with the 8 of the 18 fitted with 'rabbit ears' antennas, and inside the buildings are 10 YMS-15 Gyan suits and 5 YM-18 Kampfer 'prototype' suits and 10 MS-09 DOM suits with MS-09K-1 Dom Cannon & MS-09K-2 Dom Cannon types. Now, Ridden bides his time in his red MS-06R-1 Zaku II High Mobility Test Type suit for the results of the aerial assault sent to destroy the incoming raider and to surprise the raider if the air attack fails. Meanwhile, two squadrons of Dopps, Dodai YS bombers, and two Gaws has spotted Athena's RPGX-79 in the air on their radar and then the Zeon air contingent flies in an intercepting course towards the mobile suit. But Athena's Newtype scans finds them first and now plans to destroy them first.

Athena 'I do remember that I'd loaded a special clip for the beam Gatling guns with a special energy containment capsules. Now it's time to test it. Let's find the weapons' console to load it up. Ah, there it is.'

Athena feels around the weapons' console panel and her fingers finds the weapons' loading switches and clicks on the beam Gatling guns' switch. After hearing the satisfaction beeping sound, she turns on the Quent radar and closes her eyes to concentrate for a few seconds. Then her eyes quickly open in response to a Newtype flash.

Athena 'There, the two Gaws and I got you. They can't respond to this attack because it's beyond visual range to fire because I'm going to fire up the new Minosky ECM system that my mom and I had created to prevent their regular long-range guided missiles to react in response.'

Athena's other hand touches over the new ECM panel and turns on one of the main switches and then she fires the beam Gatling guns on single shot mode. The first bolt shot out the first barrel and it's followed by the second bolt. The first two bolts fly to their targets and at the last kilometre they split up. The first bolt flies the first Gaw and the second bolt to the other one.

The 1st Gaw chief pilot "What the fuck!? Minosky particles!? Hey, do you hear any singing?

The 2nd Gaw chief pilot "Ah, shit, evade or we're …"

But before anyone can do anything, the energy bolts strike their intended targets and penetrates through the front cockpit nose of each Gaw. After the bolts enters 5 metres into each Gaw, the special containment field created by each fired energy containment capsule collapses and releases the normal sized rock cluster of anti-protons held by the field. The sudden release caused the explosive repulsion at relativistic velocity and collides with the nearest positive matter object, for example, an unfortunate Zeon crewmember, one of the Gaw's power or electronic panels, the floating normal atmospheric atomic chains, or a piece of the Gaw's furniture. Each of the anti-protons is covered with individual field that propels and repels from each anti-proton that was held in the cluster. When each anti-proton comes in contact the positive atoms that make the molecule of said object, or gas or person, that particular anti-proton fuses instead colliding with that atom and creates a chain reaction similar to the 'Big Bang' of our universe. Then two unfortunate targets are destroyed in brilliant light with combined explosive strength of a 10 kiloton nuclear device. The Dodai YS squadrons who are the closest to the Gaws are vaporized by the aerial nuclear ground zero zone. The Dopps squadrons that are next to the Dodai YS squadrons are tossed around by the hurricane turbulences to be smashed together or ripped apart by the turbulences. The Dopps' pilots who saw the beam bolts collided with the Gaws were permanently blinded by flash burn while their squad mates were temporally blinded by the flash. But their recovery is for naught as their bodies are smashed by the concussion shockwaves or ripped up by the disintegrating airframes turning into impromptu shrapnel shards. At the same time, concussion blast effects are sustained beyond the usual time duration period of a typical atomic denotation by Athena's Newtype ability. Her eyes shone with the pulsing violet glow as her Newtype power acts on the blast zone until she senses the life forces of the squadron pilots and the flight crew faded into oblivion. Then her mobile suit descent to the ground as her flight duration ends after being 8 hours in the air.

Athena "Ha, ha, ha, ha, now you're just sacrifices to my father's stupid crusade for his principality. But you won't be alone because others will join except one who has to answer to him. Haw, haw, haw, haw!"

When she landed on the ground, she encounters Zeon mechanized artillery battalion and in her usual style, eliminated them completely.

Her RPGX-79 runs into the battalion with its arms outstretched and holding a lit beam saber in each hand and bent forward. It runs passed each self propelled artillery and ammo carrier vehicles slicing them each with her sabers. Each vehicle that was sliced opened is destroyed in an explosive display of pyrotechnics as the sabers ignite the ammo and the fuel tanks. Any unfortunate AFV crewmember that was occupied in those vehicles was killed by either being in the direct path of the beam sabers or resulting explosions. As for the command vehicles, they were flattened by the mobile suit when it jumped upon them and stabbed by the beam sabers to set off the fuel tanks for the coup de grace.

Now Athena starts to run down the last kilometres to the mining complex. At that time, Johnny Ridden checks on his watch, inside his red Zaku II suit, for the time limit for the aerial assault squadrons to report back of their success of bringing down the Earth federal raider. When the final seconds ticks away, Johnny shakes his head in disappointment and turns on his radio to report the failure of the air assault to his taskforce.

Johnny "It looks likes we're the only force to deal with our raider. So get ready for him, I'm going to be the lure to our raider and when he's in the trap, finish him."

Task force crew "Acknowledge!"