I am Asaka, Mother of the Earth.

I make the leaves on the trees fall and make flowers bloom.

I'm responsible for the colors of the sunset in the autumn sky.

I am frozen forever at 23.

I am one of four gods responsible for the life and safety of the world.

Standing next to me is Agwe, God of Water.

He makes the fearsome typhoons and harsh waves.

When he is mad, the water comes pouring down.

When he is happy, he sprinkles the earth just enough to quench its thirst.

And next to him is Erzulie, Goddess of Love.

She is responsible for eyes connecting across a crowded room,

And the pit in your stomach when they look at you.

She starts all life.

At the end of our line of celestial chairs is Papa Ge, God of Death.

He takes away life when it's time.

No one can live forever,

And that is where he comes into play.

Now you know more about us.

This story is about two Gods in particular.

Agwe and I.

Everyone knows how Papa Ge and Erzulie were huge parts of Ti Mounes life.

This story is why I had to save her.

"Agwe, a girl is drowning!" I yelled after him. He could be so stubborn at times.

"You know the rules, Asa. You and Erzulie manage life. Me and Papa Ge determine death."

It was true, I did know that. It just wasn't fair.

"But the child is only 4." I tried to reason with him, to no avail.

He took me in his arms and kissed my forehead. "I don't like it either, but whats done is done."

I showed him what was happening.

She was being left all alone in the creek. Crying out for help.

"Mama!" That call changed my life.

"She's not calling for you. She's calling for her real mother, who Papa Ge has already taken care of."

"Please, Agwe! Just this one? I know that I can't form attachments, and I won't. She needs us, though."

He walked off, muttering something about loving me and me spending too much time around Erzulie.

We had all come together later that day around her.

Well, for us it was a day.

For Ti Moune, it was time for her to leave.

Thats when all the tension between Papa Ge and Erzulie started.

Love. Death. Love. Death.

Thats all Agwe and I heard every day.

We decided to help her in all ways possible.

I had to help her in every way.

I was in that same situation several years ago.