Shikon State University

Ch. 2: An Awkward 2nd day

Kagome's Diary

August 28th, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today is the second day of college and even though it is only the second day interesting things have occurred. I awoke feeling renewed and refreshed. Since I am used to being at my house and I cook breakfast every day I decided to cook for my new found friends. I grabbed a green and black striped halter top and some blue jeans and threw them on real quick. Once I was finished I walked into the hall. I slowly tip-toed through the hall; hoping to not wake anyone up. After passing the hallway I walked through the living room towards the kitchen. Once in the large kitchen I closed the kitchen door, turned on the radio, and began to cook. I cooked pancakes, sausage, bacon, hash browns, and some scrambled eggs. As soon as I was finished I heard someone walking towards the kitchen. Hurryingly I washed my face and hands and tried to make myself presentable. Key word is TRIED. I started to clean the stove when I heard someone walk in.

"What are you doing up so early?" They asked.

I turned around and saw one of the boys I had met yesterday. He had long silver hair and gorgeous amber eyes. I think Sango said his name was Inuyasha. He was wearing a cap on his head. I guess since I didn't answer he started to look agitated. I opened my mouth to speak but before I could I heard a loud scream followed by a loud, SMACK! I became confused. I heard some one walk towards the kitchen. When the kitchen door opened I saw an extremely mad Sango followed by Mirokue with a hand print across his face. I giggled at the site. Inuyasha looked at me with a confused expression. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sango start to smile. I turned towards her and saw her gazing at something. Following her gaze I saw that she was stairring at the food I had cooked. I giggled again. Sango looked at me.

"Did you cook this?" She asked.

I simply nodded and replied, "Yes so please enjoy yourself."

She grabbed some plates out of the pantry. I giggled.

"You sure are in a good mood today." Stated Inuyasha.

"Why wouldn't I be?" I asked

Inuyasha shrugged.

"I need to pick up some supplies this morning so I'll be seeing ya'll later." I stated.

"Ya'll?" Said Sango questioningly.

I giggled. "Ya'll basically means you all. I guess I spent too much time with my cousins, Savanna and Kyla. It seems I have begun to speak like them." I stated

Sango giggled. "I would like to meet them how old are they?"

"Savanna is 15 and Kyla is 14. Kyla's mom, Beth, drove me hear. Sadly if you compared them to me you would probably think they were older. Heheheā€¦" I looked down, feeling uncomfortable.

"I'll be going now." I stood up and began walking towards the front door of the dorm. "Inuyasha will go with you." I heard Sango say.

"No I won't." I heard Inuyasha complain. I stopped and heard some whispering noises.

"Ok. I'll go." Stated Inuyasha.

I started to walk towards the door again, hearing Inuyasha following and walked out of the door. I continued walking when suddenly Inuyasha grabbed my arm.

"Wait up will ya?" Asked Inuyasha.

"Why should I its not like you want to go anyway." I stated.

"I want to ask you a few questions if you don't mind." Said Inuyasha

"Shoot." I replied.

Inuyasha looked confused.

"Shoot means go ahead." I said trying to hold in some giggles.

Inuyasha started asking me questions about my family and friends. Shortly after we arrived at the grocery store.

Grabbing the supplies I needed (toilet paper, towels, chocolate pudding, pancake mix, ECT.) While walking out I saw Inuyasha stairing at me.

"Would look like to play a game?" I asked trying to get his attention.


"Want to play would you rather?" I asked

"Can I go first?" He asked.

"Sure." I replied

We walked home asking funny and embarrassing questions.

We arrived at our house and I was about to open the door when Inuyasha spoke. "One more?"

"Sure." I replied

Inuyasha put on a smirk.

"Would you rather kiss Mirokue or kiss me?"

I blushed.

"You I guess." I replied

"Wait why do you want to know?" I started to ask but before I could Inuyasha kissed me. Sadly just when I was about to respond he removed his lips.

The whole day was a blur after that. The image of our kiss playing over and over again in my head soon the day ended and I headed off for bed.


Inuyasha's Journal

August 28th 2009

Today was boring. I had to go to the grocery store and shop with Kagome.

The only thing that was close to not boring was that I kissed Kagome. That was no big deal.


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