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"Oi, Ikkaku."

Ikkaku looked up from his focus on the crushed Soul Phone to see the Substitute Shinigami and his better half staring back at him. He sighed. Seeing Ichigo and Rukia only served to irritate Ikkaku even further. Just like Rukia, Yumichika was always seen at Ikkaku's side and if not he was soon to follow.

"What happened to your Soul Phone, Ikkaku-san?" Rukia asked.

"Isn't it obvious, midget? He broke it." Ichigo answered her, but before he could properly finish his sentence he received a swift knock on the head.

"I'm no midget." Ichigo didn't even bother to deepen his scowl, obviously accustomed to her abuse while Rukia continued on as if she had done nothing at all. "There's nothing obvious about it. A Hollow could have broken it."

"Don't you think we would have noticed that a Hollow was here?" Ichigo turned on her, towering over her with his height.

"We could have just missed it!" She countered hands akimbo, completely unthreatened by his height advantage.

"Right. And Ikkaku would just be sitting here like nothing just happened. Yeah right, Rukia!"

"It's a possibility!"

Ikkaku rolled his eyes. Ok, so maybe that's where the similarities ended. He and Yumichika quarrelled, but not like these two. Arguing was like foreplay to them! He and Yumichika were nothing like the bickering couple in front of him. While he admitted to being similar to Ichigo in the sense that he was loud and brash, Yumichika was nothing like Rukia-san. Yumichika was a hell of a lot more sarcastic and somehow managed to corrupt every argument onto the topic of his beauty, a feat that simultaneously exasperated and amazed Ikkaku. Oh great, Ikkaku lamented, he was thinking about Yumichika again.

"Well your reiatsu sure stinks." Ichigo suddenly said to Ikkaku. Rukia mimicked Ichigo by clasping her nose and fanning the air in front of her.

"What!?" Ikkaku flared, "What the hell does that mean?"

"Just like I said. Your reiatsu stinks!" Ichigo said as he got up in Ikkaku's face.

Ikkaku's reiatsu flared even more, rippling the atmosphere around the three Shinigami.

"You got a problem with me, Kurosaki?" Ikkaku growled out.

Rukia quickly came in between the two men.

"What stupid and tactless Ichigo meant to say Ikkaku-san was that we've noticed that you've been sort of depressed for the past two weeks. It shows in your reiatsu of course, and we noticed that just now it really started to sti – umm I mean, show off a different colour." Rukia ended lamely.

Ikkaku turned his head away to avoid the piercing gaze of the petite shinigami. He hadn't even realized that this...thing, for lack of a better word, with Yumichika was affecting him so severely. Suddenly Rukia piped up saying,

"I just remembered that I have to go to Orihime's."

"What? Now?" Ichigo turned on her.

Ikkaku smirked. Ichigo sure was an idiot. He couldn't even see that Rukia was trying to leave him alone with Ikkaku so that the two could 'talk' and 'share feelings'. Nice one, Rukia-san, Ikkaku thought, but I have no intention of 'sharing my feelings'.

"Yes, Ichigo," Rukia said stiltedly at Ichigo while surreptitiously nodding her head at Ikkaku. Well maybe not so surreptitiously since Ichigo said,

"You got a kink in your neck or something?" And he reached out to touch the side of her neck. Rukia threw up her hands in frustration.

She landed a swift blow to Ichigo's head.

"I have to go Ichigo! I'll be back!" And she shunpoed away leaving a bewildered Ichigo rubbing his head.

"What the hell was that about?!" Ichigo turned to Ikkaku who was now trying his best to suppress his laughter.

"Ya'd think by now Ichigo, you would know all of Rukia-san's quirks. It's the same with me and Yumichi-."

Oh crap! Ikkaku mentally slapped himself. He couldn't even have a conversation without dropping this man's name in it.

Ichigo considered Ikkaku. He wasn't exactly sure what the problem was, but he was going to figure it out. Ikkaku's reiatsu was stinking up the whole of Karakura town; this was serious.

"Oi Ikkaku, you wanna spar?"

Yumichika walked outside to the balcony and stared at the Soul Phone for nearly fifteen minutes before he conceded that Ikkaku was not going to call him back. He was hoping that maybe this was all an extremely realistic nightmare and he would soon see Ikkaku walking up the steps and onto the veranda. This is over. The last few words that Ikkaku said to him reverberated in his head. He could never have meant that, Yumichika reasoned. He must have meant that their conversation was over. Yeah, yeah, that had to be it.

Who was he kidding? He couldn't even pretend to believe that lie.

"Ughhh! Why couldn't I have just apologized?!" He shrieked and threw the Soul Phone over the veranda.

"Hey! Watch where you're tossing those things!"

Yumichika looked down from his perch on the Eleventh Division's veranda to see Shūhei Hisagi massaging his head.

"Well it's not my fault that you came into the trajectory of a flying Soul Phone." Yumichika stated as he casually flicked some hair out of his eyes.

"Are you kidding me?! You're the one that threw the phone!" Hisagi screamed up at the pretty third seat.

"True, but you're the one that came in its path, Lieutenant Hisagi of the Ninth Division."

Hisagi shook his head slowly.

"Hmmph. You can't even apologize properly, eh Ayasegawa."

Yumichika's face darkened at Hisagi's words.

"Excuse me? But I did nothing wrong."

"That's very true. I guess you really shouldn't be apologizing for things out of your control. You were only doing what you thought was necessary." Hisagi said in a low tone.

Yumichika's pupils dilated in shock. Did Hisagi hear the conversation that he had with Ikkaku? Was it he who told Ikkaku about Ruri'iro Kujaku?

"You're right Ayasegawa. You really shouldn't apologize." Hisagi continued, "What am I doing walking around all the way out in the Eleventh Division at after eleven at night when there are Soul Phones being thrown around?"

And with that the Lieutenant of the Ninth Division shunpoed off leaving a bewildered Yumichika, but with the seeds of a new thought quickly taking root. He really shouldn't apologize, now should he?