Primal Requiem

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Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Beastan Speak

Demonic or Beastan Thoughts

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"He's alive," Reama said bluntly, in Tameranean, getting all their attention. "He's alive," She repeated in English for the Titans.

"Alive?" Raven asked, her tears vanishing before they could fall and her rage subsiding for the moment.

"What?" Cyborg asked in surprise, "The guy survived a headshot?"

"No, he didn't have to," Ferninia commented with an exhausted smirk.

"...Speak clearly, Beastans," Starfire said slowly, still holding Ferninia by the shirt, "How are you sure Gar is still alive?" She demanded with narrowed eyes.

"I'm not sure what he did," Reama started, glaring at Ferni briefly, "But whatever we just saw fighting wasn't really him. I can sense him through he made with us. And he's not down there in that hole," Reama promised.

"Then where is he, really?" Robin asked with a suspicious glare.

"Right where he wants to be," Ferni answered with a dry chuckle...

Beastan Army

It was barely a second after Cenao hit the ground that Gar had nearly the entire army pointing their blades at him, with the giant of a general glaring down at him menacingly for his treachery. Despite the overwhelming odds, Gar didn't even flinch as he looked on at the reptilian army with half-lidded and bored eyes, his sword pointed to the ground, "You must be very stupid to try something like this, Boy," The vice-general said, snarling as if to spit fire at the wolf Beastan.

Gar said absolutely nothing to acknowledge the elder Beastan, just staring up at the general, "Impressive. Not many Beastans can change their form and scent so completely. And I've never seen someone use a body as puppet like you just did," Gonrad praised in an even and controlled tone.

"If it eases your minds any, he was already dead when I stringed him up," Gar commented bluntly, the still breathing Cenao glaring at the traitor as she clutched her chest wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

" did you manage to get a bio-bomb then? One of the Beastans hiding on earth?" The general asked, curious on that event. If Gar was surprised by the question, he didn't show it.

"No, nothing so contrived. If you seek the source of your current projectile-disadvantage, look no further than the bleeding one at your feet," Gar answered simply, drawing attention back to Cenao, lying on the ground with two soldiers standing near her in case Gar tried to finish the job.

"W-what? But I di-" Cenao started to protest, stopping when it all started to click in her head, "...Your bathroom run to the armory. You grabbed a bomb when I wasn't were planning this the whole time?!" She realized in anger and horror.

"This army has complete and utter military supremacy over the survivors. Regardless of how I mutated them, a technological superiority makes fifty-to-one odds near unmanageable. Not even the Titans could grant them salvation from you lot. The only recourse left was a more underhanded approach," Gar explained factually. There was no anger or regret in his voice, no righteousness or pride, just a tone of a man stating everyday knowledge. The army's rage only seemed to grow as he continued speaking so easily on his actions.

"And while impressing us with your magma-proof gut, you slipped the bomb into the sand, letting your puppet of a corpse take it right from under our feet, quite literally. Clever, Trosnem, very clever," The general acknowledge. His rage was still visible in his eyes and scent, but his tone was controlled and calm from centuries of experience, "So, what is this about exactly, Trosnem? Or should I say Beastboy? Perhaps Garfield?" Gonrad asked, sounding genuinely curious.

"The name is Gar, General," Gar corrected pointedly, "At the time, I wasn't sure how detailed your information on me was. If I had, I might have not ever bothered with the alias."

"You take up a title like Trosnem for convenience? You are truly an insolent one, Gar," Gonrad commented, looking just a bit more annoyed now, "Still, I don't believe you're part Tameranean, even if we aren't exactly sure what you were. So, what is it? Your friends holding your past over your head? Some nostalgic sense of loyalty?" He asked, staring into Gar's eyes, trying to read him. The wolf's face gave away nothing and his bio-energy gave away less than that, making him incredibly hard to read...unless he truly cared this little.

"Hardly anything so mundane or pathetic, I promise you, General. I merely owe the princess a debt. The payment I'm giving her is saving her species from least for a day, anyway," Gar explained apathetically, shrugging at the end.

Gonrad narrowed his eyes for a moment in thought before he smirked, "Then that means your debt is repaid," He claimed, everyone looking between him and the interloper in confusion, "With the delays you've put on us, her people are well beyond my ability to track down. The planet may be ours, but the natives have escaped, for now. Regardless of our claiming of this rock, your goal is complete, Gar."

"Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting, General?" Gar asked, actually looking faintly amused now.

"You can leave right now, Gar. You can turn away with your honor intact. You've done your part, you have no more reason to fight your own kind," Gonrad reasoned, the army watching Gar intently for his decision.

One of the Beastans helping Cenao looked up at the General in light shock, "General, are we really going to let him go, just like that?" He asked in surprise. Some shared his concern and surprise, others looked more upset, but most just looked on in interest.

"Newly Awakeneds have done far worse than kill a few dozen soldiers and delay a campaign on their first day. I'd rather have him on our side, and help us wrap things up faster, but I'll settle for him out of our way rather than in it," Gonrad answered simply.

"Good advice," Gar commented off handedly,

"So, will you stand down, Gar? After all, what more could you owe them, than the time you have already provided?" The general questioned as the wolf-headed Beastan reclaimed his uncaring visage.

Gar's eyes moved almost unnoticeably to look beyond the behemoth of a general, looking on towards the ruined capital, the survivors and Titans all waiting and watching with a mixture of worry and anticipation. All their hopes rested on him. Only a monster would so casually crush something such as that, given so desperately.

Then again, he had twisted the very existence of over two hundred beings, forced his mind and will upon two others, and crushed more than a little of his former comrades' spirits with his sudden change. All without a word of apology or sympathy. In truth, Gar had become a monster from the moment of his awakening…his rebirth.

He glanced down at Cenao Merren, still glaring up at him in betrayal as she clutched her wound. It would have been more manageable if almost anyone else had stabbed her. As it was, she was gritting her teeth as her own power tried to burn away the foreign BE he had injected into her when he stabbed her, keeping her wound from healing. Not only that, but the green energy was keeping her from shifting into her Beastan form, leaving her in the less useful form of a human. A chink in the Beastan armor, an inability to shapeshift under certain circumstances.

The betrayal in her pink eyes was more than tangible to him, literally smelling it roll off her. This woman had taken in a boy, new to their world, and tried to make him feel welcomed. Literally and figuratively, he had stabbed her in the back, which she had freely trusted to him. It might seem foolish if Beastans weren't so good at sensing liars, normally.

As Gar snorted in annoyance and sheathed his sword, some of the army visibly relaxed a bit as their enemy seemed to give up this fight. The green wolf-headed Beastan then relocked his gaze with Gonrad Naksen, his emerald eyes holding nothing...nothing but boredom and a hint of determination, "You've already lost, General! And I don't care to make deals with dead men!" Gar declared boldly and loudly, the soldiers growling and snapping at him as their weapons were raised at him once more.

"You're surrounded, boy!" The vice-general shouted in outrage, "Your play at necromancy has failed you and you have no way out of this! Surely you are not arrogant enough to take on seven thousand Beastans!"

"It's only arrogance if you all aren't dead at my feet when I'm done with you," Gar countered, his voice cutting through the second-in-command's anger, the man looking shocked at that claim before glaring uneasily, "Tell me, General? Do you know what your one mistake in all of this was?" Gar asked, looking at the white-striped dragon with almost curious eyes.

"Letting you into this camp?" The general tried, wondering what the point of this was. Was he stalling for something? Or did he just like hearing himself talk?

"No, your one mistake was forgetting who shot down the corpse of a puppet," Gar reminded as the general's eyes widened slightly, "And now it's far too late to rectify that error," He added ominously...


"What's going on back there?" a beastan in the crater asked, unable to see anything back at the main army, "Should we try and secure the palace?"

"I have no idea. All I know is that newbie's energy suddenly changed...and it feels like this guy's." One of the ones up above answered. He blinked as he caught something out of the corner of his eye in the crater, "...Is that corpse glowing?" He asked blankly.

The Beastan below glanced down at the body, which was indeed glowing green, "...That is either nothing at all or really bad," He commented, kneeling down and seeing green cracks on the skin, as if the skin and fur was merely glass, "It's bad. EVERYBODY RUN!" He yelled as loud as he could, just before the body exploded, and a cloud of dust and green bio-energy engulfing the two regiments. Some managed to start running, a few even flying, but none got out before the cloud hit them.

Beastan Army

"Sakutia..." Gonrad whispered in shocked, his slit eyes wide and dilated in disbelief.

"Really, what did you think was going to happen?" Gar asked as a small, cold smirk formed on his snout while the General and many others stared at the emerald cloud with wide eyes, "The amount of foreign bio-energy just going into that weapon would have exploded if the corpse had merely died again," He added on condescendingly. Without even flinching, he stepped to the right as a giant axe the general had produced, seemingly from nowhere, slammed down where he had stood instances ago. It was six and a half feet long in all, the double-sided blade being a foot and a half on its own and the metal rod taking up the rest. The two edges glowed red, as if covered in blood, but there was a thin white strip on the very tips of the edges, "Did I hit a nerve, General?" Gar asked evenly, looking into the blazing brown eyes of the general.

"You're a dead beast, Gar. I'm going to tear your tail off and strangle you with it!" The general warned coldly, ready to twist the axe and bisect the green being before he could pull another trick.

"No, you won't. You'll be too busy saving your men," Gar answered plainly, making the general hesitate.

"From what, you Murest piece of filth!" The vice-general asked, seeing his superior pause in the execution.

Gar just snorted, "From yourselves, of course," He answered, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Gonrad needed only a moment to realize what this green abomination meant, what his intentions had been all along. He didn't need to turn to know what was happening or why he heard gasping among his soldiers. He could already sense it, sense them, "General, the soldiers in the explosion!" The vice-general yelled.

"I know," Gonrad answered in resignation, sighing before he continued to glare down into Gar's green eyes, "You really are a depraved one to inflict something like that onto someone, let alone a group. Even if they are your enemies," Gonrad commented, both sad and angry over this event.

"I work with what I have, General. After all, a twenty-five to one numerical disadvantage is much more manageable odds. Take the lengths I must take to secure victory as a testament to how overwhelmingly prepared you and your army were for this invasion," Gar retorted calmly as he saw his creation. The soldiers in the cloud were all still standing...and looking around strangely, as if they were lost. Their eyes were all solid green with the veins around their eyes glowing green as well, to the point of being visible through their scales. After a few moments, they all looked towards their own army, their comrades...and charged on all fours like mad and hungry beasts, the force of their grins almost enough to break their jaws.

"I think you're just as cruel as the Trosnem you serve," Gonrad retorted coldly, seething in anger as Gar raised an eyebrow, "You really don't know, do you?" Gonrad asked in slight surprise.

"Apparently I don't," Gar retorted lowly, before turning to leave, away from the battle and the castle.

"You think I'll just let you walk away after that?!" The general asked, ready to swing again.

"I think you'd rather save the soldiers you still have rather than waste time killing one enemy," Gar answered, not even looking over his shoulder as he stalled away, "You lose some of them either way, you just get to decide how many," He added on, all the soldiers looking between Gar and the General anxiously.

"Damn you!" The vice-general snarled, ready to lunge at the green Beastan...only to be shoved to the side by the general, a sniper bullet of bio-energy shooting right past where his head had been.

"We had to give her a silenced model," Gonrad grunted as he lifted up his massive axe, growling at Gar's retreating back, "Vice, take a clawful with you and kill that brat before he does anything else. I'm going to deal with our Sakutia-infested friends," He ordered in regretful determination, "You two keep Cenao safe while she heals up," He added on as he tensed his legs and leapt to the front of the army in one great jump. He landed with a grunt, smoke flaring from his nostrils as his now rabid men were almost upon them, screeching madly in delight, "All of you, Warriors of Drogina! Steel your scales! These beasts, your comrades, are thick in the grip of the Horror Lord! Do what must be done, and put them out of their misery, or they will put you out of yours!" He declared, many of his subordinates growling in agreement, and some in anticipation as they held their respective weapons at the ready while the savage army sped towards them.

"Well, this plan went to shit real quick," A captain commented as he stood just behind the general, two curved daggers in his hands.

"We're dealing with a Beastan that survived Sakutia without going completely insane," Gonrad commented as he gripped his axe tightly, ready to swing, their maddened comrades barely ten yards from them, "Of course it went to shit!" He added in disdain as he swung the large axe, cleaving four rabid soldiers in half. And their torsos still tried to crawl and claw forward, even as the others ran and leapt over them to wildly attack their prey.

"Danspeed, General," The vice general said grimly, grunting to call over six other Beastans, "Come on, let's kill this prick of a Murest," He snarled as they turned towards Gar's direction.

"Wait, Vice-Gener-Ah!" Cenao called desperately as she stood quickly, only to fall back down and clutch her pulsing wound.

"...Worry about yourself, Cenao. He might have done to you what he did to them," The second in command ordered, "But if the insanity does get to you, do us all a favor and try to focus on wanting to kill him," He added on as they headed out.

"...Aye-aye, Sir," Cenao snarled to herself, her body trying but unable to shift form, "Someone get me a medic to help me get this shit out of me," She requested through gritted teeth.

At the Palace

Everyone on the balcony looked on in shock, slowly rising from their hiding places to stare in amazement as the Beastan army seemed to turned on itself, right after a big explosion from the corpse that was, apparently, not Gar himself.

"...Umm, what just happened?" Cyborg asked, summing up everyone's thoughts rather well.

"Gar just happened," Reama summed up with a sigh, "To think he'd go this far…" She muttered to herself in Beastan.

"Something's wrong..." Raven said, groaning a bit as she held her head, "I can sense about their minds now," She informed.

"Try not to focus on them," Ferninia warned evenly as she leaned against the edge of the balcony, holding onto her sniper rifle limply, "You'll just make yourself sick if you do."

"Did he do the same thing to them that he did to the Tameraneans?" Robin asked curiously.

"Worse," Reama answered with a scowl, "He drove them insane." She informed as Raven went wide eyed, the feeling suddenly making sense.

"How?" The half-demon asked numbly. Reama raised an eyebrow at her before sighing.

"To compare to earth's diseases, this stuff is kind of like rabies." She explained, "He turned them wild and mindless, making them turn on each other. How they even thought to attack the unaffected warriors instead of each other is something I'm not even sure I want to know." She added on, letting that sink in.

"Well, if that doesn't convince you he's genuine in trying to save your collective asses, I'm not sure what will." Ferninia commented with a sigh, runnng a hand through her hair.

" going to be okay?" Robin asked, a bit concerned for the Beastan, considering they were about to go into battle.

"Yeah, I should be. Turns out having someone force their mind and yours to connect can be very exhausting," She stated before glancing at Reama who looked fine. "For a Phi class, at least. A Sigma seems to be able to handle it just fine." She commented dryly, mostly to herself.

"Then why isn't he using her more?" Robin asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Because I'm the masochistic medic with the only sniper rifle that's currently working on this planet," She answered snarkily.

"Enough," Reama said with a sigh, "In case you haven't noticed, there's a battle going on." She reminded.

"It may be best to strike soon," Starfire commented.

"Umm, Star? Not to sound like a coward, but I don't think getting in that mess is a good idea," Cyborg pointed out uneasily.

"If those Beastans are truly without their higher thinking, then their sane counterparts will likely make relatively short work of them. They'll be disorganized for a short while, and I am not sure how long until their weapons will be operational again," Starfire mused.

"Don't underestimate those guys. They're more than just wild, they're insane for blood and death," Reama warned. "Still, you're not wrong-the main army will eventually have the situation under control as far as those rabid ones are concerned."

"...Gar said not to attack until they reach the palace," Robin informed, a bit grudgingly, "I wasn't sure what he meant at the time, but this is probably it," He pointed out, getting a curious look from his girlfriend.

"Are you sure that those were his words and meaning?" She asked, needing to know he was sure of this.

"It specifically said to make sure youdidn't engage until they arrive at the palace," He answered curtly.

"...Ferninia, Reama, can you tell me where exactly Gar is?" Starfire asked with a frown.

"Just behind the army...fighting several others, if I'm reading his mood right," Reama answered.

"Is this too part of his plan?" Starfire asked, her voice concerned.

The purple haired masochist scoffed at that with a smirk, "Do you think he would have revealed himself over there if it wasn't?"

With Gar

The Vice-General and his company found Gar sitting on a rock, having seemingly wandered in a direction to nowhere. He was sitting on it cross legged, his talwar strapped to his waist and his chin resting on his knuckles, "And here I thought you'd sneak onto the ship for more weapons," The vice-general commented evenly as he and the others glared at Gar, glancing around for any traps the green Beastan might have fabricated without them noticing, "Or blow it up," He grunted afterwards.

"I have everything I need for this," Gar answered evenly as he sat there, watching them with a lazy stare, "You can't be too sure, though, that I haven't already rigged it to explode the minute it takes off, once the general sounds the retreat," Gar added on ominously.

"Retreat, right. From a near vacant planet, with a defending force of far less than a twenthith of what we'll have left," The vice-general said with a scoff, "I don't see us turning tail and running any time soon," He added on in angry mocking.

"Good. This planet could use the fertilizer. After all, I'm sure we all would have preferred it before the Gordanians got here," Gar mused, the vice general sighing a bit at that.

"That, at least, I agree with. Makes me wish we pushed up the Old Plan a century or two," He answered, scratching his brown, scaly head in annoyance, "Would have been nice to have a vacation place here," He added on musingly.

"Agreed. How long you think it would have taken you all to restore this place?" Gar asked curiously.

"Hard to say. We got a few desert-dwelling subspecies. Not to mention we probably could have bargained this place off to the Nesreptians," He said with a shrug.

"Could have, Vice-General?" Gar asked with a raised eyebrow, "Odd choice of words for someone that doesn't see their side retreating," He quipped at the earth-colored dragon, who growled, "Well, this has been a nice chat, but I do believe you're all here to kill me," Gar pointed out.

"Ohh no, we're here to make sure you don't pull anything else like this," The Vice-general countered, jabbing his thumb over his shoulder, towards the battle, "Killing you is just a fun bonus as far as I'm concerned," He added on with a bloodthirsty smirk as the rest of his comrades pulled out their various weapons. Yet, the vice-general remained unarmed.

"And what makes you think I haven't planned for that as well?" Gar asked as his form shifted from a humanoid wolf to a humanoid snake, with a wedge-shaped head and little difference between the neck and head; A sand boa, to be specific.

"...Oh you ass, GET HIM!" The Vice-General ordered as the six Beastans jumped at Gar. They missed, as he jumped up and off his rock, and ended up dogpiling on the rock. Gar, meanwhile, did a back flip and a nose dive. As he raced towards the sand, a thin layer of bio-energy covered his body, allowing him to slid into the sand. The Vice-General made a mad-grab for Gar's tail and got the tip of it, but his claws sliced right through it as the now serpentine Beastan burrowed away, "Peril damn it," He cursed to himself.

Deep in Nevermore

The being deep within Raven watched as the battle went on, sensing everything more acutely than her main self could even hope to. The gleeful rush of insanity as it enveloped two thousands souls in its talons, the reactionary fear and anger of their comrades, the shower of death as the two forces turned on each other. And, through it all, she could sense something…taste something. Something delicious to her devilish senses. Something strong, bitter, but with a sweet after flavor that lingered. It was cold, with an almost metallic bit to it.

Ahh, yes; Betrayal. She honed in on that flavor and found her mind's eyes focusing on a Beastan near the rear of the army; A female, wounded and suffering. There were others, but this one was the most potent. So freshly hurt, yet so intensely wrathful. Gar must have truly twisted his claws deep into this one. Ohh, how she wish she could have been there. To see the look in her eye as Gar turned them on each other, as he tore that one's heart out emotionally, and stabbed her in the literal back.

The being blinked to herself as she felt an odd feeling in her essense. Something bubbling and burning like magma, rushing through her metaphorical veins. It made her want to leave this hole she had hidden in, it made her want to move, to jump into the fray. It made her anxious. What was this? What was the cause of this desire, this restlessness? This sickly gleeful feeling that made her almost want to dance. There was practically a giggle in her throat, ready to escape, as she bathed in this confusing yet delightful feeling.

She slowly smirked to herself as she stepped her way just outside of her resting place, looking head on at the mental image of the battlefield. She realized it quickly enough. She knew what was making her like this. Even in Trigon's short reign over the earth, she had never truly experienced or witnessed this in person. For all the delicacies in creation, this was new to her lips.


The carnage, the lies, the betrayal, the rage, the insanity, the sorrow, the fear, the bloodlust; All of it stirred together into one great cocktail that was an empathic demon's euphoric vodka. It was truly exhilarating, to be in the presence of this treat of comrades killing comrades, by these creatures of such power. She could feel the flames of war warming her cold, empty soul once more.

The young entity took a deep breath as she allowed herself to, partially, reconnect herself to Raven. She let the breath escape her lips in a long sigh as she locked onto the one that had introduced her to this lovely drink, the splendid taste of war, and awoken her from her would-be eternal slumber, "Show me more, Warlord," She called out gently, her voice as soft as a breeze, but as venomous as a viper, "Show me, Gar, that if nothing else is, that you are worth my attention..."

While reveling in her dark glee and revived interest in this realm, she temporarily ignored the fact that she had been coaxed into watching these events by an unknown party, someone powerful enough to reach her location undetected. That her spiritual revival was by the design of another. But she would file that away for later. Maybe, just maybe, her father wasn't the only power worthy of her.

End of Chapter

And that's that. I'll be hones,t I had a good chunk of this written out for over a year, but something felt off about this story- its because the plot changed a bit after I started writing it. I changed a minor detail in an earlier fic so old and new plans would mesh together more reasonable. Yes, one detail was able to subconsciously trip me up for so long.

Still, I hoped you all enjoyed that. You know, I was surprised how all of you cheered on GAr's backstab to Cenao, but I welcome it all the same. And yes, Gar has more or less turned two thousands beastan soldiers insane and turned them on thier comrades. No, this isn't the same thing he did with Reama and Ferninia, or with the former tameranians.

What Gar is up to next, well, you'll just have to wait and see. And Raven's darker self is still awake, and is very much enjoying the show Gar is putting on. I suppose introducing an empathic demoness to the horrors of war is charming for demonics.

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