The Real Meaning of Ecstacy

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Zaraki was ecstatic. The woman was slashing him repeatedly, causing blood to splurt out from the gashes on his body. The pain was incredible. The feeling of his flesh being sliced in half was what Zaraki lived for and the woman was giving him just that. He was having the time of his life. His maniacal grin grew larger as the battle raged on.


The woman was divulging in pleasure, slicing up the man before him. And best of all the man allowed her to, even enjoying the process.

She smiled sweetly, satisfying her carnal desires

zaraki had been crushing the few hollows that turned up in the area. He presumed that they were even though they lacked a mask and hollow hole. He was bored to death. None of them was a worthy match to his sheer brute strenght. He was caught by surprise when this woman appeared out of nowhere, slashing his back, taunting him into battle.

Her sword moved swiftly, creating an illusion similar to those of ripples on the water surface. Zaraki could keep up with her speed but was never able to block her sword. He was losing and he was delighted.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" He laughed hysterically as he drove his zanpakto in one swift motion into her chest.

Her blood splattered over him and he drowned in the pleasure of her warm blood mixing with his. He pulled his blade out and she lumped to the floor. He stopped smiling.

"...damn... This is it?"

He stood rooted, staring at the heap before him longingly.

He turned to walk away, only to feel her reiatsu(yoki) flaring. His maniacal grin returned and turned to face her.

She swung her claymore towards his neck, ready to decapitate him.

Her blade was stopped by his bare hands, stunning her.

"Your wound is closing up... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'RE THE BEST!"

He pulled on her sword forcing her forward and then crushing his lips on hers. She dropped her claymore.

He was rough and violent and it hurt her lips. She enjoyed the pain moaning for more.

They parted.

"What's your name, woman?"


He rammed his lips on hers again, tearing away her clothes at the same time.

She moaned, sinking her nails into his back.

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