Nagara Aoi

When Miyuki heard that she and Shizuma were summoned by the headmistress, it made her worry. She thought she has done something wrong or a problem with her family since no one gets called by the headmistress unless a crucial incident has taken place.

"You called for us headmistress" said Miyuki when she and Shizuma were in front of the headmistress.

"Good Morning Rojoko-san and Hanazono-san" greeted the headmistress.

"I want to inform you that there will be a special new teacher that will work for the school from now on"

"A special teacher?" questioned Shizuma

"Yes a special teacher Hanazono-san, the teacher will be the first male after 35 years a male teacher has last taught on this school." said the headmistress. "Not only that but he is 15 years old"

"Headmistress are you serious!" exclaimed Shizuma. "The students will be a bit difficult with their being a male teacher since some the female students have great disliked for males and now you're saying he is only 15 years old. This will cause a major outrage with the student. Isn't that right Miyuki?"

"Headmistress, I agree with Shizuma" said Miyuki "the older student will find this very unacceptable and I'm sure so will the student's parent and other staff teacher"

"I thought the very same thing when I first met the boy, no I mean man, but when I talked and argued with him he had very good point that made me realize that he might be right" said the Headmistress "Now, now don't make such faces, how about I let him talk to both you saw that you can see my point" told the headmistress as soon as she saw both Shizuma and Miyuki faces of distrust. "You can come in now" called the headmistress.

The door opened and the same boy that save Miyuki this morning walked in. He smiled at Miyuki when she saw her and went to the headmistress side.

"Let me introduce you the new teacher starting from tomorrow, Aoi Nagara" introduced the headmistress. "Aoi-san meet Rokujo Miyuki and Hanazono Shizuma, they will be the one to guide you around the school and help you should you need assistance."

"It's nice to meet you both" greeted Nagara

"Likewise" said both Shizuma and Miyuki "headmistress, what do you mean by us assisting Aoi-sama shouldn't it be the other staff teacher doing that" ask Shizuma

"Why don't you let me explain everything to both of you instead" answered Nagara and then faced the headmistress "headmistress, I hope you don't mind but will you let me explain it to them elsewhere"

"I don't mind at all and it will let me carry on finishing this ton of paper work" said the headmistress with a sour expression on her face