Hey reviewers. Sorry that I haven't updated in awhile. Anyways it looks like things are starting to heat up with Jake and Haley. Anyways do any of you want to have Felix get with a girl? I can make that happen since that Eris Faerie said there was someone in his chemistry class that liked him. I do not own the Troop. FYI, Haley doesn't know how long the arrow is going to last. She thinks she still thinks she's under the influence of the arrow. Oh yeah, I don't know what a high schooler's schedule is. Go to if you're confused on some parts.

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Me: *I try to pull them apart, but they push me away*



Haley *left alone with the dust* HEY, WHAT THE HECK!

Me: OK without the distractions now Jake, Haley what do you say?

Jake & Haley: Please R&R!

Haley POV

Jake and I have been dating for about 3 months. My friends thought I had gone crazy, but after I told them what Jake did for me, they accepted it. I keep on thinking that I should break up with him (since we're boyfriend and girlfriend), but I don't have the heart to. He's so innocent with those big brown eyes and his blondish-brown hair and his … dang it I'm distracting myself again.

Anyways, I'm walking to my locker. Lately a lot of guys have been trying to hit on me since they think they have a better chance at dating me because I'm dating Jake. Jake keeps on beating up other boys if they hit on me. He is so protective, and kind, and … I'm doing it again! Darn it, darn the arrow actually.

InnerH: Actually Haley, it's your heart not the arrow.

Haley: I thought I got rid of you 3 months ago.

InnerH: Haley, Haley, Haley, I'll always be somewhere inside of you. I've just been taking a little nap since you started dating Jakey.

Haley: Yes he's my Jakey, but as soon as that arrow wears off I'm not going to feel the same towards him.

I grabbed the rest of the books I needed and closed the locker. Jake was suddenly standing right next to me.

"Hey beautiful." said Jake.

"Hey." I said.

I gave him a hug. He pulled me into a kiss. I always loved it when he did. Aw, my life is so perfect.

"Aw, my eyes! Can't you do that under some stairs or under the bleachers!" screamed Felix.

"Oh you're just jealous that you can't kiss a girl." said Jake.

"Yeah, I want to suck face with a girl." said Felix with sarcasm, but you could tell he did want to date someone.

"Guys, we have to get to class before we get detention for being late." I said.

"Fine. I'll see you next period. Bye." said Jake going to class before quickly giving me a kiss.

"See ya, Haley." said Felix.

"Bye guys." I said.

You see all of us have different homeroom classes. Jake, Felix and I have 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th period with each other. (I just made that up) Jake and I just have 6th period with each other while Felix and Jake have 7th period with each other. Felix and I have 8th period with each other.

I began to walk towards history class. Uh, it's so boring. After the teacher began to lecture about the civil war which I already know about, I began to remember when Jake and I first kissed. Now you're probably thinking that it was on a romantic date. That so wasn't it.


Jake, Felix and I were trying to calm down or get rid of a Behemoth that had wondered close to town. Apparently we are luring it out with lasagna covered gravy. Jake said that Lance had used this to lure out another Behemoth. Felix was hiding in a bush a couple of yards away from the "bait". Jake was hiding in the branches of a tree close to the lasagna. I was hiding behind the tree Jake was hiding in. Felix was using a monocular so that he could warn us when the Behemoth was close. All of us had a blaster with us, Felix had a freeze ray, I had a webbing launcher (just in case), and Jake had a circutron. I know it's a lot of equipment.

"Haley, Jake get ready! The Behemoth is a couple of yards away." Said Felix using a watchcom.

We positioned ourselves. I saw the Behemoth sniffing the bait. This Behemoth was huge. I mean it was larger than the one Lance was trying to catch. Felix started using the freeze ray. It kind of worked. The Behemoth was slowing down but it was getting angry. I was about to use my webbing launcher when all of a sudden the Behemoth picked up a giant rock and threw it at Jake.

"Jake, Jake are you alright?! Speak to me!" I said/screamed.

I was overwhelmed with worry. I snapped out of it and used the webbing launcher. The thing roared and raised its arms to try and get the net off. Felix and I tried to blast its under arm area but it kept moving. All of a sudden a blaster from behind me blasted the Behemoth's underarm.

I looked behind me. Jake had just shot it. The Behemoth was a pile of rocks. I ran over to Jake and hugged him. I pulled away and examined him. He looked okay, for some reason I began to check him out. I mean he's worked out more than when I first met him and when did he get so tall.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, just a little sore. I fell out of the tree to avoid that rock." he answered.

All of a sudden he pulled me to him and he brought my face closer to his. Finally, he just well he kissed me. It was very sweet and passionate. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Then I heard a gagging sound behind us. Jake pulled away from me. I was in a daze.

InnerH: (doing a touchdown dance)

Haley: What are you so happy about?

InnerH: You finally kissed him.

Haley: So?

InnerH: SO?! SO?! You finally kissed your crush.

Haley: He's just a good friend. Besides it's probably the arrow.

InnerH: I thought he was your boyfriend considering he took you out a couple of days ago.

Haley: Fine he's my boyfriend. Happy?

InnerH: Very.

"Aw gross guys. I'm right here. Couldn't you have waited till I left or something." whined Felix.

I just rolled my eyes. Felix ran towards HQ after that in case something happened. I was left alone with Jake.

"So. Does this mean we're um… boyfriend and girlfriend?" I said.

"I guess. Unless you don't want to." he said.

"No, no. I mean we can be um… boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Well in that case I guess I can do this."

Jake pulled me into another kiss.

InnerH: Yep, definitely boyfriend and girlfriend.

I ignored my conscience.

"Jake, Haley. Report back to HQ. Jake stop making out with Haley and get back to HQ or Mr. Stockley will have your head." Yelled Felix.

Jake pulled away from me. He smiled at me.

"Come on let's go before Felix returns with a weapon." said Jake.

I nodded. I was still dazed from the kiss. He held my hand and we walked back to HQ.

*End Flashback*

"Ms. Steele, when was the civil war?" asked the teacher suddenly bringing me out of my flashback.

"Um." Was all I said before the bell rang. I ran out of class to meet Jake and Felix for math. Jake and Felix were waiting for me outside the classroom. I hugged Jake and Felix. Jake gave me a quick peck on the lips. We just started talking about stuff. We took our seats and got ready. The math teacher wasn't here so we had a substitute.

"Okay class since your teacher isn't here and he didn't anything here to say what for you guys to do, you get a free period. Stay in the classroom though." She said.

Everyone cheered. Jake and I were just talking. Felix was trying to flirt with a girl.

"Hey Haley, do you want to go out tonight?" asked Jake.

"Sure. So where are we going?" I asked.

"Oh, it's a surprise." said Jake.

"Pwease" I said with wide eyes.


I sighed. I decided to just hug him. He of course pulled me into a kiss. Thank God, the substitute was asleep right now or else we would get in trouble. We pulled away just in time for the bell rang for third period. Third period was science. Great.

Hey reviewers! Sorry if it was short. Anyways, Jake had finally kissed Haley. Haley still thinks that she's under the influence of the arrow. Felix is trying to flirt with girls. Why am I listing all of this stuff?

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