Okay, so I decided to post the Results sooner then a week. I will busy during that time, so yeah.

Results! Great job everyone!

1) Robin Hood: the Prince of Thieves. Will Scarlett announced how he and Robin are related. (one of the best Robin Hood movies).

2) Sky High. When Will Stronghold didn't know his powers and was put in as a Sidekick during his first day of School.

3) Boondocks Saints. When Connor and his twin brother Murphy asked their mother who was born first. (Been 27 years and still to this day they do not know who's the older twin). Note: this scene was a deleted from the movie. So great job if you watch "Deleted Scenes" in the Dvd if you borrowed/bought/rented the movie. Haven't seen it, you gotta!

4) Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers. (Movie) Scene with Legolas and Gimli during the battle at Helms Deep. You gotta love LotR!

5) The Wizard of Oz. the scene between the Wicked Witch of the West and Dorothy met for the first time.
-Or Wicked. It a great book (however the Challenge is not for books) however, I will give anyone credit if you post Wicked too. Great job, YOUTHFULwolfie5122 and Othrilis. You gotta love the Classics and the book (note: I only read the first chapter of Wicked when I was in a book store. That book and the sequel "Son of the Witch" is my Christmas wish list).

6) Avatar: the Last Airbender. scene in which Toph first finds out about Zuko. In 2010, the first movie will be out. I'm gotta see it.

7) Scrubs. J.D and the Janitor during the episode when J.D saw the Janitor's penis and treated him. My favorite character in that Tv show is the Janitor. :)

8) Reno 991: Deputy Trudy Wiegel talking about Cleemy's unborn baby. Forgot which episode but its aired during 2003. It has its funny moments.

9) Danny Phantom. During the episode "Splitting Images".

10) Family Guy. One of the most funnies quote from Stewie.

11) H2o: Just Add Water. Cleo and Rikki talking during "Moon Spell" (2006).

12) Reaper. Ben and Nina talk during their two-month Anniversary during Season 2, Episode 7 "The Good Soil"

13) Eureka. Nathan Stark and Marshall Jack Carter in one of their most Memorable quotes during 2006.

14) Inuyasha. Kagome thanking Inuyasha.

15) Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Susan talking to Professor Kirke about Lucy finding the door to Narnia.

16) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone . Peeves and Filch during which Harry and his friends escape the punishment if they were found by Filch.

17) Twilight. Edward and Bella as they slowly fell in love with each other. One of the famous best quotes ever and known. ((FireChildSlytherin5 note: I have a broken heart necklace with those words as my husband has one half as I have the other.))

18) Star Wars: a New Hope. Darth Vader and Admiral Motti in a meeting.

19) The Silence of the Lambs. Buffalo Bill talking to his dog as Catherine (the chick in the bottomless pit) begging him to release her as Buffalo Bill demanding her to put on the lotion.

20) 300. In which King Leonidas kick the Persian Messenger and the others down the bottomless pit.

21) Law Abiding Citizen. Clyde Shelton and Nick Rice talking to each other making deals.

22) Taken. Bryan talking to this woman hater Marko, as he looked for his only daughter.

23) Labyrinth. Goblin King Jareth singing to his goblins.

Thanks so MUCH for Reviewing and guessing! You all did well! To those that got them most right, great for you! All these movie/films are really good. So if you haven't seen them, please find some free time to watch them.

Anyway, again please Review!