AN: Chapter 81 spoilers. I have other poems, but 81 is calling me! Do I need to say more? By the way, I don't own Ouran. Also at the end is a note about the current manga situation. Read it if it is of interest to you.

All Wet

She pushed back

Against him,

But really

She couldn't fool him.

He knew her blush

And knew its meaning

Especially since

It had made an appearance

On her face

When he touched her

With his hand

On her cheek.

His arms trapped her

So that she couldn't pull away

Because he found her weakness.

Soon she gave up trying to hide

That tell-tale red sign

That had sprung up onto her face

And allowed Tamaki

To be her Prince

And help her out of the pond.

Both were dripping wet

And still had school.

In silent agreement,

They snuck into the school

And grabbed their spare uniforms

In the music room.

Once in dry clothes,

They took the time

That was left

To plan

Where to meet up

For their date,

Their first date.

They parted

With blushing faces

To make their way

To their respective classes.

Those two

With feelings open

Between them,

One has to wonder

Beside who's best

Between these two

And who's the one

Of these two

That will wear the pants?

AN: I don't know how I will be doing these poems any more considering publishers are cracking down on scanlations. I'm seriously thinking about creating a script document with all the scanlations so I can know differences between official and the scanlation. There's still a few sites out there, but I will probably not rely them as much as I use to. The issue with scanlations has gotten me fired up and I'm thinking about starting a blog to talk about this issue.