"…and if they kill me you will avenge me!" Bella yelled to Rose.

"I will?" Rose asked confused.

"You will or else." Bella threatened

"OK geez. I will avenge you." Rose muttered

"You better because I don't want to wake up dead." Bella stated.

Rose raised her eyebrow. "Bella, you can't wake up dead."

"Yes you can."

"No you can't. How can you wake up dead? Everything is black. You can't wake up because you ARE DEAD!" Rose stated.

Bella shrugged. "Whatever."

They started walking down the corridor into Rose's dorm.

"I think I might get changed." Rose decided and went through her cupboard for some new clothes.

"You know what used to weird me out, when Mum watched me get changed…" Rose stated.

Bella raised her eyebrow again. "Rose, she bathed you, fed you, dressed you and well raised you when you couldn't." she stated.

"Yeah, but now I have grown into my bits." Rose stated grabbing her boons as a joke. What she didn't realise was Dimitri had walked in right when she said that.

"I think I might leave…" he stated and quickly turned away and left the room.

"No you can't leave! You must hear about my bits!" Rose yelled after him.

Rose and Bella looked at each other before bursting out laughing.

~Before that Day~

"I want pink!"

"EW pink is disgusting. It's going to be purple." Rose said.

"I don't care. I want pink!" Bella yelled.

"Fine you have pink and I'll have yellow!"

"Ew Yellow is disgusting, its vomit colour!"

"Says the girl who wants pink!"

Rose and Bella were fuming while Dimitri and Edward were trying to get a plane to Vegas.

"Please, just two seats to Vegas is all we want." Dimitri begged. Edward just stood there watching him please.

"Look, I would if I could but we only have one seat left." The Lady said.

"Here let me try." Edward muttered. Dimitri stood beside him.

"Please," he tried to dazzle her. It started to work until...


"I have a boyfriend!" she yelled.

Dimitri sniggered. "Well that went well." He mused.

~2 Days Later~

Rose and Bella were walking passed a hotel room when they heard two familiar voices singing in the room.

"I want to be faithful but I can't keep my hands out the cookie jar..."

Rose and Bella barged in.

"Excuse me?" Bella asked her arms folded.

"You better keep yo hands out dat cookie jar. (Cookie Jar – Gym Class Heroes Ft. The Dream)" Rose said with a Margarita in her hand and her eyebrow raised. (SHE LEARNT HOW TO DO THAT! FINALLY!)

Dimitri and Edward looked like they were deer caught in the headlights.

"Busted..." Edward whispered.

"Listen girls..." Dimitri started. "It's not our fault-"

"Who you calling girls here?" Rose asked. "I have a Margarita in my hand.

"Not your fault?" Bella asked.

"Yeah, we can't help that we like this kind of music." Dimitri said.

"I thought you liked country shit?" Rose asked.

Dimitri shook his head as the next song came on.

"... My milkshakes are much better than yours... (Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake)"

Rose turned to Bella. "You heard the song! My milkshakes are much better than yours! Told ya!" Rose yelled.

"From Friday to Sunday I make the boys go wild. From Friday to Sunday you know they like my style... (Friday to Sunday – Justice Crew)" Rose started singing.

"Rose!" Dimitri yelled shocked.

"What?" Rose asked confused. "It's true!"

"It's true that you've had one too many Margarita's... let's get you to bed." Bella muttered dragging Rose off.

"My Humps! My humps! My lovely lady lumps! Check-it-out~! (My Humps – Black Eyed Peas)"

The Bar tender who Rose was hitting on a few days earlier walked passed.

"Hey babe, you missed me?" Rose asked him winking.

"Rose! You have a boyfriend!" Bella exclaimed.

The bartender pulled out a mobile when the girls disappeared around the corner. "Kirova... you might find this interesting..." he said.

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