Daisy's story

Follows on from the film Hazzard goes to Hollywood. References to the story 'Leaving the past behind' but if you haven't read that, it will make sense on it's own, I hope.

After All These Years

"Hey Enos. You havin' a good time?" Daisy said loudly so that he would hear her over the music.

"Hey Daisy, I surely am." Enos replied nervously with a smile as she held is arm. "I wouldn't a missed this for anythin'. "

"Ya wanna dance?" Daisy asked moving closer to him so that she didn't have to shout.

Enos stiffened, even after all the time they had been apart, being that close to Daisy Duke still turned him to jelly. He tried so hard not to. He faced a whole lot of things on the streets of

LA that most people would say was much worse, but Enos Strate wasn't most people. He was Hazzard County born and bred and that made him different from the start.

"If ya want to, Daisy" Enos replied.

He took her hand and they began to dance, laughing and having fun, until the music slowed. In a fit of boldness that surprised Daisy, he slid his free had around her waist and moved a

little closer. Bold he may of been, but he remained the perfect gentleman that Daisy remembered.

"They seem to be havin' a good time" His lips brushed her ear as he leaned closer to talk. It made Daisy tingle. Why now? Why now, did she wish that none of them had ever left. She

followed Enos's gaze to the side where Luke was messing around with Cypriano and his gang, while Bo and Gaby danced nearby, laughing at them.

"Luke's tryin' to drown his sorrows" Daisy sighed "A bad habit he picked up in Montana"

"I guess we've all changed just a little bit, Daisy, since we left here so long ago" He said wisely.

Daisy looked at him in amazement. What had happened to the bumbling deputy she had known way back when. "Yeah, I guess we have Enos" she smiled.

"But you don't change" He said "You're still the most beautiful girl in Hazzard"

"Oh Enos." She smiled rubbing his shoulder with the hand she had resting there. "You are still the sweetest guy" and she rested her head on his shoulder as they shuffled along to the

music until it faded away.

"Thank you Daisy." Enos said to her as they separated, being jostled by people wending their merry way home. The Ground breaking for the new hospital had been a great success.

"Daisy!" The dulcite tones of her youngest cousin reached her as he made his way over to them still holding Gaby firmly by the hand. "Daisy, would you mind havin' a room mate for a few

nights, save Gaby havin' to stay at the hotel?"

Daisy grinned happily " 'Course I wouldn't mind. You're more'n welcome, Sugar" She said to Gaby. A loud bang and some laughter brought their attention round sharply to Luke and

Cypriano. Daisy looked worried, "Bo, is he gonna be OK?"

"Yeah, I guess" Bo said not even looking. He had his mind on someone else entirely. He hadn't stopped grinning since Gaby had arrived out of the blue on a big yellow bus.

"Bo!" Daisy reprimanded him, slapping his arm to get his attention away from Gaby for a second. "I'm worried"

Bo stuck an arm round her in a reassuring hug "Daisy, Luke's a big boy now. He can cook for himself and do his own laundry and he can certainly get drunk without our help"

"I don't think he oughta be doin' that tonight" Daisy looked worried.

"If ya want, I can help ya get him home, Daisy." Enos offered.

Bo turned to both of them seriously "Guys, the best thing we can do tonight is leave him be. Luke knows when to stop. I've talked to him and he'll be OK"

Daisy frowned and then agreed. "I guess, if you think he's OK then he must be"

Bo hugged her and kissed the top of her head, before taking Gaby's hand again with a grin. "We're gonna take the General and head back. Are you OK to come back on the bus with the


Daisy smiled at him "Yeah, I guess"

"I can see Daisy home for ya Bo. If that's OK with you Daisy" Enos suggested.

"Thank you Enos" Daisy said sweetly.

"Yeah, thanks Enos" Bo grinned

"Daisy, are you sure you don't mind?" Gaby asked.

"No, Honey. You go on and have fun." Daisy smiled and patted her arm.

Bo and Gaby left and Daisy turned back to Enos "It was real nice of you to offer to take me home Enos"

"Ain't no trouble Daisy. "

"Just like old times, huh?"

Enos gave a tentative smile but said nothing. He had spent years in LA trying to forget about Daisy Duke. And he'd almost done it too. No longer the oldest virgin in Hazzard county, he'd

had his share of dalliances. But nobody would ever hold his heart like his first love, his only true love.

"I hope ya don't mind, But I promised to help Mable tidy up a little before I went." Daisy said.

"That's OK. I can help too"

Daisy linked his arm and smiled "Then we'd get done even quicker" and they walked across the square.

As they started to help Daisy squealed when someone grabbed her from behind round the waist. She turned her head enough to see her older cousin grinning at her and laughing.

"Luke Duke, I oughta take the fryin' pan to you for scarin' me like that"

He hugged her a little tighter before letting go so he could face her "We're goin' to the Boar's nest. Ya wanna come?"

Daisy frowned "Ain't you had enough?" she asked in return.

"Not yet. And I don't think the watered down swill at the Boar's nest is gonna do me any harm. I'm fine Daisy, honest. I ain't a little boy and ya don't need to be fussin' over me like some

mother hen."

Daisy sighed "But I'm just worryin' about ya 'coz I love ya Luke"

Luke kissed her cheek as they drew a truce "I know, Darlin'. But ya don't have to, I promise"

"OK" She said rubbing his arm.

"So are ya comin'?" Luke asked again.

"Thanks but as soon as we've finished up here Enos is gonna drop me home"

"Take you're time. I'm guessin' Bo wants the place to himself for a while" Luke smirked.

Daisy held up her hands. "I don't wanna know what Bo's been tellin' you he has in mind"

"He don't have to tell me anythin', Dais'. You just take it easy on old Enos, Girl" He teased with a wink, then ducked out of the way as she went to swat him.


As they drove through the darkness, Daisy looked out at the moonlit shadows of the places they knew so well.

"Isn't it good to be back?" She said thoughtfully.

"Yeah," Enos agreed "No matter how long I spend out west. Hazzard will always be home"

"D'you think you'll ever come back to live?" Daisy asked.

"I don't know, Daisy. If it's what destiny has lined up for me then I guess I will. But for now my life's out in LA"

"I suppose we never really know what life has in store for us."

They fell into a companionable silence for a bit before Daisy sat up excitedly "Enos, why don't we go up to the ridge like we all used to when we were kids? Where it looks out over the

whole County."

"I guess we could. " Enos smiled and slid the car around a turning.


They both sat back on the bonnet looking out at the moonlit scene. Lights from a few farms still twinkling in the darkness as they pointed out various places that they remembered and

held special memories. After a while, Daisy folded her arms in front of her rubbing her arms as it got a little chillier. Enos noticed and took of his jacket, putting it round her shoulders.

Daisy smiled at him "Thank you Enos " and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"No problem Daisy. I guess I'd better be gettin' you home"

They walked around the car and Enos opened the door for her. Daisy smiled. Enos had always made her feel like a princess. He had taken care of her and treated her right. Not in the

same fussy over protective way Bo and Luke had. But with a gentleness that she had always loved about him.

When they reached the farm, he opened the door for her and offered her his hand to help her out.

"Thank you Enos. And thank you for bringing me home" She put her hand on his arm as she leaned forward to kiss his cheek. She took of his jacket and handed it back to him. He took it

back and returned the smile.

"Enos, would you like to go out with me tomorrow" Daisy asked suddenly turning back towards him. "We could go for dinner "

Enos hesitated "If you really want to, Daisy. I'd like that"

Bo stood at he sink getting a drink of water when Daisy came in.

"Hi there, Darlin' " He said as he put his arm round her and kissed the top of her head. "You kept Enos out passed his bedtime" He teased.

"Bo!" she slapped his stomach with her free hand. "We were just talkin' about the old days and lost track of the time"

"Is that a good idea? The old days and you and Enos always spells trouble"

Daisy pouted "It ain't like that Bo. You know Enos and I are just friends"

"Yeah, I know. You've both moved away and had other people in your lives. But I think there's always gonna be somethin' between you two"

Daisy looked thoughtfully out of the window and sighed "Yeah I guess." Then she turned her attention to Bo "So tell me what's goin' on with you and Gaby"

Bo laughed. "You ain't lost that curious streak"

"It's the only way you guys ever tell me anythin'. So, what's happenin'? You sure she ain't sharin' with you?"

"Are you kiddin' Daisy. In this house. Uncle Jesse would haunt me for sure. Besides Luke'll be back soon and she wouldn't wanna be sharin' with him. We just took a drive down to the lake

for a while and now she's sleepin'... in your room."

Daisy smiled at him "She's special Bo"

He looked at her puzzled "How d'ya mean?"

"I don't know. There's just somethin' about the way ya look at her that I ain't ever seen you look with another girl, ever"

"Aw come on Daisy. " Bo tried to brush it off

"I mean it Bo." She smiled and kissed his cheek "I'm goin' to bed Good night"

"I'm just gonna wait up for Luke. 'Night"