Shikon State University

Ch.1: Starting School

Kagome's Diary

August 27th 2009

Dear Diary,

Today was the day, the day I finally am able to start college. Yes, college. I would be attending Shikon No Tama State College! I was extremely exited because since my dad's best friend owns the place I would be sleeping in the largest dorm on Campus. This being only because I'm the eldest child. If I would have been born 3 minutes after the time I was born I would be the middle child. Why only 3 minutes you may be wondering? Well, Diary, I have a twin. My twins name is Kikyou. She acts sweet and innocent around the parents but when they are gone she is pure evil! Last year she stole my boyfriend, Hojo. He wasn't a huge loss but knowing that she stole him from me makes it even worse! About a week later she dumped him for some other guy. It's a good thing I brought my laptop with me so that I could write down what was happening as the day goes I must go Diary far well and see you later!



August 27th 2009

Dear Diary,

Well, I jumped out of the car and grabbed my bags while my cousins grabbed my boxes. Cousins? You may ask? I rode with them so I wouldn't have to hear Kikyou complaining for the entire trip here, which is 3 hours long. I walked up to the front desk, my cousins close behind, and saw a lady looking at a magazine.

"Name?" Asked the lady without looking up.

I was about to answer when I was pushed down by Kikyou!

"Kikyou is the name."She replied to the lady.

The lady handed her, her keys. I stood up and dusted myself off.

"Next!" Called the lady.

"My name is Kagome." I answered.

She handed me a set of keys. I walked towards my room, already knowing where it was. I arrived at my room and opened the door and screamed. There in my room were 2 boys wrestling on the floor. As soon as I screamed they froze. A girl walked out of one of the back bedrooms.

"You must be Kagome." Said the girl. I was strange she was acting so calm. "I'm Sango. This is Inuyasha and Mirokue."

"Hi." I said embarrassed.

"Here" Started Sango. "I'll show you to your room."

We started down the hallway. I looked back seeing my cousins still following. She opened the door. I saw my room and it was huge!

"See you later." Said Sango.

My cousins set down my stuff and left. I think this is going to be a pretty interesting year. OH! Sango is knocking on my door! Got to go! Bye!



Inuyasha's Journal

August 27th 2009

Dear Journal,

Today is the first day of Collage and some funny things have already started. Mirokue and I started to wrestle and we hear the door open and a High Pitched scream. We instantly freeze. There's a girl standing there. She is gorgeous. She has black Raven hair and she has curves. I think her name is Kagome .That's a good name for her. Sango says she has a twin. I want to meet her! Oh by the way Sango and Mirokue are old friends of mine. Sango says she lives on the other side of campus. Oh well. Ill go and talk to her sometime.


P.s. I'm only writing in this stupid thing because my mom wants to know about my college life.


Au: sorry the chapter is short but I only want to go a day at a time! Until next time a rose for my wonderful readers. Lol.


Ms. KattyKat