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Chapter 1: New Girl

Edward's POV.

It was all over school and the center of every ones thoughts there was a new girl. All the boys thought they were in love with her and all the girls either want to be her friend for popularity, the there are the kind girls that just wanted to be her friend and then the ones that where green with envy and planning to spread nasty roomers about her that aren't true.

I walked into the cafeteria, for some strange reason I was eager to see this girl with my own eyes. My family and I got our food, our props you could say and sat down.

"So have you heard about the new girl, Isabella Swan? I heard she likes to be called Bella." Said Alice. She new I had heard about her it was all I had heard about all day.

"Yeah, I heard that too." I said with a bit of sarcasm.

I heard the cafeteria doors open and I looked up and there she was, Bella Swan. Some thing happened then I don't know what, all I know that I wanted to protect this girl, that she held my heart my life in her hands, that I am in love with her. It was like every part of me was attached to her, every fiber of my being. It was like I had dived into an ocean and emerged a new man, a new person.

Jasper felt the change in my mood and whispered to low for human ears. "Did you just fall in love with the new girl Edward?"

My whole family's eyes whirled on me. "You did what?!" Hissed Rosalie.

"Calm down Rose." Whispered Emmett.

My eyes drifted back to Bella as if on their own accord. She kept her eyes on the ground I could see her biting her bottom lip, with worry probably; I wish I could just take that away. She tucked her beautiful dark brown hair behind her ear, and then did the same with the other side. She looked up and turned her head to Jessica who was walking in with her talking about teachers and classes. Her eyes are a beautiful chocolate brown, I could stare into them all day, and they seemed to go on forever, not shallow little pools like most people with brown eyes. I noticed Bella wasn't really listening, just nodding her head politely some times. I smirked at that.

Suddenly Emmett snapped his fingers in front of my face calling me back to the conversation. "What's going on Edward?" He demanded, ah Emmett always blunt and to the point.

"Um…." I didn't know quite how to put it. "I think I found my mate?" I whispered to low for human ears to hear.

Then almost as if she heard me say that her eyes snapped up to mine. Suddenly as if what had happened to me happened to her, she looked at me with love, caring, and wonder. Then I noticed I couldn't read her mind, normally I would have heard this in her thoughts but I couldn't I had to read them on her face. But to me this just made her even more magnificent.

"Um, I think she just feel in love you." Said Jasper. My eyes widened, and hope filled me for this to be true.

"What!?" Hissed Rosalie. Her eyes darted across the room, and then landed on Bella who was staring at me and me staring at her.

"Um, Jessica, I'm going to sit with the Cullen's, today, their, um, friends of Charlie and he said to go say 'hi'." She said, I could tell she was lying about her dad saying to go say hi, but Jessica didn't catch it.

"Um, no one sits with them…." Said Jessica.

"Well, maybe it's time for that to change." She said a bit defiantly.

Jessica's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Who does this girl think she is?! Dismissing me like, like, I'm nothing! Oh, I am so going to get her back! She thought angrily. I glared at Jessica; a growl grew in my chest if she tries any thing I am going to get her.

Bella walked up to the table, when her sent hit me I was a little shocked, it smelled like I was human and smelling the most beautiful smelling flowers only better.

"Is it ok if I sit here? I don't want to listen to Jessica gossip all of lunch." She said a bit shyly, I noticed her face turning red with embarrassment. It was a little strange it didn't make me want to eat her, it just enhanced her beauty.

I smiled kindly at her. "Sure, that would be great." I said.

She sat down I was on her right and Alice was on her left.

Strange I don't want to kill her it's like smelling flowers when I was human, but better? Thought Jasper.

This is going to be great, no one wants to kill her, I wonder why? I can't believe it I'm going to have a new sister! Thought Alice.

This will be fun having a new some one around the house, I wonder if it will liven Edward up, he has seemed a bit bored lately. Thought Emmett.

She'd better not ruin every thing we've built here; I don't want to move yet. Thought Rosalie, I gave a short glare for that.

"I'm Edward; this is Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie." I said gesturing to them when I said their names, they did a chorus of 'Hi's' and 'What's up?'

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan; it's nice to meet all of you." She said

The whole cafeteria had their eyes on us.

She's sitting with the Cullen's?!

What do they have that I don't?!

The nerve of her, doesn't she know no one talks to them!

What does she have that I don't have?!

Those where the basically the thoughts of every one in the room.

"So what brings you to Forks?" I asked.

"Oh, well my mom remarried and he's a minor league base ball player, so her moves around a lot. Mom stayed home with me at first but I knew that it made her sad so I decided to come stay with my dad for awhile. "She said simply.

I couldn't believe how selfless she is, most people hate moving, and try to avoid it all costs, but she moved here just to make her mom happy, so selfless.

"But now you're not happy." I said. I mean how could you be happy when you have to move across several states, change climates, all to make some one else happy. She might fake happiness but she's not happy and I want her to always be happy.

She smiled at me. "I was, but now I'm very happy." She said then blushed and looked down.

Dude! She's flirting with you! That would be Emmett, I shot him a glare, and he just shrugged.

"Shoot, I forgot to get my lunch, I'll be right back." She said and started to stand up.

Every part of me didn't want her to leave ever, my whole body and mind was screaming at me to make her stay.

"No stay, you can have my lunch. I had a big breakfast." I said sliding her my lunch. It was mostly true this morning before school all of us had gone hunting.

She smiled at me and took an apple, still looking into my eyes she said. "Yeah I bet you did, was it a mountain loin or some deer?' She asked before taking a bite of that apple.

We all gaped at her. She knew, yet she's sitting with us, talking casually, like it was nothing? Who is this girl, what is this girl? Every ones thought ranged from shocked and wonder to horror and rage. (AN: Rosalie is the on in rage.)

Her eyes flashed on all of our faces, she swallowed and put the apple sown on the table, but kept her hand on it, like she was going to pick it up again and take another bite soon. "Did I say that out loud?" She asked. We all nodded at once, to shocked to speak. She turned a beautiful shade of red. "Oh, well, um…..I know every thing about mythical stuff…..that it's not mythical." She said slowly looking at the table.

"How?" Said Alice regaining her composer.

"Um, because I'm not exactly human…." She said in a quite voice.

All of our eyes near bulged out of our heads. "What do you mean?" I asked hoping I had heard her wrong.

"I'm not human; you should know that, I mean I don't even smell human." She said in a sad voice.

Worry filled me I took a chance a gently touched her face, lifting up to look at me, ignoring the shock from the school and my family. "It's ok, we're just a little shocked, can you please explain." I said gently. I was a little shocked myself that she didn't flinch away form my hand.

She smiled at me at sat up. "Ok, well I'm a shifter, sort of like the wolfs you met awhile back, only a bit different. My ancestors found away that your clothes don't get destroyed when you change they get transported off of you, but in a way that shows nothing, they get taken to a place where they won't get dirty or torn, and when you change back you're wearing them again. My kind have two forms, including our human form three, an innocent form, and a ferocious form. I can change into a small cat that sort of looks like a tiger but is clearly a small house cat, and I also change into a tiger. Once we stop growing, we stop aging, we can live forever, but we still need food, water, air, so we could still die, but it's not as easy for us as it is for humans and we can't die of old age and it's very hard for us to get sick. We have enhanced senses, and strength, we also have a healing factor, we're not hurt easily though. And our teeth can cut through vampire skin." She whispered. Her face suddenly turned very red as she said the next part. "Also when we see our…mate…...we instantly fall in love with them, we belong to them and with them." Then she shoved a big bit of pizza in her mouth, as if to shut herself up.

Worry filled me had she found her mate all ready? That, that would destroy me. All of a sudden Alice started laughing, I decided to asked Bella another question first, then tell her about every one else's powers.

"Um, Bella why can't I read your mind? You see I can read minds, but I can't read yours." I said.

He can't read her mind?! That came from every one but Alice, she knew.

She is dangerous she could betray us and we wouldn't know until it was too late! Hissed Rosalie in her thoughts.

I glared at her and she huffed and leaded into Emmett who put his arm around her and whispered. "Don't worry babe every thing will be great." And then he gave her a short kiss, we had threatened them that if they did a full out make out section at school, I would smash all the TV's and we couldn't get a new one for two months.

She swallowed and said, "Oh, well some of the shifters have a extra power, sort of like vampires, mine is a mental shield no one can get into my mind, and I can spread it around other people, my longest of doing it is two weeks and I only stopped because I got bored of doing it, I can even do it in my sleep, I can also remove it from my mind for sort periods of times, though it's kind of hard, I don't have to focus for it to stay around just my mind, it's just always there. Oh any every on feels different to me under my shield it's like every one has a spark and I can feel that spark when their under my shield and every ones spark is different, and I can always tell the difference." She took off the cap of her water bottle and placed it on the table and took a sip.

She says all of this like it's perfectly normal, which it probably is to her, well and us. But that horrible feeling that she might have all ready found the person for her, I clung to what Jasper had said about her falling in love with me that was my life line. That and the feelings that he was picking up from her.

"Well I'm not the only special one, Alice can see into the future, but only on the path you're on at the moment, what she sees is decided by your decisions, if you make a split second decision she only will see what happens when it happens or just before. Jasper can feel your emotions at all times, he can't control that, he can also influence what you are feeling even change it, but you know not in a bad way, only to calm you down, stuff like that and he can only control them when he's around." I said.

Her eyes widened and I got worried that she was in shock then she smiled and said. "That is so cool."

Emmett smiled. "I like this girl, nothing fazes her."Rosalie smacked his head, Alice smiled and rolled his eyes, Jasper smirked and nodding in agreement. "Our lives just got a lot more fun." Said Emmett and we all just looked at him in a annoyed way,

My eye brows pulled together and I looked at the table. I stole the cap to the water bottle and started spinning it in between my fingers. What I wouldn't give for my family not to be here. "…Um… have you found…the one for you?" I asked in a quite voice, Emmett tried to hold in laughter, Jasper sent me a calming wave, Rosalie rolled her eyes, Alice smiled and rolled her eyes, she knew some thing I tried to see into her mind but she was singing 'Mary had a little lamb' over and over in every langue she knew, I shot her a glare, she just smirked at me.

Bella turned a red so bright I didn't know it existed. She looked down and started playing with her hands. "…Um…it's…you…" she said in a voice so quite that even I had a hard time hearing her. Then once again I had dived into that ocean and emerged a new man, a new person, for her, and only her, she is my life, my love.

Emmett started laughing loudly and the rest of my family started chuckling. I looked around to make sure no one had over heard us, I hadn't picked up any thing in any ones thoughts but you never know. No one was there; I realized that no one was there.

Suddenly Alice stood up. "Ok guys; let's give the new love birds a moment." Said Alice, shooing every one out of the room. She looked at me and thought. You so owe me. I nodded at her. I really did if Emmett was here he would laugh, Rosalie would be hissing and glaring most likely and Jasper would be smirking and nodding.

Then all of my attention was on Bella. "You don't know how happy that has made me." I said letting my emotion show in my voice.

She smiled and blushed. "So you love me too?" she asked, looking at the table running her finger over the patters on the fake wood.

I smiled and shook my head; I gently put my hand under her chin and raised her head up. "How could you ever doubt that I love you?" I asked moving my hand to her cheek and her leaning into my hand.

She smiled at me "And never doubt that I love you." When she said that unable love and joy rushed through me.

That's when the warning bell rang to get to class. Bella sighed, "I guess we should get to class." She said in a sad and disappointed voice.

I chuckled at her tone. "Yeah, what do you have next?" I asked. I'm going to have Miss Cope change my schedule to match Bella's.

"Um, biology." She said, as if just remembering.

My smiled turned huge, "That's my next class too." I said and a huge smile appeared on her face, I am going to try to always make her smile no matter what.

"Then let's go." She said grabbing my hand and heading for the door. Joy filled my at her touch, she didn't even shy away from it she welcomed it. If I could cry I would be crying with tears of joy and love.

Biology consisted of us passing notes, exchanging looks and smiles, and us holding hands. The whole class was filled with jealous thoughts, especially from that vile Mike Newton, he all ready thought that he owned her from one conversation with her, he was all ready planning way to keep her away from me, always ending with her ending up with him. I fought the whole class from not punching him throw the wall. She's mine, Mike, and always will be, she chose me, not you, you will never win, and I have all ready won. I thought at him. But with every moment he was more and more sure, that she was his, he doesn't even really know her and he thinks he owns her. She doesn't even like him! My hand was clenched into a fist so I wouldn't lash out at him, I haven't killed in over eighty years and I will not stop now, not even with this vile Mike Newton, though I am strongly tempted to. Not even the sickest, most perverted minds that I hunted during my years of rebellion had thoughts as and fantasies as perverted and sick as him. I shot him my most

As we where leaving I whispered into Bella's ear. "Do me and yourself a favor stay away from Mike Newton."

She looked at me in a confused way. "I will, but why?" She asked.

I sighed she doesn't let thing go easily with out an answer I could tell that much by her tone. "Let's just say, most perverts have cleaner minds then him." I said quietly, some of my rage and fury slipping into my voice.

Her nose wrinkled up in disgust. "Let me guess mainly about me?" She said quietly.

"Only about you." I whispered back, trying to hide the fury and rage in my voice again and again it didn't work.

Her nose wrinkled up even more. "Ok, ewwww." She said in a disgusted but a little girl voice.

I chuckled at her tone. "My thought exactly." I whispered back, only I wanted to slowly and painfully kill him, making it last for day maybe months or years.

"No your thoughts are probably more violent then mine, even though I'm paining his death in my mind." She said casually.

I laughed at that. "Promise me you will stay away from him?" I asked we where standing in front of the gym now, we would have to go separate way now, my heart clenched at the thought. I don't want to be away from her for any period of time, for any reason.

She smiled at me a smile that if I where human my heart would have skipped a few beats. "I promise." She said and kissed my cheek, I can't describe who good that felt. She sighed. "I have to go now."

I sighed too. "Ok." I gave her a hug and she hugged me back, I kissed her on the forehead and let her go even though I didn't want to ever stop being with her. I was grateful no one was around, and extremely grateful none of my siblings where around.

She walked to the gym doors and waved I waved back and then she was out of my sight. I walked to my Spanish class in a bit of a hurry; I knew I could spy on her using other people's minds. I said hello to the teacher and sat down.

Emmett was asking my questions with his mind almost the second I walked in the door.

"It's none of your business Emmett leave me alone." I hissed at him.

"Oh come on, I'm your brother." He whined. He is like a little kid.

"That's why I'm not telling you." I whispered back, not wanting any one to hear.

His eyes grew more teasing, I having a feeling I'm not going to like what he says next, and then I heard his thoughts. I wonder if he has kissed her, I wonder what it would be like, isn't she kind of like a cat?

"Emmett I haven't kissed her yet nor really just once on the forehead and she only can change into a tabby cat and a tiger." I hissed at him to low for human ears to hear. "Now leave me alone."

He rolled his eyes at me. Why, so you can spy on her?

I glared at him. "Yes." I hissed at him, and then looked at the board again.

I could see him from the corner of my eye, his eyes widened and shock appeared on his face. Then he started laughing. I shot him my death glare and he shut up, but he continued to smile.

I sighed and started to focus, they should have finished dressing out by now. I looked for some one that was looking or thinking about Bella, the first mind I found was that vial Mike Newton's. Her back was to him and he was busy staring at her butt. My hands clenched into fists and I fought off a growl, if he tries anything he is going to wish that he was never born.

They where playing doge ball, Bella smiled and crossed her arms. She was planning some thing; I hope it involves hitting Mike in the head with a doge ball.

They spilt into two teams, Mike on one team Bella on the other. Bella was smiling evilly now. The coach put the balls down the half court line and went back to the side lines "One your mark, get set, GO!" He called out.

Every one race to the middle and grabbed the balls. Most of the girls got out fast, because they didn't want to play, not Bella she was to fast. She knocked most of the payer out in the first few minuets. After awhile it was just Bella and Mike. Mike had gotten hit several times but he cheated and stayed in any way, he didn't want to look bad in front of Bella, I fought back a snarl at this.

Bella was tossing a ball up and down. Mike was getting very nervous, "Um, Bella, you wouldn't hit your friends would you?" He said fear coming into his voice; he had seen her give people bloody noses and bruises.

She smiled. "Your right I wouldn't, and that's why I can hit you." She said and trough the ball as hard as she could, it hit Mike right in the nose, braking it. He screamed like a little girl and I fought off laughter.

The bell rang dismissing us from school. I gathered up my stuff and hurried out.

Going to go see your girlfriend? Emmett thought at me, I barley nodded as I hurried out.

Bella was coming out of the gym just as I walked up. "How was your class?" She asked me.

I smiled, "I don't really know what happened there I was busy watching you." I said sheepishly.

She chuckled. "Guess I shouldn't be shocked, I was kind of spying on you."

I cocked my head to the side. "How?"

She rolled her eyes. "My shield, I put up under my shield and I could feel you spark."

I nodded. "Aw…."

"So did you have fun watching me cream every one in doge ball?" She said smirking.

I chuckled and nodded. "I did." Then I frowned. "Though I didn't enjoy Mike staring at you."

She smiled. "He's a pervert, don't worry I'm go at keeping them at bay." She said popping her fingers.

I laughed. "Let me hurt him to please." I said.

She smiled. "Sure."

As we walked to the car Bella suddenly groaned.

Concern and worry filled me. "Bella what's wrong?"

"I was just thinking of how I'm going to tell Charlie I found my mate." She groaned out.

I laughed. "How about I'll come over around dinner time and you can introduce me?"

I frowned. "Aren't you come home with me?"

I frowned too. "I want to but I have to tell my parents too."

Bella nodded. "Oh, right, come over at six ok?"

I nodded. "Ok."

Bella and I got into our cars and Bella drove off while I waited for my siblings.

They came at the car at an unusually fast speed. I blinked in confusion.

Edward look! Alice screamed into my mind.

Bella was walking outside her house when suddenly a man was standing before her. "Monster!" He snarled at her.

Rage filled Bella's face. "Murder!" She roared at him and then they lunged at each other and in mid vision it went black.

It just disappears, Edward that means death! Alice screamed to me with her thoughts.

I knew that full well, snarls ripped through me, my siblings jump into the car and I sped out of there, but still Alice's vision did not change. I can't even protect her for one day! I pushed the gasp petal down as far as I could. Hold on Bella, hold on, I'm coming; I'm coming, just hold on! Please just be all right Bella just be all right.

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