Daisy woke up feeling slightly disorientated. She lay still and cast her eyes around the room, a place she didn't recognise. She felt someone shuffle in the bed next to her. She turned

towards Enos and smiled. It wasn't a dream. She really had married Enos in the middle of the night. She held up her left hand and looked at the ring on her finger.

"Did it really happen?" Enos asked startling her slightly.

She turned towards him "Yeah, I guess it really did"

Enos looked serious "Daisy, are ya sure about this? That it's what ya really want? I'd understand if we just got a bit carried away last night and ya changed..."

Daisy put her fingers on his lips to quieten him "Enos, Honey, I'm sure this is what I want. And I ain't gonna change my mind" Enos smiled at her but Daisy frowned "What about you? You

havin' second thoughts?"

"Daisy, I'm still pinchin' myself to believe it's real. I dreamed about marryin' you my whole life, but I never thought it would really happen. I said I'd wait for you"

Daisy gently stroked his cheek "And I should never have made ya wait so long" she snuggled closer to him and kissed him.

"What about LB" Enos asked nervously.

"He's history" She replied. Then with a giggle added "What about the hives?" as she tried to peek inside his pyjama top.

Enos giggled as he grabbed her hand "There ain't no hives, Daisy Duke."

"Daisy Duke Strate now " she reminded him.

"Daisy Duke Strate" He repeated and he leaned forward to kiss her.


Luke walked through the lounge where Cypriano and his gang were all sleeping on sofas and chairs. Luke pushed the feet of the one nearest as he passed to wake him up and continued

on into the kitchen. Bo and Gaby were sat at the table talking quietly.

"Mornin' Guys" Luke croaked as he walked over to the coffee pot to pour himself a drink.

"Hey Luke. Ya look like ya had a little too much last night." Bo grinned at him.

"Nah, just not enough sleep." Luke replied. "Ya want one?" He waved the coffee pot in their direction. Bo and Gaby shook their heads as Luke continued. "I guess I'm just a little outta

practise at runnin' round the county in the middle of the night" He sat down at the table with them.

"Things sure ain't like they used to be, that's for sure." Bo agreed. "The first thing I thought about when I woke up back in that old room was chores that don't need doin' no more"

"I bet this place was really great when it was lived in all the time" Gaby commented.

Bo smiled at her "Darlin' this place was just a poor little ol' farm to most people but to a Duke it was home. A sanctuary to anyone that needed it."

"That's more important than some big expensive mansion." Gaby replied.

Luke looked from her to Bo and smiled "You know Bo. I like this girl. "

"Well, that's real nice cousin, but you can go find your own girl" Bo teased before thinking about what he said. Luke stopped smiling and looked down at his coffee. "Hey Luke I'm sorry. I

didn't think."

Luke chuckled quietly and looked up at him "That ain't nothin' new" Luke looked at Gaby "Ya know honey, for a big city girl, ya sure think like a country girl"

"It's where I always imagined being when I got a place of my own" Gaby said wistfully

Bo grinned at her "It'd be kinda hard keepin' a horse in the middle of LA"

Gaby pulled a face and nudged him "Are you teasing me Country Boy?"

"Would I dare?" Bo said tweaking her nose and giving her a quick kiss.

Luke smiled and shook his head at his cousins antics as they were joined by Cypriano and his gang entering the kitchen looking decidedly worse for wear.

"Hey sis. Can ya please not do that before breakfast." Cypriano frowned at Bo and Gaby sitting closely teasing each other.

"Have we got any breakfast?" Bo asked tearing himself away from Gaby and going to the refrigerator. "Since my darlin' cousin decided to up and get married in the middle of the night."

"Can't you cook for yourself?" Gaby frowned.

"Nah, there's never been any need." Bo grinned "I always had someone to do it for me"

"It's about time you learned" Gaby reprimanded.

Luke took the things Bo handed out and started to prepare the food. "Ya wouldn't wanna eat it if he did" He teased Bo "Hey Bo, I got an idea."

"Luke!" Bo almost whined "Y'aint been back but five minutes and you're already havin' ideas"

"You'll like this one. I was thinkin' about tidyin' this place up a little this mornin' and havin' a surprise party here for Daisy and Enos."

Bo smiled "Now that idea I do like. I'll go give 'em a call and invite them for lunch"


"What time did Bo say to be there for lunch?" Enos asked Daisy as he straightened his shirt collar.

"About one" Daisy answered "I wish I'd have stopped off last night to get some other clothes" She straightened her dress as she looked in the mirror.

"You look real pretty Daisy" Enos said gently coming up behind her "You can get your other things at lunch" He wrapped his arms round her and gave her a big hug.

Daisy turned and smiled at him. "What was that for?"

"You just make me so happy, Daisy."

"That's all I wanna do" she whispered back and kissed him. "We had better get goin' or we're gonna be late."


As they drove through the lanes, Daisy leaned on Enos' shoulder. "I always knew there was somethin' magic about this place"

"Ain't no place like it I've ever been" Enos agreed. "I'm gonna be kinda sad to leave here. But so long as I'm with you Daisy, I'll go anywhere"

"You won't have to Enos. My contract is about finished, so I'll be free to go anywhere. I'll get a job in LA."

"You'd do that for me?"

Daisy kissed his cheek "Of course I would Silly"

Enos swerved the car as he got distracted.

"Oh my gosh" Daisy gasped.

"I'm sorry Daisy" Enos said as he got control back of the car, "but you kissin' me'n'all ..."

"No Enos. Look! " She said sitting up and pointing in front of them.

The drive to the farm was bedecked with balloons and banners reading "Congratulations Mr and Mrs Strate". The car was swamped with family and friends as they pulled up outside the

farmhouse with everyone hugging them and showering them in rice and confetti as they got out. Bo and Luke hugged Daisy tight.

"Did you do all this?" She asked in the chaos.

"With a little help" Luke smiled and hugged her again.

"It was Luke's idea" Bo grinned throwing his arm round her shoulders as they fought their way through the crowds to Enos. "By the way, you're gonna loose your new husband for a

while later. We're takin' him on a bucks party he didn't get time for."

Daisy laughed as Luke rolled his eyes and added "That was Bo's idea."


Luke leaned on the post to the screen door with his coffee as he came out of the kitchen. He looked across the silent yard that still had the remains of the previous days party blowing

around. The rice and confetti mixed into the dirt. The barn had never been top quality, but now it looked like one gust of wind would blow it away. Luke hated it being like this. They all

came back and stayed now and then, the others more than him. But it felt like there was nothing here anymore. He heard a noise behind him and half turned to see Daisy coming out

wrapped in Enos' jacket.

"Hi Honey" She smiled wrapping her arms round him.

"Mornin' Daisy." He put his arm round her as he kissed the top of her head "Didn't think you'd be up yet"

"It wasn't me that rolled in at all hours after spendin' half the night at the old still. It's a good job we stayed here last night."

Luke chuckled "How is Enos?"

Daisy tried to look cross "Still sleepin'. What ya doin' out here this early?"

"Just thinkin'." Luke sighed.

"What about? Anita?"

"Not really... Look at this place Daisy. What happened to it?"

"We ain't here long enough to take care of it Sugar"

Luke sighed "I know... It would break Uncle Jesse's heart if he saw it lookin' like this..." Daisy cuddled up closer. She knew how Luke felt. She felt it too. "I thought about sellin' it"

"Luke!" Daisy turned to him in shock "Ya can't really mean that"

"Why not Daisy? We ain't hardly ever here."

"But this is our home" Daisy looked at him with tears in her eyes.

Luke gently stroked the side of her face with his rough hand "Not any more...Your home is with Enos now" He pulled her back towards him. "I said I thought about it. But Uncle Jesse

would have hated that too."

"What ya thinkin' Luke?" Daisy asked looking up at him.

"You and Bo still have things to do. A life to build elsewhere, but I'm gettin' to old to be a smoke jumper." He looked at her seriously "I'm comin' home Daisy"

"Luke! Are you sure this is what ya want? I thought you were happy in Montana."

"I was, I guess I still am, but it still don't feel like home. It's always been just a place I stay. I've hated comin' back here the last few years, but this is the only place that's ever really been

home. So I'm gonna see out the fire season, then I'm goin' back to farmin'. Get this ol' place runnin' again."

Daisy smiled at him. All three of them had a tie to the farm and Hazzard that could never be broken but it had always been Luke that had felt the strongest about the land. "Can I still come

and stay?"

"It'll still be your home whenever ya wanna come" Luke smiled at her "So what you gonna do now. You and Enos can't keep jobs at different ends of the country" They stepped down into

the yard and Daisy snuggled up to Luke on the bench.

"I know. We've been talkin' about that. I'm gonna finish up my contract and move out to LA"

Luke nodded as if agreement. "I guess you're gonna be seein' a whole heck of a lot more of Bo then"

Daisy looked at him puzzled.

Luke grinned. "Well, unless I'm wrong. He's gonna be spendin' all his free time out there with Gaby"

Daisy laughed "I think you could be right about that, Cousin. Now all we gotta do is to find you a nice girl to settle down here with" She teased.

Luke pulled a face at her as Bo came out to join them.

"Did I miss somethin'" He asked seeing them messing around.

"Just Daisy doin' a little matchmakin'" Luke said pulling a face at her again.

"Luke needs all the help he can get now Honey." Bo teased. "He's a little too old to manage on his own"

"I ain't so old I can't whip your hide" Luke retaliated. Bo ducked out of the way as Luke went to cuff him before joining them on the bench so that Daisy was cuddled up between them.

"So, are ya gonna come see us when ya come to LA" Daisy asked Bo.

He tried to look like he didn't know what she was talking about, but she raised her eyebrows at him questioningly and he laughed. "I guess if that's where you're gonna be then I guess I


Daisy put her head on his shoulder "I'm real happy for ya Bo"

"It's still early days, Daisy. But I got a good feelin' about me and Gaby"

"Me too!" She said thoughtfully. They all sat together looking out across the farm. Each absorbed by their own thoughts.

"What are we gonna do about this place?" Bo eventually broke the silence

"I'm gonna turn it back into a farm again" Luke smiled.

Bo looked at him, but there was no surprise in his expression. "You're really gonna do it, huh?"

"Yeah... It's time... Hazzard just ain't the same without a Duke in it"

Bo and Daisy laughed and Luke joined them.

Wherever they went, whoever they married, whatever jobs they did, they were Dukes and this is where they would always belong.