Harry was finally free, he thought he would be after the war, but he had become a victim of the headmaster. He would not give up his dad for anything, or the time he spent with the pack, but all the danger he and those he cared about were in was too much. He knew Draco and Hermione were still coming to school in France, even with Albus gone, to be with him. Hermione's parents had moved to France anyways, and though she could have continued in the UK, she was excited to go to Beauxbautons. Like Hermione, Draco knew Beauxbautons was actually academically a stronger school, and was looking forward to it. Harry had enjoyed his year with the pack, when Albus did not interfere with him, but he was happy to be going back to real school.

For a second year his birthday was in France, but this time at the Delacaur estate, and with a much bigger guest list then before. Moody came with Tonks and her parents, but no longer had to sneak guests down. The twins, Luna and Neville with his Gran and her dad, and the old quidditch team were all to come. Even Charlie.

Remus looked at his son when they were at the French ministry. His son had just finished his apparition test. "How did it go?"

Harry beamed and showed off his license. "I passed on the first try."

Remus kissed his son and handed him a gift. "I have another later, but this is traditional."

Harry opened, and found a pocket watch, one he had seen Sirius wear. "This was my Uncle's."

Remus nodded. "It was your grandfather's before him. Neither I or your Papa had one, but your Papa and Uncle would want you to have this."

He was the Black heir, he had been before he found out he was Remus' lost son, Sirius had named his godson in absence of his nephew. Sirius had broken with his family, he had spit in the face of most tradition, but he had kept the watch. Like the ring Harry had got that morning from the bank, when he claimed his titles, it was meant to be his. He was now Lord Potter-Black, reminded James had adopted him, and wanted him to have his title and estate. Harry had become the closest thing to a son the couple had, and they had loved him with all of their hearts, to their last breath literally. Harry had asked his dad, and they had a little monument added to the couple's stone in the graveyard, and a spell was used, to retrieve their baby and put him in the right grave. The baby had been buried with Regulus, but he deserved to be reunited with his parents. Lily had always loved her baby, it was in her letter, Harry could not replace him, he had simply filled a painful void.

Harry had been thinking about something, ever since he spoke to Albus when Fleur's nephew was kidnapped, and he gave them the photo. When they had been speaking about the memorial for the baby, Harry was reminded Harry James was not his name, it belonged to the dead baby. He had spoken to his dad about it.

Remus looked at his son, knowing what he was thinking about. "We can do it, if you really want. But are you sure?"

Harry nodded. "I won't if you don't want me to. I know the couple loved and protected me, but it is not my name. Like those weren't my looks."

Remus kissed his son. "I meant it with your looks, and now, I would be so happy. I just never want you to feel any pressure."

Harry knew. "I have a new life, a fresh start, here in France. I want to start school here in the fall as John Orion Regulus Lupin-Black."

Remus had tears in his eyes. "I know even James and Lily would be happy for you to cub."

It was the last stop, he had claimed his titles at the bank, but he had to make it known with the ministry. He officially was an adult, able to use magic any where, and was now John Lupin-Black, Lord Potter-Black. He had spoken to his dad, as well as Lucius, and friends like Hermione and Draco who all supported him. He had a fresh start at Beauxbautons, other then his two friends; Gabrielle was the only one who knew him. He wanted to make it a total fresh start, and it felt right, carrying not only his Papa's name, but the name of both his grandfathers. Harry Potter was laid to rest, the tiny sickly baby who died after three days of life, and had been mourned in secret in order to keep him safe, was remembered. He thought he owed it to the couple and their son, and he wanted this. It would still take time to get used to his new name, he could admit he thought of himself as Harry, but he would.

The party was waiting for them back at the manor, and none were surprised he changed his name, even those he had not spoken to directly. The pack had even come to the manor, well a few like Fen and Silver, which was a first. They did a pool party, so they could all be involved with it.

Lucius kissed him. "New looks, and a new name, should I be worried about this fresh start? Are you looking for a new boyfriend?"

He knew his boyfriend was just joking, so he joked back. "I don't know, I hear there are a lot of hot veela guys at school. Not middle aged widowers."

Lucius nipped his nose, he was reminded of what he said when he was surprised Harry would date him. "Did I forget to mention my new job at the school?"

He thought he was joking but it turned out Lucius was going to help teach advanced charms at least for a year. "I really must have you worried."

They both knew they had a future, they had spoken marriage and kids, one day. He wanted to finish school, and have a career first, and Lucius was happy to wait. He looked at his dad and Fenrir, and knew they would be first, and knew his Papa would have been happy. Remus was thinking the same thing as he looked at his son, the man he loved would have been happy, that both his son and soul mate were moving on and happy. Remus was in tears, and again reminded of the Black brothers when his son showed his gift to them, when he did his transformation. He took the form of a wolf, full even the tail, doing the turn three times just to show off.

He shook his head when Remus told him he had only tied the record. "I have been able to do that for ten days, ask Lucius. Sorry but the marauders are beat."

Author note: So this is the end, I am considering a sequel, but it will be fluffy a lot as most sequels are. I will consider a sequel if I know people are interested, perhaps some ideas on how to make the sequel exciting, so I continue to get support. Or a challenge for a new story.