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Chapter 8: Sickness.

Edward's POV.

I sat next to Bella happily, she's going to be fine. Thanks to her healing ablitly she will be healed in no time. I held her hand gently and gently rubbed my thumb across her hand. She's so beautiful, so perfect, I can't believe that she's loves me back. It's been about five hours sense she came in here. She's have to stay here for a few days so it will keep up the human act. I sighed, I don't understand why she's is still asleep, she should be awake again. I chewed on my lip, this isn't right some thing is wrong, very wrong.

"Carlise." I called in a normal voice, but I you could clearly hear the worry and fear, I could hear his mind close by so I new he could hear me.

I heard him excuse himself politly and walked into the room, I saw his mask of calmness fade away and worry replaced it. "Edward, what's wrong?" He asked, his eyes worried, I knew he all ready conciters her like a daughter.

"Bella she's not awake yet and even if she was a normal human she should be awake by now." I my my forehead creased with worry, and panic was in my eyes.

Carlise went over to her ans pressed his middle and ring finger to the inside of her wrist. Uneven. He thought, his eye brows pulling together. He pulled out a needle, some rubbing acohal, and some cotten balls. He rubbed some of it on her and took some of her blood, he pilled the needle out and put a bandade over it. It had cats on it which made me chuckled a little.

He saw some of my worried look and said. "Don't worry I'm just going to run some tests, I'm not sure what's wrong with her yet, but I'm sure it's nothing." He said smiling at him reisheringly. But his thoughts were guarded which made me vey worried and made his smile unhelpfull.

Some this is wrong, I know it. I looked at Bella worryly. I looked her over for any differences. She looked paler than normal, maybe a bit clamly, she seemed to be growing paler by the second which worried my greatly. Her breathing was only slightly uneven, same with her heart rate which also made me worried. I gently ran my hand across her cheek and left it there.

"Bella, Bella, please wake up." I sai a bit desperetly. I won't be able to live if she dies, I went threw the idea that she might die once, and only for a few minutes, I can't go through that idea again, and I know that I won't be able to go threw her really dieing, or... I shuttered her to die, that, that would kill me.

I felt her twitch ever so slightly under my hand My eyes wided with hope. "Edward..." She mumbled under her breath.

"Yes, yes, I'm here. I'm here Bella" I said, moving closer and taking her hand with my other hand.

Her face contorted with pain. "It hurts." She said tears appearing in the cornners of her eyes, I gently wipped them away with my thumb.

"What hurts Bella? Bella what's wrong?" I asked despertly but tried to hide my fear from her because I didn't want to worry her. I quicklyed looked her over wondering if was her wounds that was hurting her.

"Every thing. I feel horrible, like death. I want to die it hurts so bad." She moaned out tears streaking down her face. Aggoy shot threw my at her words, this is my fault I should have done some thing to pervent this! My eyes widened in horror in the same second, no no no no no no no! She can't die she can't! She can't want to die, she should have to go threw this!

"Don't say that Bella, please don't ever say that." I begged.

"Edward, I don't know what's happening, I'm really scared." She said and I knew this was bad Bella hardly ever admitts that she is scared.

"CARLISE!" I screamed as loud as I could, on a human level.

All the nurses and Carlise with in ear shot rushed in. "Some thing's wrong with Bella, she's saying she's in pain, and that she wants to die." I said my voice choking at the end. "Please help her!" I said, I want to help her but I have no idea what to do and in this hospital I hold no power here.

Carlise put his hand on my shoulder. "She'll be fine. I'll make sure of it." He said, I could hear the worry and distress in his voice and thoughts, he knows what's it's like to see that the woman you love has tried to kill herself, that she was in that much pain to comment sucide and that there was nothing that you could have done. He never wants me to go threw that, so he is going to give it more than his all. I gathered from his thoughts.

I tried to follow them but Carlise put his hand on my chest. "I'm sorry Edward, you know the rules you can't come any farther. I'm sorry." He said and they wheeled My Bella away from me.

What's happening, she's not suppose to get sick! She has a super healing ablitly, she's a shifter! She should be fine, why is this happening? I ran my hands threw my hair worrily, why Bella, why can't I protect her from this? From any thing? I hate myself, I can never do any thing right.

Emse put my hand on my shoulder as if sensing my distress. "She'll be fine, it's probably nothing, and if it's not you'll get threw it together." She said smiling at me.

I smiled and put my hand over hers. "Thank you Esme, that means a lot to me." And it did her words calmed me down and let me know that every thing was going to be ok in the end, some say that is her gift, the ablitly to make others feel better, with her gental kindness. But it didn't make the worry and panic completly go away. Bella is in possible danger and nothing can change that. I sighed and waited for Carlise to come out.

A long time passed but it could have easly been a few minutes. Carlise came out and sighed, "You're not going to like the news." Carlise said sadly. He was remembering my mother and I in the hospital dieing of the Spanish Influinza. But I didn't die. Why is he remembering this?

"Carlise, please, just tell me." I said.

Carlise ran a hand threw his hair. "She has the flu, it's worse than the one you had. And her white blood cells are all but non exsistent." he said his voice filled with greif.

Horror shot threw my intrer being. I couldn't imagen some one having a flu case worse than mine, let alone Bella having that. No! NO! NO! This can't be happening, Bella can't be dieing she can't! I need her she's my world. If she dies I die, it's that simple. I never wanted her to ever go threw pain, and here she is dieing, of the same thing I had been dieing of years ago. Only it's worse for her.

"Carlise I need to see her, please let me see her." I begged the man that I have called father for over a centery.

Greif shot threw his eyes and mind. "I'm sorry, I can't let that happen, she's being quaritened, it's the worst case any one at this hosptial including me, have seen. They don't want to risk any one else getting sick."

Aggoy pirced threw my intere being, this can't be happening, not to Bella, please, not to Bella.

" . . . How . . . Did . . . This . . . Happen . . . ?" I asked my voice sounding strangled with aggony.

Carlise voice lowered where no human could hear it and said. "It was the poison on the darts, Bella said it must be a new fetcher they put it, to destory the imune systom and make them very sick at the same time." The layers of aggoy that I was in just incressed ten fold. I looked at him in the eye and he winced. He put his hand on my shoulder and said. "Edward we're looking for a cure, and who know it might just wear off." He said gently, trying to calm me down. To make me feel a even a little better.

I nodded bearly. "Carlise, please, let me see her." I begged.

He sighed "All I can promise you is looking at her from behind a glass wall, at the most."

I nodded, "Carlise please, all I need is to see her." I begged

"I'll see what I can do." He said and hurried off.

Please God, let her live.

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