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Chargien – A warrior who has nothing left to lose.

Jacob – An aspiring swordsman with near limitless potential.

Chapter 3: One Reason Not to Mess With Murlocs

He sat down against a tree to rest. Not long after their little bout behind the smithy Jacob decided he wanted to go with Chargien on his travels. Thought he knew the real reason. The kid wanted him to teach him. Guessing there was no point in arguing he agreed and the kid had become his 'student'. So to work on the boy's skill they had traveled along the southern border to Elwynn. Gnolls, bears, and boars were abundant. Some times they even ran across the occasional murloc. The sun was starting to set, but both of them had the bad feeling something was watching them. "I have a bad feeling about this."

The soldier nodded in agreement, "I agree." They both quickly drew swords and nearly burst out laughing. That was until more appeared. Jacob was the first to speak, "Think this is about the apple you tossed at the one who got away?"

Chargien turned to him, "Can we just shut up and run? These guys don't look very friendly." They turned and took off, and the murlocs were quick to follow. "How did you EVER talk me into throwing an apple after that damn fish-man?! You are one stupid dumbass!"

"You're the idiot that threw it after him!"

"Run!" After a while they were able to get away from the creatures. Chargien knew that with his skills as rusty as they were he stood no chance, "That was a little close."

"You think?" The kid fell over trying to catch his breath. "Looks like we're near Goldshire again."

Chargien looked around, "Agreed. Lets head into town and see what's happening, besides. Arvex will be wondering where I am." At Jacob's inquiring stare he smiled, "My horse, I talk of him as a human I know, but he's been my only friend since the Battle for Mount Hyjal." They got up and started off to the town.

As they arrived it was obvious something was up. The Stormwind guards were gathering and squads of horses were riding up the road towards the great city-fortress. Jacob rushed over to one of his superiors, "What's going on?" The veteran turned to him, "The king is recalling all the soldiers, and the Armies are going to move out. The Horde is gathering their forces also: sounds like its open war again. We're going to kill a lot of green skins!"

Chargien winced at the racial insult. He had friends in the Horde… walking past the two soldiers Jacob turned to him, "Your aren't coming? Thought you weren't afraid of a fight!"

The ex-soldier spun and grabbed him by his neck, "This is not my war! I shall not fight Horde or Alliance! Unlike you all I shall not break the blood bond between our races!" Men all around them stopped packing up, everyone heard him. He threw Jacob to the ground. "If you wish to tear each other to pieces I shall not be a part of it!" Arvex broke down the door to the stables and rushed to him, knocking men and women aside, "I am a son of Azeroth, I shall not spill blood unnecessarily."

With that he leapt to Arvex's back and rode to the city. He could hear whispers behind him. They thought he was a traitor did they? He had to get to Kalimdor… As he rode through the sprawling streets of Stormwind the echoes of war could be heard. Soldiers in mass headed to the harbor that had been recently constructed. As Arvex's hooves thundered down the wooden stairs like claps of an angered god countless jumped out of his way. The boat to Darkshore, the primary waypoint between the Night Elves and their human allies was already being loaded down with Alliance soldiers. Chargien could see dwarf riflemen, Night Elf panther riders, and human footmen, even human mages readying for departure. Growling to himself he rode Arvex onto the ship.

A soldier met him as he dismounted near the stable hold, "Sir, this ship is reserved for soldiers only! You can't be here."

Chargien sighed before turning to face the soldier, and nearly barked. In front of him was a friend from the second war he had not seen in a long time. Beregum was a average high dwarf who Chargien had been separated from as the survivors fought the Horde up Stone Talon peak. He hadn't seen him since.

"Beregum? I thought I'd never see you again!" His friend returned the greeting and when he asked if he was joining the Alliance in the war he said he wasn't. "I do not wish to shatter the peace that has come over us these last four years." He shrugged and his friend relented. He showed him where he could spend the trip and went back to his duties. Chargien wondered how the world had come to this after all the races had fought side by side against the demons.

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