The Mark of Ceza: CH 6

Later om:

Terry sat in the Bat cave staring at the Medallion.

" Late night homework?" Bruce surprised Terry.

Terry turned around seeing Bruce dressed in p.j's holding some tea in a cup.

" I don't get it. What is he doing here?"

Terry rubbed his eyes tired from the night.

"He said that his parents ran a church in old Gotham. I've been searching for almost an hour."

Bruce grunted.

"Hmmm take another look the Amulet see if the address is on the back."

Bruce said to him in his usual gravely voice.

Terry turned over the Medallion.

On the back it had the words Lion Ministries.

Pastor Raul and Nora Mendoza.

Terry lightly struck himself on the head.

" Stupid!"

He typed in the names on the back into the computer.

A few hits came up suddenly he saw what he was looking for a promotional picture of Pastor Raul and wife Nora and their three children two young kids about 8 years old and a baby.

An article came up on the computer search engine.

Terry leaned in to read the text .

The pictures of the crash site horrified terry.

"Wow! He said his parents died in a car accident but I had no idea that it was this bad."

" That doesn't look like a crash to me." Bruce murmured.

" Yes , it looks more like a missile hit."

"Then that syndicate must have had something to do with this so called accident."

Bruce stood behind Terry sipping his Tea.

Stretching his arms terry yawned.

" Well I'm done. I need to get some Rems before the Debate on Sunday."

Terry downloaded files on to a memory stick.

" It looks like you found your answer." Bruce remarked.

Terry got up yawning again and taking the memory stick with him.

Before he left he stopped and asked Bruce.

"Whats the Dove have to with a Church called Lion Ministries?"

Took another sip.

" In the Bible a Dove descended from heaven when Christ was baptized. The Lion is a symbol for Christ."

Bruce's knowledge Impressed Terry .

" I never knew you where such a scholar."

" I attended my fair share of Sunday school sermons."

Bruce smiled slyly.

The Next Night:

Rey calmly walked out of the Pizza shop he worked at. He grabbed his White Blue and Red jacket from off of the rack before clocking out. He opened the office door to tell Tony his boss that he was done for the night before leaving.

"Antonio, I'm going to bail out. OK?"

Antonio didn't even bother to look up from his computer.

" Did you clean up the back?" He asked in a thick almost New Yorker accent.

"I did the back , cleaned the dishes , mopped the the floors, and wiped down the tables."

Antonio grumbled typing away.

" Take care kid. ….By the way the misses has two pies for you on the counter."

Rey grabbed his keys out of his pocket before walking out of the office.

As he passed by the counter he saw two large pizzas waiting for him.

He leaned in inhaling the aroma.

"My favorite."

He smiled before grabbing his dinner and rushing out to his awaiting motorcycle.

10:00 P.m :

Across town just outside of Gotham.

Rey stopped across the street from a small one story house making sure to keep out of view.

He watched as a young preteen girl and a middle aged woman came outside taking out the garbage.

He quietly took out a picture from out of his back pocket.

It was old and crumpled weathered from years of abuse. In the picture was his mother , father, and aunt during an Easter Sunday gathering at this very house. Everyone looked so happy he thought to himself but that was all gone now.

Rey had managed to keep it hidden from his abductors throughout all of the torture and physical abuse and brainwashing they had put him through. That picture his sister and the medallion and chain that his mother had given him were the only links he had to his past. Now after the other night thanks to a joker Dreg this picture was all he had left.

Thoughts had crossed his mind about walking up to the door and knocking. But what would he tell his aunt and her daughter? He told himself "Hi, I'm your long lost nephew who you thought was dead but now I'm alive ." The thought of such a thing was ridiculous.

He watched as they walked to the porch and turned out the lights.

Folding the picture he revved up his motor cycle and took off back to his hideout.

Perhaps one day he would gather up the courage to knock on the door and tell his only family what had happened to him, But today would not be that day.

Before she went inside Rey's aunt's daughter stopped dead in her tracks.

"What's wrong, Mija?" Her mother asked

"I'm not sure, Madre. But I got a feeling like somebody was watching us."

Her Mother giggled slightly.

"Estas loca, Mija." Her mother said in Spanish before walking inside.

( Translation: You're crazy. )

Old Gotham:

Rain had began to set in in pouring down as Rey arrived at his hideout.

He opened the door passing a sign that read Lion Ministries Church. He placed his Pizzas on the counter. Surprisingly they were still hot.

20 minutes later:

He walked out of the shower in the gym his father had built as an annex to the church . The building itself had been around since the 1940's. It had been many things such as a bank a school and for the past 80 years a church. All be it an abandoned one for the past decade or so.

It had begun to storm outside. A portable Vid screen played in the background detailing the news of the day.

Rey walked into the main part of the Church and knelt before the pulpit that his father preached from in his youth. From the time he could remember prayer had always been a part of his life . Some of his best memories were of his parents praying with him.

The 23rd Psalm passed through his mind.

He began to repeat it in Latin. As he finished he muttered to himself " Please. God help me to forgive my trespassers as you chose to forgive me and bring them to justice."

Just then the Vid screen aired a report on D.A Sam Young's Press conference Sunday.

It was then that something snapped to Rey.

"The D.A."