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Summary: The Troop are faced with an unusual monster. This monster is basically cupid and is causing people to fall in love with the wrong people. "Cupid" shoots Haley and finds herself falling for Jake. Jake also begins to find himself falling in love with Haley without an arrow that the monster uses. Is this real or fake love? Let's find out.

Haley POV

I can't believe I have to stay after school to clean up monster guts. You see Jake used a blaster on a troolis and it exploded somehow. Anyways if we don't clean it up, people will probably get suspicious. It was really gross and its guts might attract a very dangerous monster. I have to hurry or I'll miss cheerleading practice. Felix still hadn't returned with more cleaning supplies.

"Jake, couldn't you have at least used the freeze ray." I whined.

"Well excuse me all over the place. I used the closest weapon I could use and it was the blaster. Anyways you're not the only person who doesn't want to be cleaning monster goop." He said.

I took a step closer to say something, but slipped … and landed on Jake. He was on his back and I was on top of him. I blushed a bright red and for some reason I stayed there for a minute. I never really noticed how cute Jake actually was. Whoa, whoa, Jake is just a friend, right?! I got up off of him.

"Um… sorry." I stuttered.

"Yeah, me too." Jake muttered with a little bit of red on his face.

Felix finally returned. He looked at both of us.

"Did I miss something?" asked Felix.

"No." we both said.

Then, all of our watchcoms went off. Mr. Stockley appeared on them.

"Kids, come to the base now. I'll have another Troop clean up for you guys." He said.

We nodded. Looks like I'm going to be missing cheerleading practice… again. We collected our things and ran to base. I still don't know why I blushed when I landed on Jake. I mean he's just a friend.

Inner H: Yeah right, a really cute friend.

Haley: Yeah, wait. What are you talking about?!

Inner H: Oh please, stop pretending. You know you like him.

Haley: Whatever. Just because he saved me from monsters a few times, doesn't mean I like him.

"Haley, are you alright. You've been staring out into space for some time now." Asked Jake.

"Yeah, sorry. Just daydreaming I guess." I replied.

"Kids, the scanner has picked up a monster. This monster is known most to you as cupid except it has the head of a baby and the body of a chimp. It shoots arrows at people and whoever it shoots will fall in love at whoever they see first. You have to be careful because it takes awhile before it wears off. Now any questions." said Stockley.

"Are we going to kill it or capture it?" asked Jake.

"Capture it because if it explodes then it will attract a ratadon." answered Stockley.

We nodded and collected a cage and the weapons we needed.

Jake POV (sorry for the change of POV)

Man I can't stop thinking about how Haley accidentally fell on me. I've had a crush on her for awhile. I just wish that she'd like me back. I mean she's pretty, popular, smart, and part of the Troop. Anyways hopefully this monster will be pretty weak. The scanner said that it was in the forest. We all took different posts and waited.

All of a sudden an arrow narrowly missed my neck by a few centimeters.

"Guys, the cupid thing is over here." I said into my watchcoms.

They nodded and ran over to where I was. I saw the cupid thing. It's head was cute, but it's body was like a chimps. It was starting to aim an arrow at me. I began to shoot it with the freeze ray. Then it let shot the arrow at me. For some reason I couldn't move. Then all of a sudden I was knocked down. Instead of me getting hit with an arrow, Haley had knocked me out of the way and got hit with the arrow. She was also on top of me again and staring right at me. Oh, boy.

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