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Razing Scars

As I walked into the room all I saw was heads. The Heads of my branch companies, the business I loathed. I walked to the front of the table and took my place as the CEO and boss of every single one of these greedy assholes. As I took my place the entire room went quite. I clasped my hands and rested my chin on the interlaced fingers, looking at the men through my onyx hair that draped over my obsidian eyes.

"Who was assigned the first presentation? I don't see you standing, and if your not doing your job, why should you keep it?" I stated stoically.

A man scrambled out of his seat and began to talk. I looked down at the table, the others would never know if I was looking or not. I smirked at that. It was a good thing, for I knew each and everyone of these imbeciles were terrified of my being and presence. I wished this meeting was over and more over I wished I could be somewhere else.

I looked up as someone opened the door of the conference room. My assistant Ino peeked through the door. She walked into the room bowing. "Sorry for my interruption Master Uchiha, but you are needed in the lobby, immediately." She said nervously.

I sighed and stood, "This meeting will be pros-pond until further notice." The room went wide eyed. "Dismissed." I said with finality and left the room, Ino trailing behind me. We walked down the hallway and into the lobby. Pinned to the floor was a man, blonde, blue eyed and familiar. He had a feminine build and three scars and both cheeks. He looked up from the floor and saw me, he stopped wiggling under the guards that were pinning him to the floor.

"S'uke! I haven't seen you forever! Get these idiots off of me?" He said brightly. He shook his unruly hair and smiled. I almost went wide eyed at the old nickname.

"Release him, follow me Naruto." I turned around and walked to the elevator. Naruto followed silently. Reaching the fourth floor I walked out of the elevator and into my office three doors away. I heard Naruto follow and close the door behind us both. I sat at my desk and laced my fingers, it was a habit really, and laid them on the desktop. I am not one for idle chit-chat and if he was here for no reason I didn't want to hear a reason. But his sudden appearance after not making contact with him for a year was a surprise. "Why are you here Dobe?" I wanted to add 'I missed you', but I didn't. He probably had a girlfriend back home. The way I asked the question most would have taken that offensively, Naruto had been his best friend until he had left Japan to live in Europe. Naruto knew he wasn't being mean. Naruto frowned staying silent for a moment.

Naruto cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. "You really think I would forget?" I blinked, confused. Naruto went wide eyed then giggled. "Wow, S'uke you need some serious time off of work." Still confused I raise an eyebrow. "Haha, it's your birthday in two days and you don't even remember. Wow, remember I promised I would come and see you on the week of your birthday." He didn't say it as a question, he stated it.

I looked at the computer and saw he was right. "Wow, I really do need a break." It was July 21, two days...he was right.

"So Sasuke what are we going to do to celebrate, you're turning 23 after all." Naruto smiled.

***Naruto's POV***

Gawd I miss him. I can't say that allowed though can I? So I wonder what we're going to do for his birthday. I wonder if he missed me. I looked out the window pulling my eyes away from the raven beauty that was my best friend and crush. "So Dobe why haven't you talked to me for a year?" Sasuke asked suddenly and I stiffened. I couldn't tell him the real reason. First Sasuke would go kill Gaara and Neji and second I love him and can let him know that. He's not gay, he'd hate me.

Naruto smiled and turned around, "I've been busy. I could ask you the same question." I knew Sasuke would find out the truth. I've never been able to lie to the Uchiha. Never had a good reason to anyway. "So what should we do first, it should be fun because you haven't taken work time off in forever.

I watched Sasuke ponder the question and saw the glint in his dark eyes that said he had made up his mind. "I have an idea, first let's go to my place and let me change into normal clothing." He said smiling.

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