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I didn't like how this was going he looked to smug to be here to see me. I walked my now alert group to the thrown room, or that was what he called it. My team and I normally sat beside father on the thrown. I didn't care for it. I kept my hand in Leahs' fur as a safety measure for me. If father used the command again I wouldn't be able to break free on my own. It seemed I really had done something wrong without knowing it. I lost too much blood and didn't stay close because I was given a mission and because of that bloodlossege I was caught. Well most of my judgment was impaired so it wasn't truly my fault. Was it? I jumped as the deep growl of the wolf behind me, which I didn't think about till the moment he made the sound, had come up to my right hand and put my clenched fist in to his mane. I calmed instantly and started absently pulling my fingers through both wolves hair.

"Daughter it is so nice for you to finally join us. What, or in this case who, kept you," he glared at the Cullens then noticed the wolves well the two at my side the others had to be in normal human form. I looked back, they were. I was wondering which was on my right when father pulled my attention back to him. He didn't like to be ignored.

"I was caught on my mission because of the blood loss from the previous afternoon. I had to give another sample cause the scientists needed to run some tests." My statement had my pack looking at me wondering if I was going to have another injection soon. They wanted to be present at the time 'cause they still remembered theirs. I was waiting for something to happen and of course it did. Just like clock work.

"Angle why didn't it accrue to you that I would let the mission wai… no I would have sent you with back up and I did. Rain, Shadow didn't you go with her?" the two boy stiffened and I made sure that they wouldn't get in any trouble.

"We spit up I didn't think anything of my light headedness father. I just thought of getting this over with and then getting them," I pointed to the people with me. Then finished "out of here so I can get on with my training." Father smiled and I was off the hook. He had the slightest idea of why I had the wolves at my side and now he would make his move.

"I won't hurt them you can release their fur from you grip. Or do they stand there for your benefit daughter. I didn't think you would be afraid of your dear old man." He was getting a kick out of this. I released my hold on the silvery wolf at my right and he gave a rumble of displeasure so I placed my hand back so he could calm down. His anxiety was killing me. I looked at Jasper silently pleading him for help. He nodded at me and I felt who ever it was at my side chill out. I wanted to give Jazz a big hug at this point now I was getting things in the green.

"They will stay in my wing and the tests will take place while they are in the room, along with the transfusion. I don't trust most of the males out side the door." Only my pack was trusted and they knew it and were proud. Father nodded and I went to the door anger surged through both wolves as I felt a needle go into my arm hitting the correct vein and injecting all its contents in to my awaiting blood system. I felt the instant pain as my blood was attacked. The cold hands that removed the offending instrument were very welcome then I was put on a very fury object and assumed it was Leah. I was rushed somewhere and the hold I had on both wolves never slackened. I not letting either go anytime soon.

"Bella what happened, what was in that shot?" Carlisle sounded concerned then I was trying to put the distance between me and the wolves at a nonexistent space away from my pain.

"This is not good we need to get her to the house." Edward said as my form shattered and I was on the flour in my wolf form. The growl that ripped from my throat made them shiver at the force I was using on my body. I felt like I needed to curl into a ball so instead I trotted up to the silver wolf and the brown wolf and sat there glaring at everything and anything that came near this part of the hallway. I was one pissed bitch and I was feeling pretty damn good having something to protect. "Bella what are you doing?" he asked with a wondering tone. I couldn't really register it sense I had picked up a threats frequency.

"I think she is going through a systematic shut down again. It was what happened the last time at her blood attack. She doesn't listen to anyone so it will be hell to get her to leave this corridor." I followed Paul soundlessly as he took us to the front of my door. I pushed them towards the door as I rushed passed father's true daughter. She was pissed so I knew it would be a bad night. I ran to the last door we exited and gently placed the syringe in my jaws so I could give it to Carlisle. The Cullens and wolves were my only way of getting help at this point. Paul met me in his wolf form, no that I was in a new form I could truly talk to him in this form he just had to open the link. I didn't like that they all had to hide with me in my rooms but this was going to be a long night or tomorrow was going to be more painful.

Paul's POV

I watched her move over to the disgusting vamps. We may have a treaty to not kill them but they still smelt disgusting. "You don't smell to hot either wolf," Edward said then a thought came to mind. I moved to go over to Bella so I could rub it in his face that she was in my arms as a bird when the others morphed too. I watched as Jake made to go by her. She brushed him off and trotted over towards me lying down near me with a content sigh and Leah just stood still thinking about what she had said about staying in her wolf form. I felt the solid warmth of Bellas' head on my paw. I shivered slightly as her actual body was so close to me.

Edward growled menacingly at me as did Jake. The voices from the pack all questioning why she didn't like them, but she still wanted to be near me. "She isn't yours dog so don't waist your time thinking of things that don't concern you. She was wearing my ring," the bloodsucker stated giving me the perfect opening in getting back.

"Yeah the word 'was' is still in that sentence. If she adopted her 'fathers' hatred for your family and mine, why is she curled up with me and not you? She is thinking clearly." I placed a careful paw around her as she snuggled closer into my side. My whole body shivered as I felt her mind move towards mine. She felt so cold. I moved away from her and moved to the room that held her sent the strongest and shifted.

I went out to see Alice carrying her towards me. I didn't like it but motioned for Leah to come into the room too. "You have to stay with her there are other two beds. I'll take the one on the right and you can take the one on the left." The others didn't seem to protest as Leah took Bella from Alice and I ushered them into the room. Leah laid her in the middle bed and I covered her, doing the same for Leah. Man did they look exhausted. My instinct told me to sleep in Bellas bed. I had to reframe as I slid into the one on the left and closest to hers. No one knew I was imprinted with her and the whole reason I had changed the first time she was brought to use in the woods was cause of Jakes hold on her. It had been painful to see her in the bloodsuckers' arms too. It would be hard to see her in the arms of one of the males that were here.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as she rolled to face me her cute little nose sniffed the air possibly to take in my scent….. Wait why am I thinking this with the bloodsucker in the next room? I had to keep my thoughts under control even if my anger couldn't be. 'I wish you would be with me Bella,' I thought pushing my thoughts in her direction.

"Mmmnnnnhhh, I need to change," she whined. My eyes widened as she got up in her fully clothed human form. Her dresser just had to be on the side where our beds were separated. She pulled out a long silvery night gown and laid it over her bed. She started taking off her shirt and I felt my lower organ start to harden. She had been wearing a paw print bra that looked like it was being forced to hold too much. Her stomach was slightly muscled and you could see the slight indentation of her six packs. I had to stifle the moan that had risen in my throat at the sight of her nipples being uncovered. My cock was at full attention as her tits hardened from the slight cold. I could see her turn to see Leah passed out in the bed to her right and closed my eyes. I had only one of the blankets on me and my erection was at full attention to her possibly wondering eyes as I tried to shift my body more towards her to hide it. "It seems that this isn't an all girl party. I wonder." The sound of her light foot falls grew closer to me as her hot breath tickled my cheek. I couldn't stop the next moan and the smell of her arousal made mine almost bordering on painful. Her hand was light on my shoulder as she hugged me. "Thank you Paul. You helped me a lot today." She had turned from me and her sweet little ass was now my object of attention. She shimmied out of her tight pants as her silver colored panties shown. When she bent over to pick up her fallen night gown it took all I had not to mount her like I had in many of my dreams. The thought of her being a wolf now gave me a million new ideas on how for play we could do. I notice that she had slipped back into bed night gown and all as a moan escaped me again. She got back up and the sleep ware had my full attention. 'Fuck my balls are so stiff.' Her eyes widened as she looked at my now open eyes.

"Is there something you need Bella?" her arousal that had tempered down and was now climbing as her hand was placed on my cheek.

"Are you ok you were moaning in you sleep," 'and I heard that,' I lay there shocked at the thought of her hearing my thoughts.

"I was moaning for more then one reason," I said moving my feet to the floor. I grabbed her hand with one of mine and placed the other behind her neck as I crashed our lips together. She was frozen as I pulled her hand to my still twitching cock. She gasped as she drew away room me. The barley visible blush on her cheeks made me stiffen impossibly more under her hand.

"I think I should go to bed now you might wanna use the bathroom in that door," she nodded her head to the one other door in the room. I nodded and then grind as I pulled her backwards onto my lap. I groaned as her ass landed with perfect friction on my throbbing manhood. She jumped up and practically flew to her bed. I got up and walked into the bathroom. The moment I got in I heard her sigh as she walked to Leah's area. She did something then got back in her bed. I could still feel her little hand on me. I must have scared her off. I sat on the toilet lid down and unzipped my pants and there it was my arousal staring right at my. I took every thing off and got into the shower. This was going to be one long night. I got in and started rubbing it picturing her hand doing it as she kissed me.

'It's going to be hard to ignore my attraction to him now. Just hope father isn't going to find out I was suppose to hate all of them.' I smirked at the thought that was just drifting in my head. She had opened a way for us to communicate. Then the line went dead. I grunted as I felt my release so close.

I had gotten out of the shower and into the room only to get a sight full of Jake and Edward as I was pushed back in to the now normal smelling room. Thank good I had aired the room out.

"Why is Bella even allowing you in the same room with her when it was us who loved her and thought she was dead for so long!?" they whisper yelled thinking she couldn't hear them even though she stood at the door. I smirked and gave them my reason.

"How about that I never thought she was dead in the first place? How about that the casket her body was supposed to be in smelled nothing like her? Why did you think she was dead when all they only found a body they had assumed to be hers. They never ran tests. They just found it at the bottom of the river. We never looked. I had tracked her scent several times and told Sam and you, Jake, why didn't you help me follow my leads? Was it cause you couldn't be bothered to find the living breathing person you said you loved?" the look on their faces showed their guilt.

"She has been watching us for the last five years or so from what I know. And her anger has only improved form what it should be sense she said her father hates us." The cogs started to go through their heads as the nock on the door startled them. Bella was starring at me with a small glint in her eye that neither of them noticed, 'wanna mess with them? I think you understand that now Edward can't hear your thoughts' I smack my head as she smirks. 'There is a hand print on your forehead'

"Paul come back to bed with me I need a cuddle buddy without an inflated ego times ten." She walked over to me and placed her head on my chest face first. I could feel her smug smile as she held back her laugh. They just stood with gaping mouths. I had just showed them her thought of their ego. I picked her up cradling her already half-asleep form back to my bed. The other two filing out of the room with glares at me the whole way.

"Do you think they're pissed yet? I don't hate you all anymore. That died down awhile ago." She was drifting of as we spooned, my head in her hair. I drifted off to sleep as her breathing evened out.

See your better now

So what

You're just happy showed them up

Your point

She just said we are who she wants to cuddle with

Yeah so

You just needed some advice.

Yeah and we need sleep

Speaking of Bella and her being aslee-


But she's asle…

That's my point

But we could get away with…

Yeah no way in hell, she's sleeping; I'm not even going to think of that voice

I drifted off as the feel of her close to my body made me feel better. I wanted to never move from this spot was the last thought that went through my head.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ dream-sequence \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I was in the same room we were in now only Leah wasn't in the room. I hadn't noticed that Bella had been in the room till he dainty little hands where over my eyes. I brought one down to meat my lips as she moved both hands to my shoulders. She worked out every not in my back making another part of me tighten and a sly thought went through my head. I moved her to sit on my lap she went willingly as I crashed my lips to hers. She moaned as my arousal grinded into her heated core.

"Bella I know how you can work out the last stiff muscle I have." Her eyes the color of chocolate turned to a steamy coco and she stood up pulling her night gown from her body. She looked even more stunning and sexy with nothing on. I was already out of my pants as she lay down on the bed I had deemed as ours. I crawled on top of her as she wrapped her arms around my neck I was perched at her extremely moist entrance. Not thinking about anything but the tight chamber I was going to be claiming as mine from this moment on. I thrust into her heated core thinking about the tight hot clenching core as I brought us to our peak "Bella so….tight……. MINE.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ End dream sequence \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I woke to my thrusting hips and a soft moan from a very awake and real Bella. Leah had left the room and now I felt a very real and growing wet spot in my genes as I slowed to a stop. When she spoke it was a whisper and it made me feel better that she had a strait mind when all I wanted to do was fuck her senseless.

"Why do they call it dry humping if you always end up wet?" the calmness of her voice made me calm too. I placed a kiss on her throat and she moaned. "That's not nice you know. Lets get you and me clean clothes." I noticed the wet scent on her lower half and smirked. 'At least it wasn't just my dreams.' My thoughts were open game to her and I knew it. She looked over her shoulder. Her raised eyebrow was comical. She bent over and I got an excellent view of her ass.

"Don't offer it if your not going to give it my sweet. And as to your question it's probably because you start out dry and the partner stays dry, sometimes." I said thinking about the scent coming from her as I spoke. My eyes traveled to where the sweet aroma of her arousal originated from. My line of vision was cut off be a pair of baggie pants. And I missed her little skip to the bathroom.

The look on her face as she came out of the bathroom was one of suppressed laughter. I hadn't been able to get the pants on with the case being I couldn't figure out what went were. She came over to me with one word, "off" I didn't argue as she detached the chains then handed it to me with a waiting expression. "I don't care what you think I will do you are putting those on with out my help." She said in a very commanding tone. It made it harder to put the pants on. Finally done she knelt down in front of me like she would service my growing need and clipped the chains back on. "The chains are good weapons I've used them on many a mission." That pulled her up short I guess 'cause she stopped talking about it.

"Bella what is it that you all are doing here?" my question had her looking guilty. So I was even more curious as I watched her stand. Then an alarm went off making her run to the center room without a shirt on just the white bra that made me think she wasn't going to put on a shirt today. I fallowed her out to the room and noticed everyone looking at her state of undress.

"What are the new orders? Do I need a shirt or is it not for us in which case why am I being alerted to this shit?" she sounded so serious that even the Cullens laughed but the guy to her right gave her a stern look before pulling of his shirt and draping it over her shoulders.

"1 you always need a shirt and 2, father wants us at the summer house. The brothers are coming here and he doesn't need you in the hospital wing again." This caught our attention as she clubbed him over the head. "That was uncalled for and you know…. It… shit sorry moon." He had just noticed our non humorous look. "She got in a fight and he pulled a knife." He was digging his and her grave.

"Bella you would never get in a fight if we were around," Emmit said. I slapped my face it was our fault we had slipped in our absence she had possibly gotten millions of injuries.

"Well you weren't there now were you? We were and none of you could have stopped the fight it was the incitation to our gang if you will. Now she's the top dog and he well let's just say snake was put in his place for a few years till he took…" at one look from Bella the kid Rain I think started to backtrack and stopped talking. What did we miss while they had a silent conversation?

"I don't think they wanna know everything in this one moment and it would be for me to tell them don't you all think?" I was shocked at the venom she just used on her friends. And the nonchalant ness they used to her obvious threat.

"Hey big sister can we come with you to the summer house. This place gets dull and fast without our alp… you here." I was doing one of those double takes as she smiled lovingly at the girl. Her nod was the cause for their uproar. Then I noticed the movements back as four other girls were now in the extremely noisy room.

She looked at all of us and shrugged like it was normal for them to act like normal kids. "Bella father also sent orders for a… um just here. I don't think they should know about these." She nodded and silently read them to her self.

"Tell father I decline I did my last one a few months back. He should send the brothers. I can't do it." The look of a wounded kitten made a string pull in my heart. She looked so helpless with that face.

"Angle I think its time we leave before he comes to force you to do the order." I was liking this guy less and less. "Why is he wearing my pants?" I looked at the guy talking and noticed that I never asked whose they were.

"I threw his other pair in the shower." She said with a grin and he wrapped her in his arms. "What he snores it was pay back for waking me up." I laughed at that. I heard a very angry shout from a different door and she froze. Her whole body seemed to freeze as a very buff guy came out and started right in on her.

"Leave her alone," Rose being the big sister I thought her to be to Bella, growled out as he got closer to her.

"What, when does the big bad Angle, ever need a body guard? I thought you would be gone by now? You got so beat up the last time we were in the same room." The male practically signed his death warrant.

"Yeah and you left her with more injuries then I had. Do I need to give you a rematch?" the thought of her fighting this guy made me sick. The scent of sex and sweat was making me nauseated.

"Fine! You me garage, well find out whose top dog around here and who's the bitch." Bella was laughing with a mirth that made us confused.

"I am a bitch if you hadn't noticed. I can't father wants us on a mission and I have friends that want some questions answered. So maybe next time loser," I smiled at the though of her being better then this hot headed loser.

"I guess even you can't get away from his pull when it comes to the command. How long till he teaches it to you? When do you get to break free of him?" I noticed her friends had all pulled a knife. They all had it hidden but it made me uneasy to think about her in a one on one with this guy.

"Bella honey should we be going?" Esme said in that motherly tone that the others loved like it was there mother. Well the vamps anyway. 'Bella its time to go. I don't think it's a good idea to provoke him.' This was getting out of hand and fast. She looked at me and then at the rest of the pack. I hand shot out and rammed her in the side. It pushed her back a good amount than the smell of fresh blood was in the air. The Cullens seemed disgusted by it. Bella stood ridge by the scent as did the others of the pack.

"Not good, Mist get these guys to the car Jane we go to get the weapons we may need this was an illusion. I don't need the real deal in my face." I went with Bella as did the Cullens and the rest of my pack. Some how I figured this wouldn't be good if we didn't work fast we might lose her.

"Who was that guy little sis?" Jasper asked. I didn't like using there names but it was better then saying bloodsucker every other time they talked. 'I couldn't agree with you more.' The sound of her voice put me at ease and I noticed her putting a pistol in her boots. I was wondering why she did that then added swords and hidden knives. She seemed determined to I pulled out one of the swords and got shocked. "Bella please tell us what's going on so we can protect you," she dropped and picked up my hand. I didn't think someone's breath could be that cold and the pain went away.

"I'll explain later so don't talk till we get a safe distance away from here. if Snake finds us before I get to the cars I will have to let my pack handle it while I get all of you away so they won't injure you or me." it was us that were suppose to be ys protecting her not the other way around.

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