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The sun rose, its warm, welcoming rays caressing the couple snuggled closely in the bed. Rogue stretches, immediately taking notice of the solid warmth pressing against her back. She smiles to herself, remembering the evening before and the following night. She is married! Not only that, but to the man she'd dreamed of finding for years. Her King of Hearts. Remy was so patient and gentle, it made for an exciting, incredible night. She turns over, his arm tightening slightly around her, and watches him sleep while stroking her fingers along his stubbled jaw. After a moment he stirs, opening his eyes still heavy with sleep. He smiles a slow, lazy smile.

"Mornin' mon coeur, how'd ya sleep?" he asks, his voice still rough from sleep.

"What sleep I did get was good." she teases, pushing him slightly.

"Hope y're not complainin', hon, 'cuz I know I'm not." he states, causing her to blush slightly. "You were well worth waitin' for, cherie." he finishes, pulling her closer and kissing her.

"No, no complaints from me, sugar. Last night was amazing."

"Well, I don' know 'bout y', but I'm hungry, amour. Why don' we head down an' get some breakfast?"

"Okay, but ya do fully realize what we'd be walkin' inta? I mean, between Bobby and Tabby alone..." she trails off, giving him an expectant look.

"Might as well face de ribbin' now an' get it over wit', I'm t'inkin'." Remy says with a hint of teasing.

"I suppose you're right on this one, hon. Besides," she adds with an evil grin, "we could always get revenge on 'em later."

He laughs at that. "Oui, now that's mon Roguey talkin'!"

"Shut it, Swampy!" she playfully growls, which gets her a raised brow in return.

"Y' best not do that, Marie or we won' be leavin' 'dis room for some time." he replies with a mischievous smirk.

Laughing, she heads into the bathroom to shower.

A while later, they make their way downstairs. There is a sizable breakfast buffet set up for the guests. Grabbing plates, they rapidly fill them then find Angel and Kurt and sit with them.

Before anyone can say anything, Tabby walks up to the foursome. "So, Rogue. How good is he? I'll bet he's great!" she adds with a wink.

Rogue is outraged, to say the least. Remy glares at Tabby. "Tabs it's no one's business, except Rogue's ta know how 'good' I am." he replies in a low, angry tone. "'Dis is somet'in 'dat should be kept 'tween de deux of us, non?" he continues, this time to Rogue.

"Absolutement." she responds, shooting an angry glance at Tabby. "I'm not answerin' that, Tabs, so ya might as well ask somethin' else."

"Fine! You two are no fun." she storms away.

"That one really has a lot of nerve." Angel fumes. "To actually think that you would answer such a question!"

"Hon, don' worry 'bout it. At least we got rid of her." Rogue remarks drily.

"Homme, ya actually gon' eat all 'dat an' 'den go back for seconds?" Remy inquires incredulously.

Kurt finishes the bite he took, then nods "Ja, zis is so delicious, I can't help myself."

"It is amazin' how much Kurt can pack away. We've often wondered where it all goes." Rogue comments.

"Oh, I can venture a guess." Angel looks over at him with a wicked grin. He blushes, then stands to refill his plate. She watches as he walks away from the table, the grin never leaving her face. Remy and Rogue exchange an amused glance.

"Well, on that note, we'd best be goin'." Rogue tries not to laugh as they get up from the table.

"So, what're we doin' t'day, cherie?"

"Oh, I thought we'd just be lazy and stay by the beach, at least for awhile. Then...I guess we'll see what happens. Sound good ta ya?"

"Y'know, it does. Let's get changed."

Later at lunch, Bobby catches up to them. "Weeell, if it isn't the lovebirds."

Both groan silently and close their eyes.

"I thought you wouldn't be coming out of your room today." he adds naughtily.

"Got t' eat sometime, mon ami." Remy replies idly.

"Bobby, leave them alone. You and I have plans, remember?" Sage questions, coming up behind him.

"Yeah, I remember. I was just going upstairs to change." He walks upstairs, then turns around and comments "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, kids."

Sage just shakes her head. "Don't ask me why I like him. I can't figure it out myself." She shrugs her shoulders with a smile and goes to wait at the stairs.

"Ta think I went out with him once." Rogue remarks.

"So dat was de other guy ya went out wit'." He realizes, smirking slightly.

"Yeah. Now ya know why it was only once." she jokingly states.

"'Cuz y' knew y' could do so much better." he teases.

"Is that what ya're callin' yaself?" she retorts.

"Oui. Chere, when y' firs' saw me, y' knew dere wouldn' be anot'er. Admit it."

"Rems, sometimes ya head is as big as all outdoors. Good thin' ya married ta me. I'll knock ya down a few pegs, literally if need be." she chuckles slightly.

"Y'know y' love me, mon precieux." he prods.

"That goes without sayin', hon."

At dinner, they sit with her mother and his father. Both are heading home tomorrow, although to Rogue's surprise, Carrie has Logan's phone number. It seems that since they've been here, they've been out a few times. All too soon, dinner ends and the two decide to take their leave and go to their room.

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