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Two hours later.

Bellas' POV

I hate the fact that I couldn't keep all my secrets to myself but I could not live with myself it even if it kept me sane it made my pack have to think about their words carefully. I didn't want that. I was not going to let them suffer.

We had made it to the deserted house we knew as the summer home. I put my stuff in my assigned room. I blocked my connection to Paul so I could think strait. The feelings coming from him were making me confused even more. All I can think about is how to tell the people who thought me to be kind and caring was an assassin. It would kill Esme the one I thought to be my mother. But it was who I am now. I never had the chance to say no to the profession.

I looked at my reflection on the out side I looked young and trust worthy. On the inside I had been trained to be a cold blooded killer. It was what we were made for. The reason we were picked. I myself had been watched for three months before they contacted me. Telling me I would be made stronger and at one point be able to go back to my old life. I had hopes of meeting the others with a smiling face and no blood to explain. Now I had over 200 bodies in my past most of which were of the supernatural and I would have had another to add to it if I had accepted the last order.

I was a killer and I had possibly more body counts then Jazz. Reopening my connection with Paul I got bombarded with questions of my well being. I reassured him as I descended the stairs my worry must have alerted Jasper because he was at my side instantly. My eyes locked with Shadows' and he got the indication of what could and no doubt would happen.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" he asked like it would be easier to just lie. I nodded and moved to sit on the couch.

"I have no idea how you will react with what I am going to be telling you I just hope you understand our situation. We," I pointed form me to my pack, "Are trained assassins. They had been watching me for three months prior to my misleading demise. It was apparently necessary to see your attachment to me, and if you would believe me dead. I thought you would notice that the body they found wasn't mine and I had told father so. It seems that only one of you tried to find me. I had been keeping tabs on all of you for the last 8 years and it was precautionary. You all couldn't be able to get suspicious of me." I waited for this to sink in and got a glimpse of Esmes' face she looked calm and I knew I would be yelled at latter. I had to finish. "I didn't think it would be too bad for all of you and it wasn't most of you got along very nicely and it surprised me, and it was after my first blood transmutation that I lost control and had to keep a further distance."

"What do you mean slip up?" I didn't like the sound in Sam's voice it made me fidget.

"Hey she only slipped twice and it's costing her a lot to tell you this so sit there and shut up. It was hard enough for her to watch ego boy and mutt face date other people," I slapped my head as Rain tried to defend me. The look on Edwards and jakes face made me want to double over in laughter.

"Yeah I mean they were vampires so it's not like it should even count!" Raven said in a tone that made me want to kill them both at the thought of them 'helping' me out with this made me feel like taking a knife on them right now.

"and plus it was after the transfusion, which means she let them date for 2 weeks each time, that's better then anyone else here would have done in her place!" Mist said standing in one of those stances with her hands on her hips and leaning to her left side, and slightly forwards.

I watched Edward out of the corner of my eye and could hear the click, click, click, click and the ding as the realization dawned in that moment and I swore a million times in my head.

"That was you?" he said looking at me then every nerve ending in my body went off.

"EbloOP!" I was in my feathered form and out of there faster then they could blink. I was in my room with my head under my wing. Everyone of my pack had done the same thing just no sound effect. I had practically admitted to it now and I could feel a very worried Paul looking for me. He came into the room and scooped me up faster then I thought he could. I transformed back with a small pop and hid my face in his chest. I had been….young and recluse it was something I had no control over. I realized he was laughing and looked up everyone had migrated to my room and were stifling a laugh. "What are you all laughing at? I had asked and the all repeated my ebloop to me and I started laughing.

A very sharp pain spiked through me as I curled up in a ball. I was in major pain and it wasn't good. This meant that my injection would take over. They all stopped laughing as I crumpled in pain. "Bella what can we do to help?" I was to far in to it to talk so doing what I did best in this situation I screamed bloody murder and for very concerned boys came into the room looking frantic.

"Damn it I was hopping for a little more time then this. Rain go get the girls, Raven get her in the bath tub I'll go get her something to drink. This is going to be a bad one. The more she has the more pain she is in.

Shadows POV

I hated the look of her in the dogs' arms. He my have a connection with her but she was mine not his. I am the one who kept her from breaking during her training. I took care of her when those fools believed she was dead. Why dose he get to sleep in the same bed as my Angle. He wasn't there for her when the vampire started dating again. I am the only on to help her.

"Raven have Mist get the bandages and Jane get the newbie's out of here." I pointed to the vamps and wolves looking at me. The guy, Edward I think, was still pissed that I kept calling her mine. He could read minds so I gave him a shot of her pained face when he had first thought she was dead. That the guy, who she thought as her protector, couldn't tell a fake, from her actual person. When she had accidentally spotted him screwing the two vamp chicks because she had turned the wrong way.

She clutched me to her and I placed her into the pool of water. The canister of blood in my hand, I gave her the straw and sat with her for a while before going out to corner the three males in my way. She was what meant every thing to me even if she only thought of me as a brother. That was good I didn't mind she was my charge. And I had influence over every emotion except pain which sucked in this case.

I got them all to follow me behind the house and into the woods. "What do you want to tell us?" the guy that must be Jake stood there asking. I didn't pay him any head as I told them off.

"I'm the only one she went to when you both started dating and it almost destroyed her to know you thought she was dead. She only killed two of the many you both dated. And that is only because she thought you both needed the human contact that she stopped with the first two." I saw the look of apprehension on their faces as they realized why I was doing this. "I am her big brother and maybe I am a little bit over protective. But then again so is Raven and Rain. I don't hold any patients for you and your games. I know both of you have girlfriends back at your homes. And the only one I would let have her is the silver wolf at your side. He is the only one to believe she was alive." They stood there shocked had they thought I was going after her for myself they had gotten a very rued awakening.

"Why should we listen to you, kid? What is it you think you could do to make us?" I smirked at them. They were idiots.

"I can read her mind as well as Casanova over here," I pointed to Paul. "Its limited and she can close the link but I bet you can't read her mind can you?" Edward looked skeptical at me and Paul.

Bellas' POV

"Esme can you help me cook I think I need some help sense we have more people then I would normally be able to do," she nodded but looked sad as she approached me.

"Bella dear just call me mom. You are for all intended proposes my daughter. And Carlisle is your father without Charlie here," my heart swelled as the thought of the one person I wanted as my mother gave me that gift. I was in compete joy and Jazz drifted in as we started cooking. The rest of the Cullens did too. A laud yelling was coming from the training grounds and I ignored it but the others couldn't. "Sweet heart what is going on down there?" I looked over my shoulder as a dagger soared towards my head. I caught it and jumped out the shattered window causing the others to reach for my. To late might I add, I was already on the ground and screaming at the two hot heads I had for brothers.

"What the hell is wrong with you? I thought this was our vacation not a study session." They looked from me to each other and as though we had no audience they tackled me to the ground and we rumbled like pups playing. I felt my arm break and a hand pull my out of the brawl like a concerned mother hen. I felt better now that my remaining stress dissipated. I had scrunched up like a cud being picked up by its mother and had my broken arm pulled to my stomach. It hurt and I needed it set. "Hey dad I need my arm set." Carlisle beamed at me as my arm already started to heal. He looked at it surprised and looked at me. "It got broken at the beginning of the fight and has already started healing." I motioned for rain to come over and he broke it again and Carlisle set it in a perfect place. I smiled a wary smile and yawned. I needed to finish the food so my pack could eat and the other pack to. I noticed Emily had arrived as did the other guys' imprints. They all shared the happy feelings then I was surrounded by the girls and started to move away as an instinctual part of my mind started to take over.

"Um that's way to close for comfort the girls will show you to your room." I turned and walked to Rain and Raven and they followed my. They knew what was wrong and knew I couldn't be alone even if it was what my mind wanted. I didn't have to be alone to feel it. I just needed the thought of it. These were my brothers not some random bitch or bustard on the street. They knew the real me. Jane came out and growled at the girls. Then ran after me her arms coming around me as did Mists and Kam looked at me. I noticed Kam had been the most silent and forgotten. I felt bad and brought my arms around his waist. We all disappeared into the woods and hide there. I was trying to be someone I wasn't. 'Bella are you okay? Do you want me to come to you?' Paul sounded worried so I sent him the okay and moved away from my pack.

He had found me by a waterfall. It was calming and relaxing to be there. Just like the cliffs in La-Push. It made me think clearer. "What made you run?" he questioned me like it was something important. I cringed. I had no idea what was wrong with me. It had seemed too normal to be in Emily's hug and greeted by the other guys imprints.

"I don't know. I was a little overwhelmed to be around them." I wanted to be there but in truth I had only ever been surrounded by my pack. He brought his arms around me in an embrace.

"This isn't uncomfortable is it?" he asked and I shook my head. He laughed softly next to my ear and I moaned. 'Not fair,' I whined through our link. He pulled me closer his hands slipping under my shirt to brush my stomach. He was getting harder as I moved over his cock. His moan mirrored mine as I sat in perfect contras over his sensitive organ. I felt him hold tighter to me and smirked. "And you said I was unfair," he placed a kiss on my neck. I felt the rumble of my purr go through me to him. "You aren't going to stop me if I through you in that water." He warned me to late as I held tightly to him.

"Wanna swim the waters warm," I stated as we both went under. His mouth super glued to mine and I thought he was going to swallow my tong when he broke the kiss and started to laugh. I looked questioningly at him when he had stopped.

"Swallow your tong?" he said and I looked shocked.

"You're listening too much. Why are you even caring this much?" I questioned back and he gave me a look that reminded me of how Edward used to look at me.

"I love you Bella. You and only you, I was hoping for sometime that you would realize my imprint with you but I guess vamps are hard to get over." The look in his eyes made me blush.

"Speaking of hard," I tried to move away from him a little and was pulled back. He had his hands on my ass and was gripping me to his very present and ever hardening arousal. My hands were secured to his chest as he spoke.

"It only hardens for you, and I would have it no other way. You are way to beautiful to leave alone or even contemplate dead." He said. I was instantly acutely aware that we were alone and that we were far enough from the others that if either of us had an orgasm it wouldn't be heard. He seemed to think so to so he moved us over to the shallower end of the pool. I moved my mouth to his and kissed him with a great amount of passion. I wasn't ready for sex but that didn't mean we couldn't make out. "My problem with that is you are going to have to stop me if you can't go any farther." He gave me a very strange look before taking off my skirt to show my bikini bottoms, and then the top as he grew more impatient. He was going to regret ripping that top. I hadn't brought another with me.

"I think I know what you mean about things only working for you." I said as I moved his hand to my bottom, then me blushing a cherry red. He had me lifted on top of the bank as I was getting wetter. He stood moving my hand inside his pants. The organ twitched as my hand claimed it he had unzipped his pants and now had his lips crushed to mine. I moved my hand on his shaft. He growled into my mouth then started to move down from my cheek to my neck, leaving gentle kisses and nips along me throat. I shivered at the feeling of his hands on my skin. One of them moved slowly over me breasts and down pausing only to cup my left breast in his hand and tug lightly on my nipple. His other controlling my neck, the whole time making me feel loved. The first hand reached its intended goal and made me moan

"Your so wet Bella," he breathed out between pants and moans. He was thrusting in my hand as I tightened my hold every now and then moving with is rocking hips. It was like we were the only people on earth. He went ridged as the feel of him stroking my most private area made me more aroused and was bringing me closer to my release. He moved one finger into my heated core and I thought he was going to just stop there. I was so shocked when he inserted two more that I almost came right there. His mouth had taken homage with my left tit and I thought I was going to shatter. The coil in my stomach tightened to and impossible height as thrust them into me and his mouth moved lower to my throbbing clit. I whined at the loss of his fingers as he moved so my hand couldn't reach him. My protests were silenced with moans for him to go faster. He complied and within moments I screeched my release. He still lapped at me as I came down from me high.

"Still think we shouldn't go farther, love?" he kissed me making me taste myself for the first time. He plunged into my mouth and I moaned feeling his arousal still hard against my leg. It made it harder to think as I rolled us over kissing my way down to his throbbing cock. He used his elbows to watch me as I took him in my mouth. He groaned but still kept his eyes on mine. His eyes held a heat that I had never seen in Jake and Edward. They had never looked at me like this. Paul had on many occasions. I returned my mind to my current task as I heard him moan. His eyes even more so powerful, that I almost lost my nerve to go on. I moaned around him taking him deeper as my hand pumped what I couldn't fit in my mouth.

"Bella….so…..close," he said between moans as his fingers laced in my hair. I swallowed every thing he gave me. It had a salty and tangy taste to it. I moved to kiss him and pulled my self to sit at his side. I traced random things over his chest as he tightened his hold on me. We had pulled on our clothing as minutes passed neither of us wanting to return yet as we lay on the grass. He had one hand draped over me and the other supporting my back it made me feel more protected then being held in Shadows arms. I kissed Pauls cheek and practically purred as he traced random symbols on my back. I was content to stay here the whole of my life but I knew we needed to get back. It wasn't that easy to ignore my instinct. But it made me safer if I knew where my pack was. The growling of the males at each other could wait.

We walked back through the woods and the sound of fighting girls caught my ears. It sounded like Mist and Cardinal going at it again because they were deciding on diner stuff. This was going to take a while. As we came out of the tree line the fighting subsided and I was then surrounded by it again as they yelled at each other while telling me their thoughts. I motioned for Paul to leave before they killed his eardrums for good and he kissed my head like the kind gentleman he was. I could feel fire in my veins as my anger ignited. Then the weirdest thing happened my hands were on fire. And we just stood there staring at it. We looked at each other then at my hand then at each other.

We just stood there for hours it felt like looking at my now blazing hands. I heard a scream and turned to see who had spotted us and laughed ar Emily's face mentally. It was priceless. Then the whole pack was there everyone worried about her like she was the one on fire. Then she just had to point at me. Mist had turned into well mist and Jane had an iced arm. I thought they were going to stand there looking at our new arms and powers like we were so caught up in.

The coven that currently stood in the house was now out side faster then a blink of my eye. It didn't make sense that we get these powers now. I felt the fire start to work its way up my arm as I got distracted. Edward looked mortified then every thing was extremely cold as Jane wrapped her ice body around mine mist swarmed around the tight hold Jane and I had on each other making he solidify. "Bella what's going on I don't think this is supposed to happen. We should have gotten these powers earlier not now." I didn't think any thing could get worst till rose and Alice came out side. Edward and Jake had started a name blame war. I was not even going to think about what they were blaming each other for. It just made no sense to be turning into this crap now and have very one freaking out. I felt a stab of something in my left leg and looked down to see what had hit me.

"This wasn't good and I was no mood to be doing this right now." I twisted out of the cold embrace of Janes'. It made little sense but then again what did in my life at this point. I thought of how it was in the fifth year of my existence. The time where I got most of my scares and wished that I could hide behind Emmit once more. It made me almost blow my cover at forks high. I had changed my name disguised my scent so the Cullens and Quellets wouldn't find me. Alice and Jake had been held back for a few years and I was in there classes along with Collin, Brady, Quil, and a very hyper girl I assumed to be Jesses cousin. It was easy to befriend her and get on her good side. I was a pariah of the school and ignored the people I knew could get me caught if I did the right things messing with Alice almost got me caught. The look on her face as to when I told her about this would be perfect.

I looked in my mind to think about it perfectly. I still couldn't believe that I had gotten away with it. And then getting cornered by Paul, Sam, Edward and Emmit was what had scared me crap-less the most. They had seemed frightening when facing other vampires and even more so catching me and not knowing it was me.

A thought struck me and I realized that if I had made a connection with Paul prior to my unrealistic demise he would have found me out and I wouldn't have been able to get away with the things that I did. I was going to give a big, big explanation about that later. But now I was being pulled into the memory of those few weeks of bliss and ease.

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