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AN: It is likely that some of you reader's will realize what is happening to Ranma earlier than others, but I hope you enjoy the somewhat slow start none-the-less.

Chapter 2: Dark Waters

The continuing integration of Liriel/Ranma's mind and memories proceeded with surprising ease. The fusing of the two personalities into Liriel Saotome being helped along by the fact that neither of the two older core personalities had fought the other for dominance. Instead, they had embraced the merger, rather than destroying their other half. Through this, they had found that despite their differing backgrounds that they still had much in common. Both had survived a difficult childhood with little to no parental love, and each trained by their father's in a highly disciplined and rigorous field of study for his future designs. In addition, both had a deep inter need for someone else to understand and love them. In the end, they had found that they had much more in common than they had differences between them.

After Liriel rested several hours within a deep meditative state, she roused herself back to full consciousness. When she felt assured that the other two were still asleep, she stealthfully slipped out of the bed and proceeded to dress in the clothes that she had set out earlier. Finishing this she soundlessly left Guild's home and moved across the valley to collect several samples of spring water. This was an action that she did not want anyone else to witness. She had planned this early morning excursion so, that there would be no annoying questions asked of her later by either her father or Guide. She moved carefully between the pools having planned exactly which spring she wished to use to test her theories about the spring's relationship to her, after talking with Guide last night. Reaching into her pouch, she removed several steel vials, filling each one with some of the spring's water. After filling and capping the forth vial, she rose and moved away from the pools to test her theory.

When Liriel was well away from the magical springs, she began to scan the area for signs of animal life using her superior hearing and night-vision to find a suitable test subject. Within minutes, she detected the lingering heat traces of a small animal and began to track it down. Catching up to the animal, she found a rabbit nibbling on some fresh grass. Eying a small stone on the ground, she picked it up and whipped it towards the rabbit, stunning it with a head shot. Walking up to it, she pulled one of the vials out pouring the water onto the stunned animal. After verifying that the water was really from the Spring of Drowned Twins, she carried the rabbits back towards the pools. Finding one of the safer pools for her second test, she dipped the rabbit into the water to see if a second curse would be blocked or mix with the first. As the rabbit touched the water, it shifted in her hands turning into a small black piglet. Satisfied that the curses did mix she carried the two animals back to Guide's home and placed them both in a holding pen until they were ready to be eaten.

Liriel then moved over to the front door of the small house, setting her ear against the door, using her sensitive hearing to determine if anyone had yet risen. When she was convinced that both men inside were still sleeping, she reached into her belt pouch, pulling a vial out to test the second part of her theory. If she was correct in her thinking nothing would happen, but if she was still susceptible to the transformational effects of the springs the most she would have to worry about would be twining herself. After uncorking the vial, she suppressed her innate resistance to magic and poured the water across her outstretched arm. With some slight disappointment at having her theory confirmed in regards to her immunity, she slipped the vial into her vest pocket for later reuse. There was only one other test that she planned to conduct, but that could wait until her father was once again awake. Going back towards the cursed springs, Liriel proceeded to fill several more vials from carefully selected springs. Making sure that each time, she inscribed the appropriate symbol onto the vial's cap before storing it away.

When she finished, she proceeded back to the small house to practice her katas before the sun could fully rise. After the second hour of her practice she was feeling better about her movements, she would still need to retrain herself on the more intensive techniques movements, but she was satisfied for now. In fact, she could tell that while she had lost a little of her former body's mass and strength that she had gained much more agility and speed with this body. Thinking about her new body made her realize other facts about it that were somewhat amusing and embarrassing at the same time. She could tell from her observations, having used her memories of her father as a base, that she was now almost two inches taller than her old male form being around five foot three inches now. She was also lighter that she had been as a male by a good twenty pounds or so, putting her at around 116 pounds, following this world's system of measuring height and weight. (1)

Genma slowly began to awaken to the painful signs of what he at first believed must have been a real bender of a night out. The morning's sun that was coming from the window was brutally burning a path though his eyes directly into his brain. He was confused about how he had gotten to where ever it was that he seemed to be. The last thing he could vividly remember was sparring with the boy atop some poles at what appeared to be a lame training ground. The only danger that you would likely have faced if you fell off would have been getting wet. But, for some reason he did not understand things just seemed to have gotten strangely distorted after the boy caught him by surprise knocking him into one of the springs. He must have somehow hit his head or the boy was getting stronger than he thought, because he could swear that he had turned into a gorilla and the boy had become a strange dark-skinned girl. Shaking these crazy thoughts from his mind he began to study the area around him (Genma was using his nose to detect if there was any food cooking). It was at this point that he realized that he was starving, and forced his body to get up to look for something to eat before making the boy do breakfast training.

Spying his pack set against the wall, Genma painfully pulled himself to his feet. Walking over to his pack, he began to dig though it to where he had stashed a few Power Bars that he had picked up (shoplifted) in the last town they had passed though. Having made sure that the boy was not around, he quickly finished them off, tossing the empty wrappers onto the still hot coals of the pot-bellied stove to keeping Ranma from knowing. That out of the way, he began to take a more active notice of his surroundings. He found himself looking around a large open room that could be the entire house if the two doors he noticed only led to the outside. In a large bed in the corner he could see a large lump hidden by a blanket, whoever it is they were too big to be his son. Moving on over to one of the doors, he opened it to see where the lazy boy had gotten himself off to. It was then that reality smacked him upside the head hard; there not twenty feet ahead of him was that same girl that had seen in his injury-induced dream going through Ranma's morning katas.

Liriel was just getting into her last kata, planning to go back in afterwards, as it was getting late and she was beginning to get hungry when the door opened framing her old man within it. Breaking off, she yelled over at him, "Hey Pop's close your mouth, before you catch a fly!" It was with a satisfying pleasure that she watching the old man's eye's roll-up in his head as he fell over backwards out cold.

When Genma, once again awoke, he could tell that it had not been a nightmare, there standing over him was his son turned daughter. 'Oh, how Nodoka was going to kill him when she found out. It was the end of his and Soun's carefully woven plan to combine the two schools of Anything Goes into one and retire while their children did all the work.' Just as he was going to roll back over and pretend that it was all a dream again, he noticed something else that was strange about his new daughter. "Boy where did you find all those girly clothes? And, why are you wearing jewelry?" He started to scream at her, while moving to get up hoping to find someway to salvage some small part of his plans. Or, that was what he planned to do before her foot came crashing down on his head knocking him back down on the floor again.

"Look old man, I don't care what your problems are," she said to him, giving him a look that seemed to say that she knew what he was thinking. Just get your lazy ass up off the floor if you want any of what's left of breakfast or you will be missing another meal. Almost before she could finish, Genma was already up and across the room, shoveling what was left of breakfast into his greedy mouth.

After she was sure that Genma was nearly finished with cleaning the last grain of rice out of the cook pot, Liriel dropped her bombshell on the baka along with a glass of cold water activating his new curse. "While you have been lazily spending the morning sleeping, I have been talking to the guide that you worked so hard to avoid yesterday. How could you have not read that guidebook or asked about this place before you brought us here. Well, now we are both cursed, but there may be something that can be done about your curse. There's a Spring of Drowned man here, but …," but by that point she was talking to empty air as he had disappeared out the door toward the pools after the guide. 'She smiled thinking about how Genma would soon be testing out other of her theories about the curses. And, how she would be able to say that it was his own fault if it did not work the way he thought it would.' Turning around, Liriel began to walk towards the springs. 'At least he will not be jumping into the Spring of Virtuous man; she had thought about asking the guide to point that spring out to him but decided it would be best not having him telling everyone all their secrets. He was easier to control this way, and she could always use some of that water later if it seemed necessary.'

When Genma found the guide, he grabbed hold of the man while in his gorilla form waving a sign in his face demanding to know where the Spring of Drowned man was. Not listening to any of the guide's protests that this was not a good idea, he just applied more pressure until the guide turned and pointed at a spring saying, "There customer, that is the spring you are looking for, but …" By this point Genma was already cannon balling into the springs waters.

When Genma stood back up, he could tell that things had not turned out as he had expected. He could tell that fur still covered his body from top to bottom. Turning back, he jumped back out and began to yell at the guide for lying to him, only to realize that he could talk if in a very loud and growling voice. Looking down he could see that the spring had just mixed the two curses together, turning him into a hybrid of ape and man.

"Customer do very bad thing, jumping into pool only cause curses to mix if you are in your cursed form. Why did you not listen to me, when I was trying to warn you of this? Now this spring never work for you again. Only other spring that might work to cure you have effect on mind, Spring of Drowned Virtuous man," the guide said while shaking his head at the man's foolishness.

Author Notes:

(1) I am using the U.S. system of measurement here as the majority of my readers are in the U.S., regardless of the fact that the system should have been retired years ago. And, people tell me that we are an advanced nation here, go figure. In the metric system that would place Liriel at close to 160cm for height and 52.6 kg.

I do not currently have a proofreader for my work, and English is not my major, so don't attack me to harshly about my grammar. I started writing fan fiction more as a learning aid to improve my skills and believe that I have made great gains from when I first started. With that said, I hope you are enjoying the story.