At War's End

The Great War had finally ended; Harry's victory would be celebrated for centuries, and the dead mourned annually, but Hermione Granger only had one train of thought as she downed a glass of celebratory Ogden's Finest Firewhiskey: How was she going to get her NEWTs?

Having spent the majority of the previous year on the run, destroying horcruxes, snogging her best friend and being tortured by an insane female Death Eater, Hermione hadn't had a chance to study for the test, and as Hogwarts resembled the battleground it was, it was unlikely to be reinhabited any time soon. Her only remaining option seemed to be Beauxbatons, the Witches Academy situated somewhere in France.

Swivelling in her chair, to try and catch a glimpse of Professor McGonagall in the over-crowded room, Hermione came face to brawny body with Marcus Flint, one of the Order spies who had been feeding false information to the Death Eaters. Sliding gracefully from her seat, Hermione pulled him into a hug.

"You're here!"

Hardly able to be called 'handsome' (Marcus' teeth resembled a bar fight), the muscled ex-Slytherin exuded a mysterious and dangerous aura that seemed to make the surrounding witches swoon and send hateful glares at the tiny Gryffindor.

"I'm so glad you're safe, Marcus. Whatever would I do without my cynic?" She grinned, as he joined her at the bar, ordering a Firewhiskey of his own.

"Have a joy implosion, most likely." He grunted in response, downing the drink in one gulp. Hermione laughed.

"So, Lioness, what's the plan now?" Marcus questioned, pushing his empty glass along the bar top as he watched the brunette gaze across the room at the other occupants.

"I want to finish school, get my NEWTs," Hermione sighed, "but Hogwarts won't reopen for a while, and my only other plausible option is Beauxbatons."

"Nothing wrong with that, little witch."

Hermione pulled a face at the nickname, and Marcus raised his hands in mock defence.

"It's not just because of Tri-Wizard hearsay." He explained, although she didn't believe him.

"Anyway, it's not your only option. My own, dear sister is an attendee of the prestigious St Trinian's School for Girls. It caters to Wizarding families, but also accepts Muggles with magical relations. Good school, that." Marcus took a generous swig of the second Firewhiskey the barman placed in front of him, ignoring Hermione's puzzled look.

"How come it's not mentioned at all?" Hermione queried. "I mean, I'd heard of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, but this is something else entirely. Having both wizard and muggle children…" An awed expression washed over the witch's face, and she turned her gaze to the black haired boy.

"I don't suppose you'd be able to give me the school's details?"

Marcus grinned and nodded, pulling a tattered card from his wallet. It appeared to be singed around the edges and had been graffitied to have tiny stick figures ambushing the stone building. Hermione snorted.

"How much alcohol had been consumed that night?" She asked, pointing at the picture. Marcus didn't answer, merely handing it to her before tipping the barman and standing to leave.

"It's been nice, Hermione. Keep in touch. I'll have my sister get in contact." Marcus kissed her cheek in a rather foreign, but not unwelcome, action – the boy rarely showed emotions, and friendly gestures like that were even less common.

Hermione waggled her fingers in farewell, seeing him leave the establishment, before returning her attention to the card.

St Trinian's School for Girls

Independent Boarding School for Intelligent and Gifted Students

The school looked suitable enough, and Marcus' sister was a clever and intuitive girl whom Hermione had met in secret to exchange information several times throughout the war. If she were to be perfectly honest, Hermione quite enjoyed Aspasia Flint's company, despite her rather Slytherin tendency towards snark.

Perhaps, this, St Trinian's would be a better choice.

Pshhh. My mind is weird. Although, someone else has thought of the concept before, so not all bizarre.

I watched St Trinian's recently, and my head mashed the two together, randomly, at about 9:30pm, so I wrote this introductory chapter. A bit of random writing…may not be regularly updated as a result.