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Summary: What would change if Genesis wasn't taken by Weiss and Nero after his battle with Zack? A lot would change that's for sure! Not yaoi, sorry yaoi fans.

Chapter 1

Facing down an army

"Ugh… where am I?" Genesis groaned trying to remember what happened.

"Now I remember, I fought Zack and lost… but at least I stopped the degradation process, but what do I do now? I should probably help Zack return to Midgar… I owe him that much for what he did for me…" and with that, Genesis unfurled his black wing and took off.

(Weiss and Nero will not be showing up because I don't feel like having them show up)

Zack has just been cornered by the entire Shinra army, all that was left for him to do was fight his way through. Zack put Cloud down in a hidden spot and tried to wake him up one last time before standing down the entire Shinra army by himself. He only responded with a groan. 'Guess I'm doing this by myself… I'm sorry Aerith… I might not make it out of this alive…'

After making sure Cloud was safe for the time being, Zack calmly faced the Shinra army…

"Boy oh boy… the price of freedom is steep..." Zack said placing the Buster Sword up to his forehead.

"Embrace your dreams, and… no matter what happens… protect your honor… AS SOLDIER!" Zack shouted charging the entire army. "COME AND GET IT!"

Genesis arrived at the battlefield just in time to see the carnage Zack left in the wake of his relentless charge. After taking a look around, Genesis found Zack on his knees, bloody and barely able to stand, none of his wounds were fatal but he was in no condition to fight at this point. Things only got worse when three more infantrymen showed up.

'Looks like Zack could use some help, even a single SOLDIER 1st Class would be hard pressed in a battle like this. Perhaps a second one will even the odds a little.'

And with that, SOLDIER 1st Class Genesis Rhapsodos joined the fray.

'This doesn't look good, come on body… MOVE! This is almost over… just three more… once this is over… I can grab Cloud and get to Midgar so I can be with Aerith again.'

Zack slowly got up and got back into his 'ready' stance and prepared for one final charge. However, before he could start moving, a black feather floated past his face and caught his attention. Before Zack could think or say anything, he saw a bunch of symbols that reminded him of Genesis's limit break appear around the infantrymen, and then he heard a familiar voice cry out, "Howl in terror Shinra lapdogs!" lightning then shot out of the symbols killing the infantrymen instantly. Then the mysterious figure shot Firaga at the helicopters, causing them to crash and kill it's passengers and pilot instantly.

"You're just a magnet for trouble aren't you?" said the mysterious figure.

"Wait, I know that voice… didn't think… you'd actually help me out… for once… Genesis." Zack panted.

"Well it is the least I could do after what you did for me… because of you; I have redeemed myself."

"Umm… thanks?" Zack said, unsure of what Genesis just said.

"Enough talk, I believe it is time to collect your traveling companion and make our way to Midgar. That is your destination, right?" Genesis more stated than asked.

"Uh, right!" Zack said, slowly making his way back to Cloud. Unfortunately, he was too weak at the moment and collapsed and was knocked out cold as soon as he hit the ground.

'Great… now I have two pieces of dead weight to carry around now… well, I guess that's what I get for forgetting to cast cure on him.'

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