SpongeBob SquarePants- The Secret Admirer- Chap 2

Earling in the morning SpongeBob went out into the street, prepared to go for a walk.

Patrick: Hi,SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Hi,Patrick!

SpongeBob thinking: Could be Patrick my secret admirer?- After all, isnt a good idea to rule out anyone beforehand.

Patrick: What´s wrong, SpongeBob? Some trouble?

SpongeBob: Oh, no,no, my friend, i am only going for a walk.

Patrick:(talking quietly)Listen, SpongeBob, there are something very very important i want to tell you.

Bob thinking: Will be he my secret admirer? !He will say to me "I love you"?! And, then, what must I do...?!

SpongeBob: Te...Tell me, Patrick...

Patrick: Well, SpongeBob, I had been looking at the newspaper and i fount a job offert for a starfish, the job is perfect for me, they ask to be handsome and clever , and i am the both...SpongeBob, why you looking at me with that face?

SpongeBob: No, no, Patrick (Bob blushed a bit), only that I just remembered that I left the gas on ... I'll be back

Patrick: Well, I thought SpongeBob was electric stove ...

5 minutes later ...

SpongeBob leaves his house, and Patrick is still there.

Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob! About that I told you before, you'll see that the job is excellent for me, but they ask to know Spanish language,do you believe that I can learn Spanish fast? The job offert says that I will to be incorporated to the job the next month ...

SpongeBob: Well, Patrick, Sandy teached me Spanish language (She is from Texas, you know), and I learned it in only a year.

Patrick: But, SpongeBob, I havent a year, I only have a month!

SpongeBob : No, Patrick, you're 24, do not remember that we celebrate your birthday last week?

Patrick: Ah, it's true...I remember..., I am still waiting your gift ...

Bob: (Blushing) yes, yes, I bought it from catalog and it has not been reached yet

Patrick: Is it a cake? Is it a cake?

SpongeBob: Patrick, if someone buy a cake from catalogue, probably it will arrive flatten...

Patrick: I knew it, is a cake, is a cake ! HAHAHA! Really you are a great friend, SpongeBob.
Well, regarding learning Spanish ... please say me that i can learn it in a week

SpongeBob: A week? Didnt you said me that you has a month ?

Patrick: Yes, of course, a week for learning Spanish and the other three for eat the cake you're going to give me.

SpongeBob: ... well, I... ... ... okay, it may be possible to learn Spanish in seven days

Patrick: What? Are you kidding SpongeBob? Nobody learns Spanish in seven days. SpongeBob Go to your town!

SpongeBob: I'm in my hometown, Patrick

Patrick: Then go to mine!

SpongeBob: ...

SpongeBob: (putting Gary´s accent): Meuuuuuu

Oh Patrick, I have to go, Gary calls me.

SpongeBob runs away.