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Chapter 2: The Fight And Secrets Reveled

Edward's POV.

The car wouldn't go fast enough, but I knew if I ran that would reveal our secret, then no one would be happy.

But only one thought was on my mind, SAVE BELLA!

Edward calm down! Alice thought at me, I shot her a glare, and more snarls ripped through my body, who was that man that attacked her, Bella seemed to know him, she called him a murder, I shuddered at what that could mean. But he had called her a monster another huge snarl ripped through me, Bella is not a monster and never could be and never will be! But that also means he knows she's a shifter and what does that make him?!

Focus on saving her first then start asking questions. I told myself.

But part of my mind was planning on what I would do if Bella did die, I would go to the Volturi and ask to die, if they say no I was force them to kill me, there is no point in any thing with out Bella.

We could now see Bella's house clearly, but we were still to far away to do any thing.

Bella was walking out of her house just like in Alice's vision, and just like in her vision there was a man there, he was wearing all black and had black hair and black eyes, his eyes and face was filled with hatred and anger. He also had several black lines on his face, and that just seemed to make Bella angrier.

"Monster!" He snarled at her.

"Murder!" Bella roared at him her face filled with rage.

They lunged at each other. "NO!" I screamed, waiting for in inevitable to happen, I could feel my heart braking, myself, my whole self, every thing that I am being destroyed if she is gone there is no point in life with out her, no point in any thing.

But it never came Bella just shifted into a tiger; she is as beautiful in her tiger form as she is in her human form. She slashed her claws at him and he threw a punch at her, there was a sickening crack and Bella yowled in pain.

What why can't I see any thing, why can't I see what happens? Thought Alive, I dismissed the thought I would deal with that later right now Bella is pain.

I jumped out of the car. "BELLA!" I screamed and race over.

She turned her head around in shock and confusion, the man took that opportunity and through some thing at her. It looked like a metal ball it suddenly expanded and cords shot from it wrapping around Bella.

"Bella!" I screamed, she was thrashing around in it trying to get out, she changed human, struggling harder.

"Edward, I'm fine stay out of this, this is my fight!" She called to me.


"I'm fine I healed, this is my fight I'll explain later." She said cutting me off.

I nodded agreeing. She suddenly changed into a small tabby cat no bigger then a large kitten; she slipped out of the bonds and changed into a tiger again lunging at him again. He grabbed her by the throat, and I tensed I wanted so badly to help her, but she had told me that she wanted no help that this is her fight.

I swear I saw her smirk, had she planned this?! She raised her paw and slashed his throat opened.

He gurgled before he died, "….The….Hunters….will….kill….you…."

Bella shifted human. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard that before." She said brushing herself off. She flipped her hair back and I saw black bruises on her neck.

I rushed over to her. "Are you ok?" I demanded

She nodded "I'm fine." Then before my eyes I saw her bruises disappear. "Hold on I need to check some thing…." She said her voice sounding sad and worried.

She pulled they guys shirt off and the black stripes that were on his face where on his chest to, she turned him over and even more where on his back, his neck had healed some how but he was still dead and there were even more on his neck. She sat down on the ground and starting crying.

"Bella, Bella, what's wrong?" I asked wrapping my arms around her; worry filled me what did these black stripes mean, why was she so sad and scared and angry?

"Th-that w-was a Hunter, th-they hunt shifters, they kill them no matter how old they are, no matter if they are a boy or a girl, they kill us. And for every one of us they kill they get a black stripe, on their upper body. He-he killed so many, Edward…." She sobbed out and started crying into my chest.

"Shhh….Bella….shhh….you killed him, he won't bother us ever again." I said trying to calm her down.

"Edward he's not the only one there are thousands of them and I'm on their most wanted list."

"What?!" I exclaimed, my siblings stayed quite but their rage was obvious.

"There are several clans of shifters, each clan can turn into a different kind animal, and each clan has a family that rules over them. I'm the tiger, princess, Charlie was the younger twin so his older twin is the king, but he can't produce an air so I'm next in line. Renée wasn't his mate, just his high school sweet heart, she talked him into marrying her, then she left, she knows about the magical world but she doesn't believe in the whole fall in love at first sight thing."

My eyes widened in shock. She was the tiger princess?! My siblings thoughts where buzzing with shock.

"Hunters are as strong as a new born vampire." My eyes widened in shock. "They're fast but not quite as fast as us, and their senses are weaker, so they can't tell if you're a shifter if your in you human form the way he knew most likely is he over heard us talking."

"Why, why do they want to...kill...you?"" I had a difficult time saying the word because it brought with it images of Bella hurting, dying, and dead. I winced and Bella clung tighter to me.

"They believe we are evil, hells children and we should be sent back there." She whispered.

I growled in rage. How could they think that Bella could have any thing to ever do with hell?!

"Edward there is some thing else you should know about me and my kind." She sounded scared and nervous.

"What is it Bella?" I asked.

My siblings started to take away the body.

We'll give you some alone time Edward, it looks like she needs it. Alice thought to me, and it was true, Bella was still crying a little and she still looked scared and a little shaken up, but the rage was plain on her face too.

"When a shifter is separated from their mate, and there is no contact between them, like phone calls or some thing, things start to happen to them. For the first week or so, their fine just a little sad, then they get depressed, and after another week or so they stop eating no matter what you do they won't eat, then after another week or so they stop talking all together, it's like they can't talk, then after another week or so they won't move, again it's almost like they can't move, then again after another week or so they enter a coma except this is a little different from you regular coma they are always crying and have a look on there face that says that they're in immense pain. Now after that it depends on how well they are taken care of for how long they live, but their heart will give out and they will die." She said, she wouldn't meet my eyes when she spoke.

Fear filled me, I never wanted to leave her and now I have an even better reason not to leave her. I didn't even want to think of Bella like that. I shuddered at the thought, my whole being rejecting the image.

"Don't worry Bella I will never leave you." I said holding her closer to me, if these Hunters wanted to kill her they have to go through me first.

She smiled and snuggled closer to me. "Thank you."

That's when we both heard Charlie's police car coming up the road. Bella wiped her face off. "I don't think this is the best way to tell him, that I found my mate." She said smiling and her voice joking.

I smiled she had gotten over it and I'm glad, she should never be upset.

I smiled and touched her cheek, "I won't be far." I said and raced off I had to tell my family about this.

Then Alice's thoughts came out of no were. I've all ready told them, you go watch Bella like you want to.

I smiled. I so own her a lot, maybe I'll get her that yellow 911 turbo porche she's been eyeing.

Thank you Edward! Alice squealed into my mind.

I smiled and shook my head and raced back to Bella I Wonder how she's doing?

Bella's POV.

How did the Hunters find me so fast?! They only rarely travel alone; I'll have to scan the area for more of them.

I took a deep breath; I have a bigger problem right now, I have to tell Charlie that I found my mate, he hasn't found his yet.

My left arm was still really sore, the hunter had broken my arm in several places and it would take awhile for it to heal completely, probably the rest of to today and most of tomorrow.

I started heating up Harry's famous home made fish fry, Charlie's favorite. I want him in good mood as possible.

Then Charlie walked through the door. "Hey Bella." He called out.

"Hi, Dad, I'm making Harry's famous home made fish fry." I called out.

He cam into the kitchen and smiled. "Cool, that's my favorite."

I nodded. "I know." I said smiling.

I put it on two plates and placed it on the table. We both sat down and started to eat.

"Have you been hanging out with the Cullen's today?" He asked

I swallowed; he must have smelled it on me. "Yeah, um, what do you think of them?"

"They very nice and polite, they haven't slipped or cheated on their vegetarian life stile, and Carlisle helps so many people at that hospital, why do you ask?"

I kept my eyes on my food; though I couldn't eat my stomach was in knots. "Um, well, I found my mate today." I said sort of changing the subject.

Charlie's eyes widened, I bet he was having my little girl is growing up to fast moment. "Oh, really, who is it?" He asked his voice sounding a little strangled.

"Edward Cullen." I muttered but even then you could hear the love in my voice and it made me blush.

Charlie seemed like he didn't quite know what to say, he seemed frozen, unable to move.

"He's coming over in a few minuets…." I said gently.

Charlie's face turned a color that can't be healthy. I started biting my lip with worry. He took a deep breath, and his color seemed to go back to normal-ish.

He cleared his throat and said. "Ok…. Billy, Jacob, and Sam are coming over in two hours. I don't think he should be there when their there, Billy believes in the legends, and Sam has shifted all ready."

I nodded it really wouldn't be a good idea for them to be in the same room.

"….Do you want to tell Renée about Edward...?"

I winced and shook my head no. I started picking at my food. Renée wasn't what you would call a good mother. She tried to live her life through me. Always trying to get me do date, making my try out for sports, acting, drawing, singing, every interment you could think of, dancing every thing, and I did what I was, she was always trying to make me thinner and thinner, she would make me go days with out food. She always made me feel bad about myself. I was stretched too thin and didn't even weigh 80 pounds I still don't even weigh that much, but thanks to me shifting ability I don't look it. I ran away from home, and she doesn't care. I'm gaining the weight back, only doing what I want to do, and very, very, very slowly gaining my self confidence back.

Edward is probably the best thing for me; he can put me back together and help me find out who I am.

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