"The Chronicler", a friend of mine and fellow LBT admirer, was the one who planted the seed in my brain for this story. Although he says that this was supposed to be MY story, I can't help but give credit where credit is due.

It took me a short while to actually think about how to word this story in order to make it more interesting to all those who wish to read it, and I really can't say if I've created another "masterpiece", or a "dud". I leave it up to you, the reader, to make up your own minds.

I strongly recommend you read the "originator" of this story, The Truth Is Out There, before reading this one, to get an idea of the background for this, an "offshoot", as opposed to a "sequel", of that story. I guess you can call this an "alternate plot" to The Truth Is Out There where the eternal question "What if?" is asked.

If you've read that story first, you'll notice that I've borrowed some of the text of that story, and added it into some of the chapters here. Since this is an "alternate plot" story, I felt it necessary to include some of those scenes in here to sort of "tie in" the new scenes in here.

Of course, Star Trek has played a big part in my life growing up, and it still does, even to this day. Of course, the plot to this story is based off of the episodes and movies that were made that dealt with the subject becoming trapped in an alternate universe.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this little story I put together. I hope everything properly falls into place to make this another excellent read for you, my loyal fans.