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Sasuke's POV

Naruto was sitting on the couch as I walked into my living room. I hadn't yet slipped my shirt over my head when he looked at me. "Big enough house for someone that lives by themselves." I looked at the floor and finished putting my shirt on.

"Well I can't stand a lot of people long enough to live with them. You know that dobe." I looked at him with a smirk thinking about if I could ask him to live with me. I wouldn't ask now but I wanted to. I walked over to him and stared at him. "So where we going or what are are we doing?"

Naruto looked up, thinking. "Well we could go to the movies!" he exclaimed happily.

I sighed, "Okay what movie then?" This question seemed to stump Naruto. He looked at me, where is your computer?" I motioned for him to follow me and walked down the hall into the study.

"Here you go now let's check the movies, and I'm guessing I have to pay." At this Naruto laughed.

"Well you're not the one living from paycheck to paycheck." I smiled, maybe that was why he hadn't come to see me or called me in a year he was working so hard to be able to come and see me now. He could have asked for help but...

"You could have called me I would have helped you." I said already knowing his response.

"No teme! I can do it myself." He pouted and tried to glare. It didn't work to well and he just looked cute. I chuckled and typed the password into the computer. Kitsune. I watched as Naruto opened the internet and checked the theatre listings. "Hey we could go see Harry Potter 6." He said hoping he had said a good idea.

I looked down at him and made it look like I hated the idea. While he was looking at the floor, I purchased the tickets and turned off the computer. "Come on I have everything ready for us to do something fun. After wards we'll go somewhere else."

Naruto sprang up and jumped on to my back. "Can I have a piggy back ride?" He laughed and hugged my head. I didn't object to the request and grabbed his legs and started to carry him down the hall. He giggled and whole way, before I flipped him backwards on to the couch. It was now my turn to laugh as the disheveled blonde rolled off of the couch and growled at me. I started to walk towards the door.

"Come on Dobe, let's get going. I walked out the door and as I did I heard a crash follow me as Naruto ran so he wasn't left behind. Chuckling, I got in the car and started the machine. Naruto jumped into the car and started to pant.

"Gosh Teme! You were going to leave me!" He scowled at me and crossed his arms over his chest, further wrinkling the light blue shirt he was wearing. "Why would you leave me, I would have no where to go if you left me!"

As the blonde freaked out, I chuckled. 'Man tonight is going to be interesting.'I thought as I was pulling out onto the road. "So Naruto how long do you intend to stay?" I asked wondering if he would stay forever.

Naruto huffed and said. "Do you want me gone already?" he pouted upset.

I looked at him for a moment and then shook my head, looking back at the road. "No, I never said that." I smiled before I heard a gasp.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Sasukeee, what's in the box?" he asked pointing to the back seat. I sighed.

"The new toy from America." I could tell he was confused. "As the CEO of the company I get one of every toy made. All but that one is at the house."

"Aw! You have toys!?" I rolled my eyes and patted his head.

"Yes I have toys, a giant room of toys I'll take you in there later. But for now," I parked the car. "We are here and the shows starts in five minutes." I said unbuckling my seat belt and getting out of the car. Naruto scrambled out of the car excited.

"So we are at the movies! Yay!" He stepped on to the side walk and looked up at the sky. The light breeze blew his into his face. Out of habit he held his hair to the side of his face. The gorgeous sight was breathe taking. I looked away as he walked closer to me. "Well you said it's starting soon come on!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the door.

Naruto's POV

Sasuke is so nice, he let me cling to his arm when I got scared during the cave parts and when Dumbledore died. Now he's taking me somewhere else. "Dobe stop daydreaming we're here." I shook my head and looked out the window. I saw a lake crystal clear and shining in the setting sun. I followed him onto the beach and saw a small cottage out a ways to the left of where we were standing.

Sasuke grabbed my hand and pulled me gently to the cottage. He pulled out a key and opened it up. He walked in and grabbed and blanket. He closed the door and walked back with me to the edge of the beach in front of the cottage. He laid the blanket down and sat on it. "Come on, sit."

I sat and looked at him. "Why are we here?" He chuckled.

"We'll only be here for a while, every week day I come here and watch the sunset." He pause and closed his eyes leaning back with the breeze. "It's relaxing and gets my mind off of things." I blushed and was glad he had his eyes closed because he was beautiful leaning back on his arms, head tilted back, eyes closed, hair flying around his pale face.

I decided it was best to look away and back at the sky. "So Naruto, did you miss me?" Naruto could feel his gaze on him and nodded. "Hm," he smiled as I turned to look at him. "That's good, I missed you too." I smiled and laid down on my back reveling in the feeling that had swelled in my chest. "So I'm not trying to be mean, but why haven't you spoken to me in a year?"

I clenched my hands and fought back tears, "I'll tell you later Sasuke, kay?" He nodded and started to get up. I opened my eyes, I didn't even realize I had closed them. "Where are you going?" Then I realized the sun was gone.

"I thought you wanted to see the toy room, and I thought we might as well get something to eat. So you think you can help me with the blanket?" I nodded and stood up, grabbing a side of the blanket, we shook it out and folded it back up. I watched Sasuke walk to the his small lake house and put the blanket away before locking the door. "Come on Naru-pon (1)." I had been staring at the sand and looked up.

"What?" I looked at him confused. I hadn't heard what he said. He was starting to walk back to the car. I quickly started to follow the Raven, I didn't want to get left behind.

"Never mind, come one." He said waving a hand, signaling me to hurry up. We got back into the car and drove to the store. "Wait in here I'll only be a minute." He walked into the store and I sat in the car. 'Gawd I missed him. Today has been like a dream so far. And probably as close to my dreams as I am going to get. Sasuke would never love me." I nuzzled into my chair as the car door opened. I opened one eye as Sasuke put the items he had just purchased into the backseat and got back in the car.

Sasuke ruffled my hair and closed the door. "I got the stuff to make Onigiri(2) and Ramen." I felt my face light up and Sasuke chuckled."Your love of ramen has obviously not died."

I shook my head. "Nope not a bit." I grinned like an idiot. "Hey can we turn on the radio?" Sasuke shrugged and I took that as a yes. I leaned forward and pressed the on button.

"Enemy, familiar friend,
My beginning and my end,
Knowing truth, whispering lies,
And it hurts again.
What I fear and what I try,
Words I say and what I heard,
All the pain, I want it to end,
But I want it again.

I listened to the song and started to hum the rhythm softly. I started to think about the long year that I was away from the man I sit next to now.

And it finds me,
The fight inside is coursing through my veins,
And it's raging,
The fight inside is breaking me again.

While I was away from Sasuke I went through to much pain and it hurt. Everything Gaara and Neji did to me. Made me want to leave that moment and find the raven. To run to him and hide. I wonder how long I can keep what happened a secret.

It's still the same, pursuing pain,
Isn't worth the lie I've gained.
We both know how this will end,
But I do it again.

And it finds me,
The fight inside is coursing through my veins.
And it's raging,
The fight inside is hurting me again.
And it finds me,
The war within me pulls me under.
And without You,
The fight inside is breaking me again.

Thanks to this song I had to think about the struggle within myself to withhold the story, that I know Sasuke will want to hear. Yes he'll want tot murder afterward. But he'll still want to know. He needed to know, it wasn't an option. When am I going to tell him?' It hurt to think about the nights before I left Japan.

It's nothing.
It's everything.

It's breaking me.
I'm falling apart"

"Fight Inside RED."

Sasuke turned off the car and tapped my shoulder. "Naruto wake up we're here." I opened my eyes slowly. 'I was asleep'. Sasuke got out of the car and grabbed the bags while I climbed out of the car. I followed Sasuke to the door as he unlocked it. I closed the door and took off my shoes as Sasuke did the same. "Hey I'm going to make dinner and after I'll show you the toy room. For now just watch a movie." I walked to the TV and put a movie in I chose The Island. It's a good movie and sat down.

I started to smell the food that Sasuke was cooking. I was holding on to the pillow in my hands tightly as the clones hung off of the company logo 400 feet in the air, I felt someone sit down and then saw a bowl in front of me and a plate of onigiri on the table in front of the couch. "I like this movie. I didn't know you did too." Sasuke said using his chopsticks to pick up one of the small triangles of rice.

I nodded. "This movie is amazing." I said before digging into my ramen. We both finished our food and Sasuke got up and paused the movie.

"Come on." I nodded and got up to follow him. He led me down the hall and up the stairs, he opened the first door on the left, which was the only door on that side. I peeked in the room to see. Shelves and shelves of glass figurines and snow globes, giant stuffed foxes, bunnies, bears, tigers and more lined the walls. The gaps between the big animals where filled with toy chests, no doubt filled completely, with more plush toys on top. On the area on the floor there were tables with puzzles and tables with blocks and games, and right in the middle of the wall opposite the door was a grand clock that took a enough room to fit three more huge plush toys there.

"Wow." I sat in the door way awe-struck. I looked even more to see plush chairs, a bed in one corner and figurines and paintings on the walls. There was a self that had cards and another that had tea sets and other things. I walked in and sat on the four poster bed that was in the corner with tables on either side that had small animal clocks and cute stone animal carvings.

"You like it?" He walked in and sat on a dark wood chair that was next to the bed. "I thought you might. I had it made because you had so much fun with toys." Sasuke opened the box that I had seen in the car and walked over to a doll house that I had missed. He place small rag dolls in the wooden house and walked back over to me. He handed me a wolf that was a pillow and then a fox that was the same. "Can you put those with the pillows up there?"

I nodded and put them there and then laid down. "So why is there a bed in here, you have a girlfriend that's expecting or something?" It hurt for me to ask this question. I looked down frowning.

"No. This room is just for you, and to remind me of you." I looked at him in disbelief.

"You missed me that much?" I watched as the pale man nodded and sat down next to me.

"So much that I thought I was dreaming when I saw you in the lobby. So much I didn't care if I took a week or a month off of work." He grabbed my hand and kissed it. "I've noticed you are bothered. What happened and who am I killing?" He looked dead serious. "Please Naru-chan, tell me who hurt my love and I'll kill them." With that Sasuke leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips. His lips felt so warm so good. He pulled away and locked his dark gray eyes with my own blue eyes. "I love you, so tell me. Who hurt you?"

pon – means 'My pet'

onigiri is a rice ball that is nummy!

Song : Fight Inside – RED

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