Damned Eyes, Bloody Fangs

Authors Note/Disclaimer: Bela Talbot belongs to Eric Kripe. Spike, AKA William the Bloody, AKA William Pratt, belongs to Joss Wedon. This is post Season 5 of Angel, Post Season 7 of Buffy, ignoring the comics for now. Also somewhere around season 5 of Supernatural. Probably spoiler filled. Also might be filled with bits I made up. Don't really own anyone you see actually. Beginning of a Sharp Wind Series)

So Hell has risen. Big bloody deal. Bela had been about to come up anyway. But the question in her mind was why couldn't Hell have risen as soon as a month earlier? She might have still been human. Now she was sitting at bar outside a cross roads, wearing a silk black dress that lifted if she twirled and went up around her back, a v-neck showing up her chest. How the bloody hell did they keep my body intact? They'd been preserving and repairing it. Like they knew Bela would break eventually. Not all of us have angels coming to pull us out of perdition-
"Don't waste your thoughts on him!" Bela snapped as she sat up. She'd been in hell longer to start, and longer to end. He'd broken, after all. Why couldn't she? Not that he was out there damning people. He'd just tortured them when they got there. She didn't even want to waste a thought on his name.
Though they'd been roommates in hell for what seemed like forty years. You'd think that in middle of all the calling each other names to keep ourselves sane... Were they friends? No. Enemies? Not as much as they'd once been. Then again, Bela was a demon now. Top of his list of things to kill.
"What's wrong sweetie?"
She'd almost forgotten she was in a bar as the green demon spoke. Unlike her, he was born a Pylean Demon. Bela had agreed to become one. Just not green or anything. The usual hell type of demon.
"Got distracted Lorne, that's all." She managed a weak smile up at him.
"Well if you expect to attract any clients I suggest you clean up your hair. You look like a demon straight out of hell." As Lorne walked away Bela managed to smile. He didn't judge her for the job. Maybe it was because of her rules. Bela had rules for when she was giving deals, and she reviewed them as she did her dirty blonde hair back up into a bun, like the time she'd joined the brothers on a hunt for a cursed object.

No One Under 16. That was how she'd been nabbed. Lilith had gone to a scared little girl who didn't understand the value of her soul.
No self sacrifice. She refused to damn anyone so they could bring back a family member or friend.
No romance. She would not play a wicked cupid.
Absolutely no desperate people. If a person was out of money, about to die of starvation, then Bela would not begrudge them the pearly gates. Moments after she'd secured the chopsticks in her hair she heard the gentle ring. Someone was on the crossroads. She stood up, flattened her dress, and walked out the door.

Miserable. Yeah, if nothing else, Dawn Summers was that. Buffy and she had another fight. Buffy had said she wasn't her real sister, life was better before her. Before Buffy could take it back, Dawn had left. After all, she wasn't supposed to exist. A bunch of monks had willed it so. That's why Dawn was there shivering at the crossroads. Maybe she could make things better. Better for Willow at least. A cold wind blew her brown hair into her face, and she sneezed.
"You rang?" The demon was behind her and Dawn gulped as she turned around. She'd heard the rumor from Riley Finn years earlier. Demons that would make deals with people. Trade your soul, get a miracle, ten years later you go to hell. So she'd found a cross roads and buried her picture and such.
"I want to make a deal."
"Obviously. What do you want young one? A porshe? To be Brad Pitt's love slave?" The demoness didn't seem that much older, maybe her twenties, as she circle dawn. She looked human, maybe ethereal in the black dress, but otherwise human. Her dirty brown hair was in a bun help by chopsticks. The only thing that revealed her to be other then human was her eyes, which had briefly flickered black.
Still, Dawn was annoyed to be lump summed with all other teenage girls.
"My friend...she got shot..."

Damn it, little bit! Why the bloody hell would you have cut your picture out? Spike was racing in the Desoto with its black painted glass. He'd finally decided to show his face to Buffy and been decked! Apparently they'd had another fight. Willow was in the process of tracking Dawn, and Xander suspected Dawn had been snatched. Not the best time for Spike to show up.
Even more so when he overheard they'd found out what type of demon's blood could turn Angel human.
"Bugger all, why am I even here?" He muttered. Then it was like Anya wasn't dead. Then again, was he hallucinating her or was that her in the passenger seat?
"Dawn's making a deal with a demon. Or trying to." Nope, she was there. And Spike had nearly driven into a ditch.
"Anya? What the sodding hell is going on? Weren't you bloody dead? I thought I heard that somewhere!" Yet there was the blonde young woman, not the one he'd been hoping to drive off with.
"Anyanka." And then it all made sense, "D'Hoffryn caught me after I died. Back in the business. Back to where Dawn is making a deal with a demon?"
"Excuse me?" Spike pulled over now to avoid crashing. Wouldn't kill him if he did, but the same could not be said for the car. "Are you saying the little bit is preparing to trade her bloody soul to a sodding demon? For what? A sparkly boyfriend?" If that was the case, she was welcome to die.
"She's trying to bring back Tara."
"Oh. Bugger." Spike paused and turned the car back on, "Which way?"
"Outside Lorne's new bar." With that Anyanka vanished once more and Spike had hit the gas.

Bloody hell. The girl didn't even have a soul, to start. She wasn't human. She was good and all, but not human. Next up, she was maybe JUST over sixteen. Finally, Bela didn't take peoples souls to bring back dead people. Even if she did start taking non souls.
"Listen, Dawn, I-" Bela stopped as she heard an engine. The car, a '63 Desoto, was moving fast and recklessly toward them. No wonder, as the wind shield was painted black. She grabbed the younger girl and tossed her out of the way as the car made impact, knocking her into the ground. It hurt, but it wasn't anything compared to hell. She rolled onto her back as the driver door opened and a tall man with platinum blonde hair stepped out.
"Little bit," he had an accent. English. Brilliant. Bela got up slowly as he spoke to the girl, "get in the car."
"Spike-oh my god-is it really you?" It was the girl. Was this the friend she'd mean? Why'd he seem familiar? Bela closed her eyes, struggling to put the name to the face and failing.
"Dawn, get in the car now!" He snarled this as his face contorted. Bela managed to stitle a laugh.
"A bloody vampire? What's your issue? You playing hero all of a sudden?"' She exclaimed. Despite this she had to note he seemed feral.
"Shut your mouth and don't roll your sodding black eyes at me!"
"You have blood on your fangs, much less your hands!" Bela stated as he continued his approach. The girl was in the car.
"What, like your hands are so clean?" It stung, but he couldn't know why. She was momentarily distracted as Spike landed a punch in her gut. As Bela collapsed to the ground he cocked an eyebrow.
"That all you got demon? I was expecting a little more then that. Oh well. A shame, really. I needed a fight." Before she blacked out she heard a door slam and the car drive away.

Lorne had been watching it all from inside his bar and shook his head as Spike drove away.
"You really think it will end like that, so easily?" He muttered before humming a tune as he retrieved Bela from the drive. The whole time he was on a blue tooth.
"Ripper? Hi! It's me. I think I found your niece, by the way..."