Ch. 3: The Continuation of The Scar

A few minutes later, whether it was ten or thirty, nobody was sure, the future parents came down the boys' staircase looking very disheveled and quite happy with themselves. Sirius had a shell-shocked look on his face and Brittany had a far away look in her eyes.

"So?" James snickered. "Enjoy yourselves much?" Lily elbowed him in the stomach and he grunted "OW!".

"Don't be so rude, James," Lily said, rolling her eyes at her boyfriend. Remus himself was smirking, though. He didn't hang around the Marauders without being rubbed off on.

"Nonsense, Lils," chirped the pregnant teen. "We did, in fact, enjoy ourselves, so much, that we could've go on for hours."

James blanched, Remus put his hands over his ears, Sirius chuckled while smirking, and Lily, disgusted, cried, "EWWW, too much information, Britt."

"Alright, alright, let's just finish this chapter so we can break for lunch," said Remus, his sensible side coming back.

"I'm pretty sure Sirius and Brittany are starving already," James laughed and Brittany threw a cushion at his head.

"Enough," she said. "I think I've caused enough damage without you adding to it."

"Nonsense, love," said Sirius. "You're not capable of causing of anyone damage. You're the nicest person I know, besides Lily, of course."

"Awww," said Lily and Brittany at the same time, the latter wrapping her arms around Sirius and giving him a passionate kiss.

James, Remus, and Lily coughed loudly and the couple broke apart, Brittany looking sheepish. "Can we get on with it, now?"

"Sure, sure."

James gave a dramatic cough, again, and continued where he left off.

Nevertheless, Sirius had been of some help to Harry, even if he couldn't be with him.

James and Lily looked at Sirius with gratitude. "Thanks, Sirius," Lily said softly.

"He's my godson," said Sirius. "I would do anything for him and you guys."

Lily gave him a hug and James slapped him on the back. "Thanks anyway, mate."

It was due to Sirius that Harry now had all his school things in his bedroom with him. The Dursleys had never allowed this before

"But…but then, how did he do all his homework?" Lily shrieked, horrified.

"Relax, Lily," said Brittany, comfortingly. "He snuck down to the cupboard and hid his things under a floorboard under his bed. He did his homework at night."

Lily did relax then, sighing with relief. Sirius and James were staring at her in disbelief, they weren't very big fans of homework. Remus just shook his head at all three of them and waved for James to continue.

Their general wish of keeping Harry as miserable as possible,

All the boys growled at this and the ladies glowered.

Couple with their fear of his powers, had led them to lock his school trunk in the cupboard under the stairs every summer prior to this.

"I swear I'll get you for this, Tuney," Lily whispered to herself. "Just wait until the summer and you and your boyfriend come to visit."

Nobody could hear what she had said, but they looked at her weirdly, like she was crazy. James just shrugged, kissing her on the cheek and putting his arm over her shoulder, leaning back against the couch. Lily snuggled in close to him, unaware of the stares.

But their attitude had changed since they found out that Harry had a dangerous murderer for a godfather –

Remus, Brittany and Lily chuckled. James and Sirius looked at them confused and asked, "What's so funny?"

"If he did what I thought he did, you'll see," said cryptic Remus. It only deepened their confusion, but what can you expect with these two guys.

For Harry had conveniently forgotten to tell them that Sirius was innocent.

Everyone roared with laughter at that. Remus's suspicions had come true. Sirius and James chanted, "Go, Harry! Go, Harry!"

Harry had received two letters from Sirius since he had been back at Privet Drive. Both had been delivered, not by owls

"Then what did I deliver them with?" questioned Sirius, looking perplexed. Brittany just smiled and Lily glared at him.

"Let James read and I'm sure we'll find out," she grounded out through clenched teeth. Sirius shut up immediately and Brittany giggled quietly. Sirius turned to scowl at her.

"Hey," she whispered. "Can't blame me for anything, I just had sex with you."

James and Remus cracked up laughing at that and Sirius just said, "Can't argue with that," while looking at her lovingly.

"Alright, you two, cut it out," Lily said, smiling slightly. Still chuckling, James continued to read.

(as was usual with wizards), but by large, brightly colored tropical birds.

At that, everyone looked confused except for Brittany. "Hmm," said Remus thoughtfully. "You must have went somewhere south, where it's lighter and warmer. Dementors wouldn't go there if it's too bright. It seems you were smart for once, Sirius."

Everyone had a good laugh. Brittany just chuckled and Sirius pouted. "I can be smart if I wanted," he whined.

"I know you can be, Siri," Brittany said, kissing him on the cheek and hugging his waist, head on his chest.

"Thank you, my lovely princess," said Sirius, eyes sparkling. "You don't know what you do to me."

Brittany's eyes shined with tears and happiness. "I love you, my Padfoot."

"I love you, my Princess."

"Alright then," said James, half-smiling and half-disgusted. "Let's get on with it, then." Lily smiled at her future husband and Harry's future father and thought, 'Well, it's about time he had some sense knocked into him.'

Hedwig had not approved of these flashy intruders; she had been most reluctant to allow them to drink from her water tray before flying off again.

"She sounds stuck-up," said Sirius, wrinkling his nose. And he would know what stuck-up was, considering the family he had grown up with, the Blacks.

"I quite agree," said James in a smart alec manner. Sirius laughed while Remus snickered.

Brittany and Lily shook their heads, once again mumbling, "Boys."

Harry, on the other hand, had liked them; they put him in mind of palm trees and white sand, and he hoped that, wherever Sirius was (Sirius never said, in case the letters were intercepted), he was enjoying himself.

"Awww..." said Lily. "He cares about you, Sirius."

"Of course he does," Sirius said, puffing his chest out. "I'm his godfather, or rather dogfather." Then he laughed at his own joke. James snickered, but everyone else just shook their heads at him.

"You can do better than that, Padfoot," Remus claimed, grinning at his friend.

Somehow, Harry found it hard to imagine dementors surviving for long in bright sunlight;

"See, even Harry agrees with me," Remus grinned, smug.

Perhaps that was why Sirius had gone south. Sirius's letters, which were now hidden beneath the highly useful loose floorboard under Harry's bed, sounded cheerful, and in both of them he had reminded Harry to call on him if ever Harry needed to.

"That was thoughtful of you, Sirius," Lily smiled at him. "It's good that your happy."

Sirius nodded and said, "Thanks...anything for little Harry."

"He's not so little in this book, Sirius," the mother of his unborn child reminded him.

"Oh, I know, I just wanted to say that."

Brittany giggled while the others laughed. "You're unbelievable, Mr. Padfoot and I love you for it."

"Well, thank you for that assessment, Ms. Beautiful," said Sirius, smiling hugely.

"I'm not beautiful," she mumbled, blushing all the same. She wasn't going to even say that McGonagall had said the exact same thing to Ron a while back, without the 'Ms. Beautiful' part, though.

Shaking her head, Lily said, "Alright, get on with reading, please, James."

Well, he needed to now, all right. . . .

Harry's lamp seemed to grow dimmer as the cold gray light that precedes sunrise slowly crept into the room. Finally, when the sun had risen, when his bedroom walls had turned gold,

"HIS BEDROOM WALLS TURNED GOLD?!" yelled Sirius, amazed. "I want that bedroom." James, Lily, and Brittany couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Remus rolled his eyes and said slowly, as if talking a mental patient, "It - Is - The - Sunlight."

Everyone just laughed harder at Sirius's face, except for his girlfriend. She calmed down a bit and whispered something into his ear again. Sirius went from pouting puppy to drooling baby.

James asked, "What did you - Nevermind, you're not gonna tell me."

Brittany blushed and laughed. "Of course not."

James shook his head and continued to read.

and when sounds of movement could be heard from Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia's room, Harry cleared his desk of parchment and reread his finished letter.

Dear Sirius,

Thanks for your last letter. That bird was enormous; it could hardly get through my window.

Things are the same as usual here. Dudley's diet isn't going too well. My aunt found him smuggling doughnuts into his room yesterday.

"Pig," everyone muttered.

They told him they'd have to cut his pocket money if he keeps doing it, so he got really angry and chucked his PlayStation out of the window.

"What's a PlayStation?" Sirius asked.

"I'm assuming it's a some sort of Muggle game system that hasn't come out yet in our time," Lily said thoughtfully.

"Oh," said Sirius, probably still not catching on. Oh well, Lily does not have a whole lot of time to be explaining the Muggle world to him.

That's a sort of computer thing you can play games on.