The afternoon is over cast as the clouds seem to block out the sun, a cool afternoon for the summer. Harry pressed his head against the glass and looks out on the world, the quaint little muggle street. He grew up here and every summer since he began school he has been returned, but some how he truly believed this summer would be different. Had they not told him he would be free of this home when the war was over, and hadn't he defeated Voldemort in the ministry? He had lost his godfather but there were others who loved him, or so he told himself. And yet he once again found himself here

Harry walked over to his desk where he picked up a photo of the marauders, and looked at the four of them. All but one were dead, he believed deep in his heart Remus was alive out there. He had been told Remus was on a mission and had been killed, but both he and Sirius had known deep down he was not dead.

Harry touched the pendant around his neck and looked down at the knife he smuggled from the kitchen. "It would be so easy."

Harry had always been a strong person or so every one said, he was so brave when he faced Voldemort. In reality he was very much a fifteen year old, he was very much a scared teenager who nearly pissed his pants. They all expected him to be this brave hero and save them which he did, but he could not do it any more.

He was shocked when he felt a hand on his arm. "No Harry, not like this."

Harry looked up into the warm amber eyes. "I can't go back, I saved the world already."

He did not ask where Remus had come from or how he had come into the house, it no longer mattered to him He had been telling people Remus was alive and he would come back, but every one listened to Albus as they always did. He had no body to show them and no explanation to how Remus had been killed; just his total conviction the man was dead. Harry and Sirius before he died had held out hope, and he was happy to see he had not been wrong.

Remus made him drop the knife. "We have little time before the order knows I have come. You must choose cub, come with me or remain."

Harry did not even ask where. "I need a few things."

Remus simply went and removing the lock from Hedwig's cage he released the bird, Harry wouldn't leave without her. Harry didn't care about his trunk, he fetched his wand, cloak, album and marauders map from under a floor board. It was all that he had to him, other then his books and over grown clothing. He stopped and for a moment thought of his broom but it brought back memories for him.

Harry noticed an odd scar on Remus and he could sense others. "Where have you been Moony? Where are you taking me?"

Remus offered his arm. "Trust me cub, you will be safe where I take you, among our own kind.I will make sure you will never be a pawn again."

Though the man had not told him any more, Harry took his arm and readied for the portkey. If there was one person in the world he trusted any more with his life it was Moony, the one person who befriended and took care of him for real. The Weasleys claimed to but they had let him be sent back here, Albus' loyal followers. Harry was scared about the odd scars on Remus as they seemed familiar, but as the portkey took them away he was sure he would be safe.

His confidence and trust faltered when they arrived and Harry recognized one of the figures before him. "You."

Author note: so this will be a creature fic, I have not decided if it will be Harry/Lucius or maybe Harry/Fenrir for a challenge.