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Morning at the Williams household proceeded as normal. Both Mr. Williams and Mrs. Williams went about their normal Saturday morning routines, remaining blissfully unaware of the otherworldly visitors that had frequented their house the night before. The only physical evidence left behind was a broken coffee mug and a spilled vase of wild roses, both of which Mrs. Williams blamed on the poor cat. It was nearly twelve-o'clock in the afternoon before Sarah made her appearance. The rest of the family was sitting down to lunch when she wandered in, wearing a pair of jean shorts and a pink short-sleeved shirt, and wiping the sleep out of her eyes. She collapsed wearily into a kitchen chair.

"Look who's finally up!" Mr. Williams chuckled.

Mrs. Williams, who was trying to feed Toby, glanced over at her stepdaughter.

"It isn't like you to sleep this late. I was starting to worry you had come down with something!" She said, spooning some banana puree into Toby's waiting mouth, "What's wrong? Didn't you sleep well?"

"I did when I finally got to sleep," Sarah yawned. It had been five in the morning by the time she had climbed into her bed. It still amazed her that two days could pass in the Underground, and Jareth could still return her within hours of when she had left.

"That's too bad…did Toby keep you up?"

The girl smiled over at her younger brother, who was having much more fun getting his food all over him than he would eating it. She tousled his thin hair affectionately.

"No," She said, "He was an angel, like always."

Mr. Williams chuckled, turning the page of his newspaper.

"You know, if I had heard you say that a month ago, I would've probably went in for an ear exam."

Sarah's gaze fell to the empty plate in front of her.

"I know. And I'm sorry. I was a real jerk before."

Both her parents paused what they were doing, surprised. Mr. and Mrs. Williams were still getting used to how much their daughter had matured. The change had happened so quickly, it felt like it had happened overnight. They forced themselves to continue before she could notice.

"Oh, you were never that bad," Mrs. Williams said softly, "You were just a little confused, that's all. A lot of things change when you're a teenager."

Hearing Toby gurgling happily, she turned to see he had spilled the jar of banana all over his highchair.

"Oh no, Toby!" She cried, pulling him out before he could get any more on him, "And I just gave you a bath this morning…!"

Mr. Williams wiped his mouth and stood up, taking his sticky son out of his wife's hands.

"I'll take round two. Come here, buddy. Let's get you cleaned up."

Her father disappeared up the stairs with Toby in tow. Mrs. Williams sighed and reached out to start cleaning the highchair. However, she was beaten to it by Sarah.

"I've got it," the girl said, smiling, "You can sit down and finish your lunch." She grabbed a sponge from the sink and began mopping the mush up.

Her stepmother blinked, wondering silently if this was really the same girl as before. Maybe she had been switched. Or brainwashed.

Mrs. Williams was pulled out of her conspiracy theories by the doorbell, and went to answer it. Sarah washed out the sponge and finished wiping off the highchair. She was about to make herself a sandwich when she heard her stepmother's voice.

"Sarah? Could you come here a minute?"

The girl frowned. There was something strange in her tone. She walked cautiously down the hall to the entryway to join a flustered-looking Mrs. Williams. Seeing who it was, she gasped.

Jareth was standing in the doorway. Instead of his usual flamboyant clothing, he was wearing a white dress shirt and black pants. His flaxen hair had been tamed, his bangs slicked back. His mismatched eyes were carefully hidden behind a pair of stylish glasses. Somehow, all the changes made him look a lot younger. Almost normal.

Normal, and a tad uncomfortable.

They stared at each other for what seemed like minutes. Finally, Mrs. Williams broke the silence.

"Sarah…would you mind introducing your friend?"

"Ah! Yes!" Sarah said quickly, her mind racing. What was she supposed to tell her stepmother? "This is…um…!"

"David," Jareth interrupted, smiling, "David King. I'm Sarah's new Theatre tutor. No doubt she's mentioned me before…?"

"Uh…I…" Mrs. Williams said helplessly, glancing at her daughter. Sarah raised an eyebrow, giving her best Don't-You-Remember? look. It worked.

Her stepmother smiled.

"Oh! Yes, of course! David! She talks about you all the time!"

"We usually meet at the park, but I was in the neighborhood, and thought I would just drop by and pick her up," He said lightly. The Goblin King turned to Sarah, adjusting his glasses.

"Are you ready for today's lesson?"

Seeing that Mrs. Williams was buying it, Sarah smiled in relief.

"Yes, I'm ready."

Jareth gave her stepmother another warm smile, and gently kissed the back of her hand.

"I'll be sure to have her back in a few hours. Lovely to finally meet you, Mrs. Williams."

"Okay, time to go!" The girl squeaked, "See you later!"

With that, Sarah grabbed a hold of Jareth's arm and began dragging him quickly down the sidewalk, leaving her stepmother standing at the open doorway, blushing.

When they got half-way down the block, Sarah let go and spun around, putting her hands on her hips.

"Jareth, what are you doing? You aren't supposed to be here!"

"Well, how is that for gratitude?" The Fae replied, frowning, "I come all this way, dress up in these ridiculous clothes, and I don't even get a 'hello'!"

"Hello," The girl growled coldly, "Now, why are you in my world?"

"That's rather arrogant, considering the Aboveground 'your' world. It hardly belongs to you," he retorted.

"You know what I meant. Why are you here?" She asked.

"Because I'm not there. I thought that would be perfectly obvious."

Sarah folded her arms.

"You're avoiding my question on purpose. Why did you come to the Aboveground?"

The Goblin King opened his mouth to make another snide comment, but his face softened, and he closed it. A few moments later, he replied, "I…came to check up on you."

Her arms slowly dropped to her sides.

"Check up on me?"

"When you left last night…" He began. His glasses slipped a little. Jareth whipped them off in annoyance.

"How on earth can you humans stand to wear these things?" He demanded, holding the glasses between his forefinger and thumb in disdain, "And these wretched clothes! They aren't flattering in the least!"

Knowing he had changed the subject on purpose, Sarah smirked, and resumed her walk.

"Well, men here don't walk around in capes with their shirts half-open."

"After observing a few of your species, I can see why," The blond Fae replied, following after her, "The women would have to gouge out their own eyes."

She chuckled.

"For what it's worth, I think you look pretty good in regular clothes. And you look a lot younger without your makeup."

"It isn't makeup!" Jareth balked, "It's glamour, and it occurs naturally. I had to use extra magic just to cover it up."

"Glamour, huh?" The girl said, flipping a lock of her hair mischievously, "I have something at home that looks a lot like your 'glamour'. I think the shade is called bashful beauty."

"It's glamour!" He hissed, his face reddening, "And all Fae have it, though I wouldn't expect a mortal to be able to understand!"

Sarah's eyes narrowed, but she sighed, closing her eyes.

"I guess you're right," she said.

The Goblin King blinked. He hadn't expected that.

The two of them continued walking, until Sarah spoke up again.

"Are all the goblins recovering okay?"

"Yes," Jareth replied, sounding relieved, "My subjects seem to be doing well. They are all stiff, and perhaps a bit confused, but considering the circumstances, it could have been much worse. The poultry seem to be especially foul-tempered. Nothing a few blasts out of a cannon won't fix."

"How is Turnok?" She asked, remembering the injured Captain of the Guard.

"Back to full health, thanks to a bit of magic. He's quite pleased to be ordering others around again, a sentiment I share as well. Though, I heard him snip at poor Leija after you left, and punished him accordingly."

The girl winced.

"You didn't throw him down a staircase again, did you?"

"Only once," He replied, "And it worked out splendidly. He landed on some lazy fools that were loitering at the bottom. I killed two birds with one stone."

"And Edorin?"

"Like any new pet, training is crucial. But discipline is the fun part."

Sarah turned to him, her brow furrowed.

"Aren't you worried about the trolls trying to come save him?"

"No need to worry about that, my dear Sarah," The blond Fae said, "The army retreated as soon as they heard he had been defeated. A flea has more loyalty than that lot. As for those remaining in the Labyrinth, I've already dealt with them."

"You had the soldiers kill them?" The girl asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm surprised you have so little confidence in my character," He said, pretending to sound hurt, "It takes no imagination whatsoever to off your enemies that way. I returned the Labyrinth back to its original state, and used its lovely little surprises to drive them into oubliettes that all led to one very specific location."

Sarah felt a broad smile stretch over her lips.

"You didn't…"

"The Bog of Eternal Stench might as well be called the Bog of Trolls now," Jareth replied smugly, "When that crazy fox-thing heard, he took his mutt and that horned gorilla to go and hunt them down."

"I'm sure Hoggle didn't like that," She sighed.

His brow furrowed slightly.

"Quite honestly, I don't think he paid much attention. Hogwart was too busy following around Leija. He fawns over her like some kind of ugly, love-sick puppy!"

The girl giggled.

"I think it's cute."

"It is nothing short of revolting!" The Goblin King muttered disapprovingly, "Worse still, I think she actually might care for the little scab. Leija is too good for him. I don't know what she could possibly see in that bark-skinned dwarf!"

"He isn't bark-skinned," She said firmly, before her tone lightened, and she continued, "And you know what they say. Love is blind."

Sarah walked a few more paces before she realized that the blond Fae wasn't following. She turned to see him standing frozen on the sidewalk, his gaze fixed on her. His mismatched eyes were churning with apprehension.

"Jareth?" She asked softly, drifting back to his side, "What's wrong?"


He lowered his gaze, unable to meet her eyes any longer. The question had been nagging at him ever since he had sent Sarah home the night before. After a few hours, when he could finally bear the torment no longer, he had come to ask her. It was the real reason he had come to the Aboveground. He didn't know if he could bear the truth, but he had to know.

"Last night…when I was dying, and you came to me…"

The Goblin King glanced at her face, and his throat tightened. She was looking straight at him with her beautiful hazel eyes, her lovely face painted with concern. He could barely choke out the words.

"…d-did you mean what you said?"

She blinked, and instantly realized what he meant.

I told him that I loved him…

In all honesty, she had already thought that Jareth was dead, that it was too late to save him. However, those words had mended his broken heart instantly, and infused him with such power that Edorin hadn't stood a chance.

But now, he wondered if she truly meant it. Just like she had before…

A warm smile spread over the girl's face.

She was going to put those doubts to rest permanently.

Without warning, Sarah grabbed a hold of his shirt collar, pulled his face down, and kissed him full on the lips. When she drew back, he simply stared at her with wide-eyed shock, his ivory skin blushing dark pink.

For perhaps the second time in his life, Jareth had been rendered speechless.

After a few moments, once his mind had processed what had just happened, Jareth relaxed, and his face softened into the brightest, most beautiful smile Sarah had ever seen. Then he leaned over…and kissed her back.

The End