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Sky lay in his bed in his Red Fountain dorm room that he shared with Brandon. It was a rather cold night and he couldn't get to sleep which wasn't going to help with the early start he had tomorrow for heroics class. He just couldn't keep his mind off the beautiful fire fairy at Alfea. The two had been dating for two years now; around about the same amount of time his friends Brandon, Riven, Timmy, Helia and Nabu have been with their girlfriends. So he should be in the same situation as them right….. Wrong!

It wasn't a secret that Sky and Bloom were the most affectionate out of all the couples. He certainly wasn't that way on purpose, it was just Bloom drove him crazy with her creamy milk complexion, long legs and silky red hair making it impossible for him to keep his hands off her. Bloom however was another story, the seductive touching, the sway of her hips as she walks and even the way she dresses was completely innocent and unnoticed on her part and that was what bothered him the most. She honestly didn't realize how utterly…sexy she was and that her actions sent guys minds crazy with lust.

Sky turned on his side and looked over at Brandon. Brandon had been going out with Stella, Blooms best friend so the four of them often hung out together with the rest of the group. Even though his roommate pretends he loves Bloom like a 'little sister' he knew that Brandon had fallen victim on many occasions to Blooms seductive ways. After being caught out admiring Blooms behind as she walked away Sky gave him a long and terrifying scolding that Brandon made sure he had his eyes down when she walked in front of him.

After a lot more thinking, sleep finally consumed him but his thoughts remained on the fire goddess as she invaded his dreams.

At that moment the balcony doors creaked open and a figure stepped inside which made its way over to Sky's sleeping form.

She started to nudge him, "Sky?"

Sky stirred and opened his eyes "mm…huh….Bloom?"

He shot up thinking she was in trouble which then woke Brandon up. They both ran over to her asking what happened which caused Bloom to start laughing. Both boys looked puzzled.

"I'm fine, god can't a girl see her boyfriend anymore or something" Bloom said as she slid under Sky's comforter on his bed while Sky and Brandon stood in front of her dumbfounded.

"Baby, it's the middle of the night. Not that I'm complaining or anything" Sky added as he decided she looked perfect between his sheets. She was only wearing a silk slip that looked too good to have Brandon looking at her. Sensing this Brandon said "All right, I'm off to bed." He gave Sky a slap on the back "Night bro, you too beautiful" and kissed Bloom on the forehead then quickly ducking the swipe of Sky's disapproving hand.

Once Brandon had gone back to his bed Bloom grabbed Sky's hand and lifted the covers pulling him in with her.

Bloom then said "It's a cold night and I couldn't stop wondering if you were warm enough" Sky stared into her blue eyes and she added "Luckily you have a fire fairy for a girlfriend huh?" she smiled and moved closer so she was wrapped up in his arms which Sky happily accepted. He immediately felt warmth come over him that radiated from Bloom. He nuzzled her neck and mumbled more to himself then her "Your perfect Bloom".

"Sky, I need to talk to you about something"

"What's on your mind sweetheart?" Sky asked stroking her hair.

"Um… It's kind of embarrassing" she blushed

Sky removed his head from her neck and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. "Babe, it's me. You can tell me anything" Sky reassured her by pulling her tighter to his body.

After a short moment of contemplation Bloom moved her lips to his ear. Sky could feel her breath on his skin and it sent shivers up his spine. She then whispered three words that Sky had only heard her say in his dreams.

"I want you" her tone was quiet and seductive, said as if she breathed the very words from her core.

To Sky's delight she kept talking, hoping that she was meaning what he thought she meant.

"I can't stop thinking about ravishing you every time I see you and it's so hard to control myself when all I want is for you to just take me…" her sultry whispers carried on and Sky's mind was reeling at the fact that the most beautiful girl was admitting sexual desires for him, something he thought was only happening on his part.

Every word she spoke was making him even more aroused and he couldn't hold back. He pulled her body close and passionately kissed her releasing all the pent up sexual frustration he had for her since he first laid eyes on her. His hand traced down her waist and over the curve of her hip towards her butt which he grasped pulling her closer so she could feel just how much 'want' he had for her.

Once Bloom had recovered from the shock of the sudden make out session she grabbed his hand and raised it to her lips then took two fingers in her mouth wetting them. Sky watched with excitement wondering what she was up too. She took his fingers out of her mouth then looked at him playfully and ran them up her thigh between her legs. Sky smirked realizing exactly what she wanted, his thoughts were then confirmed when he found she wasn't wearing any underwear. Taking the lead his hand moved on its own relishing in the moans and heavy breathing coming from his beloved. At this point he didn't care if Brandon could hear; all he was thinking was satisfying her needs. 'I mean she did confess to me her problem, so the least I can do is fulfill her desires' he thought with a smirk.

Into the night the loved up couple relished in the pleasures they were giving each other without actually having sex since Bloom wasn't ready for that but Sky was more then happy to pleasure her in so many other ways, until sleep finally took over. Bloom in the arms of her prince and Sky holding the love of his life.